Support.>>>888♥352♥6409 Amazon Prime – Support / phone/ number / US CAnada Washington DC

Helpline>>>>>>888☛352☛6409 Amazon Prime Customer Service phone number / USa CAnada

he incoming AMAZON PRIME Customer service server settings’ account type will be ‘IMAP.’

User-name will be ‘your AMAZON PRIME Customer service ID.

Give server host-name as “Printer.twc.com.

The port number will be ‘993.

Customer servicevide the security type as ‘SSL/TLS.

Outgoing AMAZON PRIME Customer service.com Printer server settings (AMAZON PRIME Customer service SMTP settings):


The outgoing AMAZON PRIME Customer service server Printer settings’ account type will be ‘SMTP.

Customer servicevide the user-name as your AMAZON PRIME Customer service ID.

Give the server host-name as “Printer.twc.com.

The port number will be ‘587.

Give the encryption type as SSL/TLS” in the required field.

If you observe yourself in trouble while following the steps over the AMAZON PRIME Customer service server settings, you may contact AMAZON PRIME Customer service customer care. The well-experienced Customer servicefessionals available at the AMAZON PRIME Customer service customer care will Customer servicevide you the guidance over the AMAZON PRIME Customer service server settings through its official number


Diagnosis before troubleshooting

Before the beginning of any troubleshooting Customer servicecedures, it is best to diagnose the real Customer serviceblem. In case your AMAZON PRIME Customer service has stopped working the Customer servicebable reasons could be:


The unresponsiveness of server leading AMAZON PRIME Customer services unsent

Unstable internet connectivity

Typing wrong user ID and password

Incorrect configuration

IMAP and POP settings faulty

Troubleshooting guides

The common troubleshooting tips:

Start with checking your internet connectivity. In case you have a loose or dropping network connection the Printer might not work.


In such cases check your internet settings

Contact with your ISP or Internet Service Customer servicevider

Also, check if the wires and all the Ethernet cables are plugged in the rightful ports or not.

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