The 5 Shared Qualities of All Brilliant Explainer Videos

Are you struggling with ways to intrigue your customer base? Sometimes, you just need a little shift in your marketing plan to hit the sweet spot.

One interesting way to change things up is the use of an explainer video. These videos offer critical information to users in a short amount of time and tend to generate a lot of interest in different brands or products.

It’s hard to hit the nail on the head with these videos, though. We’re going to run through five qualities that all of the best explainer videos share, giving you some insight into what you should do with yours.

Let’s get started.

  1. Focus On Script

While the video serves to entertain, the audio is where the essential information exists. Look at your script scientifically and make sure that it’s precisely the way you want it.

Consider your audience, your purpose, and the tone of your content. You should have your script the way you want it before you start producing the video.

  1. Appropriate Length

Depending on the topic, most explainer videos are pretty short. There’s a two or three-minute window that lands in the sweet spot.

If the subject matter is more technical, you could have to go a little longer. That said, a brand or product promotion doesn’t need to last more than a couple of minutes.

  1. Visually Interesting

If you’ve ever seen an animated explainer video, you might have noticed that your eyes were captivated while your mind interpreted the audio information.

If you can piece the video together with your script the right way, people will understand the subject matter a lot better. Look at Walgreens videos as a good example of this.

  1. Pacing And Craft

A great explainer video doesn’t “explain” right out of the gate. You don’t see videos that start by saying “product “A” is a great product because of the chemical design that’s distinct from product “B” in that it..”

Instead, you get some craft. You’re greeted with a comment that draws you in, relates you to the subject, then starts to explain why the subject is important to you and moves forward.

You’re telling a story. Granted, it’s a marketing story, but it’s one that can include a little bit of storytelling.

  1. Concise Information

The final thing to consider is how much fluff you have in the video. Are there extra sentences, bits of unnecessary information, or tangents that distract from the point?

Something that really hits home gets to the point, captures attention, and leaves the individual interested. If there’s information that you’re not sure about putting in, odds are that it doesn’t need to be there.

The video should be interesting enough to drive people to other parts of your website to find out about the tangential stuff.

Having Trouble With Your Explainer Video?

If you’re making an explainer video but you’re coming up short on ideas, we’re here to offer more information. Marketing your business is tough, but a little extra insight could be all you need.

Explore our site for more ideas on explainer video production, marketing tricks, business insights, and more.

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