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There has been a growing interest in strobist technique amongst photographers. This is a technique that uses external flash with off-shoe flash that is not attach to the body of the camera. It is control by radio signal or infrared as a trigger to operate the flash.

In various genres of photography, many photographers have been utilising the external

flash to produce better images. Instagram and other social media platforms can display

beautiful images of food photography. However, many rely on natural or available light and

that is one of the drawbacks of strobist. Therefore, the photographer must be able to manage the time and location effectively in shooting food photography.

There are many benefits of using the strobist technique for food photography. This includes better mobility, efficiency and even image quality. The strobist-style type of flash uses battery as the main power, enabling photographers to shoot anywhere without the need of an electric outlet.

Strobist technique is ideal for food photography. The light temperature that is produce by the

external flash is not as high as others. Hence, the texture of the dish will not be affect. Most

of the time, the higher lighting temperature can alter the physical attributes of the food such

as the texture. Another benefit is that it is applicable to any type of food. Photographers

adopting this technique need experience and full understanding in basic photography in order

to adjust the light to tailor every dish.

Using strobist technique to shoot beverages is not as similar as in food photography. It

requires extra attention to the amount of light since it can change the colour of the drinks

or the details of the glass. These will also occur when we do not pair the right accessories

with the flash. Now I will give you more tips and tricks to use external flash in food photography.

The advantages in using external flash:

1. Comes with portable and simple design that can be carry in bulk.

2. Uses battery as the main power. No need to worry if the location does not have any power outlets.

3. Has lower flash temperature compare to the studio lighting that may not suitable for cold dishes

4. Short flash duration is able to freeze moving object.

5. Able to produce real colour of the object when other lights interfere. For example: the room lighting, etc.

6. The accessories in studio lighting equipment can be adopt to our flash if we have appropriate flash adapter.

Tips in food photography:

1. White balance and correct color accuracy speaks a lot about the dish we capture. Incorrect white balance may affect how appetizing the picture looks.

2. Lighting in food photography differs from other types of photography. It implements

backlighting as the main light. We place the light behind the object or a little above it.

When we do this, it will produce better texture details.

3. Use the good quality of flash such as Canon Speedlight, because it has better temperature

and other great features.

4. Set the good composition so that the POI (Point of Interest) is focus on the dish.

In conclusion, strobist is a technique that uses handy and simple equipment to achieve better

photos. You only need to be creative and practice more to master this technique. Initially,

use one flash to start. When you are getting familiar with it, you can add more elements.

Learn its characteristic and the accessories that can be pair with to produce desire effects.

External flash in food photography affects the details, colour, and dimension of the image produce. My last tip: your photo is not good if it does not elevate one’s appetite.


Create paper or development paper (overall) can be incredibly useful for food photography, since it is an

exceptionally modest method of adding shading and surface to photos. Make paper is additionally

genuinely simple to don’t store and weighs essentially anything. Assuming you appreciate energetic

or bright food photography, it is an incredible choice.


Once in a while, slim compress wood sheets can function as extraordinary food photography foundations.

They are really light, modest, and give a somewhat enormous surface region (you can cut or

get them in carious sizes) with which to shoot food photos on. Look for ones that have however

much wood or interesting grains as could reasonably be expect. To make things really intriguing,

I like to add different components to the photo (materials, and so forth) to add surface, however

they are an incredible option in contrast to costly, weighty wood foundations and can without

much of a stretch be set up.


Froth sheets are must-have’s for food photography. They can be utilize as surfaces (when

absolutely necessary, yet not strongly suggest), yet can undoubtedly fill in as a food

photography background and are astounding for ricocheting, obstructing, or coordinating light.

I have something like three white froth sheets, two dark froth sheets (to make shadows).

Shading froth sheets can likewise fill in as sceneries as well.



I love regular material paper. I love it for some, many reasons (that don’t have anything to do

with food photography), yet it a go-to food photography foundation when I need to add surface

or normal tone to food photos.

Indeed Like paper sacks, you can fold material paper or spread it out level. You can likewise cut it into

pieces (on the off chance that you’re putting it under a treat or prepare great) and as long as

you don’t obliterate it, you can even reuse it regularly.


Kitchen linens and cloths are another favorite food photography background (or surface) that

I use on a regular basis. I prefer natural linen cloths that can easily lay flat, as they are the

easiest ones to maneuver. I’ll lay them out and place them on a surface as part of a photograph

(the photo above) and other times, I’ll lay them out completely and use them as the only background.

I have a few bold linens, such as this pink/red one above. However, I strongly encourage you

so to buy relatively neutral linens that can be use for as many applications as possible. Super

bold linens are memorable, but can look date with time. Check out food photographer in mumbai


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