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SUVs or Minivans: which one is right for you?

If you have a large-sized family and you need to carry your family members to different places or you have a small business and you need a car with a lot of cargo space, it is probably time to decide which car, SUV or minivan is better for you.

If you have a large-sized family and you need to carry your family memberto different places or you have a small business and you need a car with a lot of cargo space, it is probably time to decide which car, SUV or minivan is better for you.  

Minivans are quite underrated, and they hold an unstylish reputation. On the other hand, SUVs are trendy and voguish but are less comfortable for people inside the car.  

Both have their own cons and pros. Let’s take a deeper look into each type of vehicle so you can make an informed decision when buying a car. 

Cargo Space Compared 

The floor of a minivan is low and there is space for cargo in the third row. Even if the car is fully loaded with passengers, a minivan will allow you to put something like stroller or suitcase in there. Popular minivans like Kia Sedona and Honda Odyssey have more than 30 cubic feet of cargo space behind the third row. And, if you stow the second row, a car like Toyota Sienna will have 88 cubic feet. 

In SUVs, the space to carry cargo is less. You have to trade the style for some space. A largesized SUV may have 40 cubic feet of space behind the third row but remember the space in a mid-sized or small SUV would be much less. 

Comparison of Passenger Space 

When it comes to passenger space, minivans take the upper hand on their SUV counterparts. The space across all three rows in the above mentioned two minivans, Kia Sedona and Honda Odyssey, is more than 150 cubic feet.  

But when we compare these minivans with SUVs of similar sizes, the passenger space is less. 

Since the minivans are close to the ground and less tall, it is more comfortable for passengers to sit in the third row. The knee room is also better than the SUV.  

SUVs have better ground clearance and help drivers to foresee the road situation ahead of other drivers (who are driving smaller vehicles). 

Some large-sized SUVs can be configured with three seats in the front, second and third row, which takes the total seating capacity to 9. These are suitable for people who have large families. 

All-wheel drive and towing capabilities  

Minivans are not known for offering all-wheel drives. Very few minivans like Toyota Sienna have an all-wheel drive. 

So, when it comes to all-wheel drive, SUVs are the winner because any SUV or CUV can posses feature of an all-wheel drive. But know that it comes with a premium.  

Both minivans and SUVs have the ability to tow vehicles. But, the strong and sturdy SUVs are better in towing.  

A minivan like Chrysler Pacifica can take up to 3600 pounds but SUVs are far better when it comes to towing.  

Fuel Efficiency 

If you are shopping and the car can accommodate a large number of people, it makes sense to assume that fuel economy should not be a problem for you. But since we are doing comparison, it’s not wise to leave fuel economy behind.  

Minivans usually give somewhere between 30 mpg and 24 mpg on highways, while on the other hand a rear-wheel drive SUV will give 23 mpg and an all-wheel drive will offer around 21 mpg. 

Model Variety  

Minivans due to their bad reputation have lost the social status they enjoyed in the 1990s. So, auto manufacturers are not putting much effort into minivans. 

Today, SUVs have a far more variety than minivans. They have gained so much popularity in the recent years that they are even overtaking passenger vehicles like hatchbacks and sedans.  

Type of tyres  

Minivans usually come with passenger performance tyres as they are built to provide road comfort. Tyres in SUVs can play different purposes.   

Car tyre manufacturers have started producing different types of tyres for SUVs. You can find high-performance tyres for SUVs which are ideal for people who mostly drive on highways. 

For people who seek thrill and frequently go on off-road adventure, there are off-road SUV Tyres for Sale which work best on 4×4 vehicles. 

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