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Subscription APIs for Growing eStores | Shopify Custom Checkout App

Shopify as an eCommerce platform has evolved how merchants do business online. From basic store setup to solutions for business-specific needs, Shopify has everything for making your eStore thrive. Amongst these amazing solutions, Shopify subscriptions have become a recent hit. It allows merchants to stay ahead of the curb by promoting reselling and consistent user engagement. However, despite its popularity, many businesses still shy away from integrating Shopify Custom Checkout App for implementing subscription models. The major reason behind this rejection is the fear of subscription model failure and lack of knowledge. In the long run, this ignorance can cause merchants to lose their potential buyers to other sellers.

So understanding how subscription-based offers and checkout can help your business to resurrect lost sales is a must. Adding subscriptions provides merchants a competitive edge over other stores. For this, merchants can use subscription-based APIs offered by Shopify. With this article, we will look into how Shopify checkout App for subscriptions can help in easier eStore management. But before we get into that, let us first understand the benefits of subscription-based business models.

Why Choose a Subscription-based business model?

Although your business can thrive without using a subscription-based model, to truly be a people’s favorite, is a must. Subscriptions allow users to stay connected with your brand for the long run with constant use of products. By offering interesting and beneficial subscriptions your business can have the following benefits:

  • Consistent sales opportunities: Subscriptions allow merchants to constantly sell to the same buyer for the long term. This contributes to consistent sales and profits from the eStore
  • Enhanced UX: Offering subscriptions make repurchasing easier for buyers. This makes the purchase of products that needs regular refills easier from your store. Hence, making your eStore the first preference due to better shopping experience  
  • Scope for customer retention: Further, the subscription-based business model also makes a great customer retention technique. It motivates a buyer to keep making consistent purchases from your brand in exchange for unique loyalty benefits and perks. 
  • Improve Brand Image: Providing subscriptions successfully also creates a reliable persona for your brand. This can easily help you in winning the trust of new users and increase your overall conversions. 

Shopify’s solution for subscription checkout

One of the major differences between normal purchases and the subscription-based model is the checkout process. One-time buyers need to checkout once whereas subscription holders need periodic checkouts. 

However, doing a manual checkout every month can be a tiring and time-consuming task. Further, it also can make buyers second guess their choices. As a result, without a proper checkout merchants can face the risk of losing customer’s subscriptions. To cater to this dilemma, Shopify offers Subscription APIs which can be used for creating a Shopify custom checkout app.

When implemented properly with the assistance of skilled developers, Shopify Subscription APIs can prove to be a great asset. With the help of these APIs you can easily access the following perks:

  • Customization on Shopify Checkout: Subscription APIs allow merchants to build on Shopify’s default custom checkout. This saves the merchants from building a checkout app from scratch. Furthermore, helps in enhancing the future of their already existing checkout.
  • Shopify compatible: The use of Subscription APIs can take off the management stress anytime a new update shows up. These APIs are fully supported by Shopify and are constantly enhanced.
  • Caters to Futuristic Businesses: Subscription APIs provide numerous unique functionalities. With the proper use of these features, merchants can cater to their business-specific needs with ease.

Top Subscription APIs and their functionalities

From the discussion, we are now well aware of the importance of subscription APIs are for a business’s success. However, to implement these APIs in the form of the Shopify checkout app, their in-depth knowledge is a must.  

It can assist merchants in creating proper implementation plans and cost analysis as well. Below is a detailed list of subscription APIs that merchants can use for the Shopify custom checkout app to facilitate easier subscriptions:

Selling Plan API

These APIs allows you to introduce subscription option for products individually. With its integration, your business can easily allow buyers to choose between one-time purchases or subscriptions to a particular product. 

Subscription Plan APIs

Staying in touch with your long-term subscribers is important to retain them. For this, accessing contacts of users who have subscribed to your products is crucial. However, doing this manually can be quite daunting.

With the help of the Subscription Plan API, your eStore automatically generates details about subscribed users. This can be easily accessed and used for interacting with subscribers efficiently

Customer Payment Method APIs

Ensuring that your subscription system offers convenient checkout is a must for buyer retention. For this, you can choose to integrate Custom payment method APIs in the Shopify checkout app.

It allows merchants to store card information to facilitate quick payments. Further, also allows customers to generate automated payments which makes payments much easier.  

Product Subscription App extension

In order to empower merchants to manage and edit subscription offers, Shopify also provides App extension. With the help of a Product subscription app, extension merchants can easily edit, manage, and create new subscription plans.

Why choose custom subscription APIs?

Shopify’s app store has many premade apps to assist merchants. However, the Shopify custom checkout app to manage subscriptions is the most suitable solution for merchants with unique business needs. These APIs can easily help merchants in creating custom solutions that would provide the best UX for their target users.   

Also, they can make the checkout process of your eStore personalized according to your business and products. 

To Wrap Up

Subscriptions can prove to be a great addition to your eStore’s product and services. It increases the chances of your brand’s engagement with your users. Further, it also helps in increasing consistent sales and in building trust as well.

Hence, we can conclude that including Shopify subscriptions in your eStore along with easy payments is a must. For this, you can build a Shopify custom checkout app with the use of subscription APIs. These APIs can easily assist your business to cater to your target audience’s needs and achieve higher profits

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