Ten Benefits Of 3D Product Configuration Software For Manufacturers

Although many companies have used 3D software to configure their products for years, the majority of manufacturers has yet to use this tool and is missing out on its potential benefits. As product configurator technology becomes more accessible, manufacturers are realizing its potential.

A 3D product configurator that is well-designed can make it easier for customers to order and help increase conversion rates. It allows customers to be captured and used for marketing purposes.

Global manufacturers are looking to increase their sales. 3D Product Configurator software helps you increase your sales by offering customers different options to customize your product and price management benefits.

These features are precious. Here’s a look at the 10 benefits of product configurator software.

  1. Interactive 3d Visualization

A friendly interface allows customers to see the changes made to the product as they add, subtract, increase or decrease the size. This is all done through real-time 3D visualization. 3D visualization allows customers to view their creations from every angle and have confidence that the final product will look and act the same as the one they are currently looking at.

  1. Access Products For Every Device

The best thing about a 3D product configuration tool is that it can be accessed via desktop computers, mobile devices, tablets, smart kiosks, and smartphones at trade shows. Sales reps can show potential customers their product while they work and then configure it for them and place an order.

  1. Customer Satisfaction Can Be Increased

Manufacturers of all types understand that customer satisfaction is critical. Customers love to see products before they buy them. And if they can see how the product will look once they receive it, it increases their satisfaction. The ability to show customers, 3D models of the product manufacturers, helps reduce unnecessary phone calls and visits to the shop.

  1. Seamless Integration Of Third-Party Software

Modern configurators are capable of being integrated with third-party systems, such as CRMs, ERPs, and CMSs. These integrations enhance the product configurator’s functionality and allow manufacturers to create sales opportunities and collect data. They also enable them to track orders.

  1. Reduce Costs

The software product configurator will enable salespeople from the manufacturing sector to concentrate on strategic selling. It will also reduce the amount of time they spend each day dealing with transactional calls.

  1. Reduced Order Cycle Times

CPQ software, such as a configurator, can dramatically reduce the time required for customers to move from configuration to pricing and then quoting. Configurator software is a great tool for manufacturers to speed up the process and to push information to other systems so they can gain more insight into the order.

  1. Simplified Processes

Data silos are a problem that manufacturers often face because of the separation of factory processes. Manufacturers in a variety of industries have the option to automate product design, pricing, ordering, and other processes with CPQ solutions. You can also train sales representatives to provide guidance across channels, simplify manufacturing processes, and create a system that unlocks insights.

  1. Gamified Selling

Configurators can be fun and simple to use. One is like using Lego. Certain pieces work together while others don’t. Customers have the chance to enjoy a unique personal experience, which will culminate in a fully customized product. Manufacturers can use gamification to delight customers, increase sales, and offer manufacturers more value by using the collected data.

  1. Fewer Quote Errors

A 3D configurator provides automated feasibility checks that rule out product defects. It also offers individual support for customers to help them make better decision making.

  1. More Cross-Sell And Upsell Possibilities

Customers can quickly and easily put together large orders by using a configurator. The configuration offers salespeople cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Manufacturers can offer customization options at an additional charge.

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