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Ten Palaces to Visit in Bikaner to visit to experience an opulent Trip

Admired for its forts, palaces, festivals, and palaces, as well as its folk’s track as well as the arts and crafts industry, the city in Bikaner, is a place of culture which has carefully preserved the ideals and beliefs of the past generation. Tourists not only from India but also from other countries visit Bikaner to experience the vibrant cities of Bikaner to discover its beauty and awe-inspiring appeal that can be seen in the palaces that are right there.

Let’s look at the 11 amazing palaces in Bikaner which you should visit by the car Rental Bikaner.

1. Rampuria Haveli

Today, status is high in pride. Rampuria Haveli is a beatific background site that gives Bikaner its distinctiveness.

With the stunning fusion of various architectural styles that comprise Mughal, Victorian, and Rajputana the Rampuria Haveli appear stunning and magnificent in every corner and nook. The majority of the structure is constructed with Dulmera crimson sandstone as the fabric base the impressive haveli showcases the amazing art of this generation. Beautifully intricate designs on the wall of this gorgeous haveli bring back memories of the documents it became the first part of.

Rampuria Haveli has several internal rooms and halls which are decorated with beautiful wood and contain many of the objects from the past. If you are in Bikaner taking a stroll through the streets of this haveli is a pure pleasure for record and culture collectors.

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2. Gajner Palace & Wildlife Sanctuary

A summertime resort for Maharaja Ganga Singh, the estate in addition to having this stunning palace also has the Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary which used to serve as a hunting ground for the royal family. It is now a renowned historical lodge, guests can enjoy their stay in tranquility amid nature. You can even witness migrants of birds swarming through the area.

3. Junagarh Fort

The collection of castles within Bikaner is complete without the legendary castle at Junagarh. With an amazing glorious past and a soaring future, the fortress is unconquered with numerous stories to tell. The captivating palace exhibits an impressive blend of Gujarati and Mughal style of architecture that is beautifully complemented by the picturesque surroundings which make it worth capturing photos from various perspectives.

This huge palace is home to a variety of important places that include Anup Mahal, Chandra Mahal, Karan Mahal, Har Mandir, and Museum. It is a must to add this magnificent palace to your list of places to visit in Bikaner.

4. Lalgarh Palace

Lalgarh Palace indicates a perfect combination between European, Rajput, and Mughal architecture.

The hotel is now a historic one, the architectural masterpiece of the highest quality is run and controlled through the Maharaja Ganga Singh Ji Charitable Trust. Lalgarh Palace in Bikaner holds an important historical and cultural importance in the record of Bikaner. It is home to Sadul Museum and Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum where visitors can check photos and trophies, artwork and sculptures, coin series as well as private artifacts of the powerful leaders of Bikaner.

5. Bikaji Ki Tekri

One of the most stunning palaces located in Bikaner, Bikaji Ki Tekri is believed to be the very first citadel within the town, which was built in the year 1855 by Rao Bika Rathore, the creator of Bikaner. The Kingdom of Bikaner. When it comes to the time of construction this magnificent palace is the oldest structure, which is now more than 500 years old.

Made of crimson sandstone and stunning carvings on them. Bikaji Ki Tekri blends different architectural types at this point and is captivating enough to be left awestruck.

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6. Vesta Palace

Vesta Palace in Bikaner is among the most sought-after palaces that radiate true luxury in every way. Even though the hotel is construct as a contemporary masterpiece. It still reflects the rich history of Rajasthan since the awe-inspiring opus is comprise of elements like massive fountains, massive courtyards and a style of production called a haveli that gives it an old-fashioned feel.

The exteriors of this magnificent residence draw inspiration from the tradition of Bikaner however, the interiors on contrary are incredibly beautiful and contemporary with a hint of the traditional. The hotel is equipy with the latest in modern-day amenities, Vesta Palace of Bikaner promises guests a pleasant stay and an experience that will last a lifetime.

7. Laxmi Niwas Palace

There are numerous places to go within Bikaner, Laxmi Niwas Palace which is now a historical hotel, is an original design that was the residence for Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner. Built-in 1896-1902, the palace embodies the finest of Indo-Saracenic style of architecture, created by the famous British architectural firm Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob. Beautiful hand-painted friezes, gold-encumbered walls. Filigree and latticework are a few of the most distinctive features of this striking red sandstone design.

The restaurants here serve delicious dishes that are from the area and. The palace is also home to an open bar and a restaurant. That is open to all guests as well as international and domestic liquors. The palace is consider to be one of the top places to see in Bikaner. The palace offers events in its vast gardens for guests that range from. The traditional Rajasthani people’s song and dance shows to the famous puppet show that the city is know for. To have a memorable time be sure to book your stay in the Laxmi Niwas Palace in Bikaner.

8. Bharat Palace

Bharat Palace in Bikaner is a renown background lodge this is regard for its international-elegance settings and hospitality. It is located in a strategic location, which offers a convenient experience to those who want to explore Bikaner’s city. Bikaner since all the amazing spots in this area is easily accessible. With an exclusive method of transport such as quinceanera limo service.

9. Basant Vihar Palace

Take a break at the pricey Basant Vihar Palace in Bikaner. It was build with the help of Maharaja Ganga Singh Ji. The magnificent palace was an ideal location for a party and celebrating various occasions and celebrations.

Today, a renowned historical Hotel, Basant Vihar Palace of Bikaner is a modern design style. But with a traditional beauty that is evident throughout the entire structure. If you’re planning to take a journey to Bikaner the palace is worth visiting.

10. Narendra Bhawan

Narendra Bhawan which is also know as Narendra Palace in Bikaner peeks into. The daily life of Maharaja Narendra Singh Ji. It contains his reminiscences from his trips to various places. In addition to being a ruler of the regimental system. Narendra Singh Ji changed into a fervent collector of books and an antique car enthusiast.


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