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Steps to Pair a Jabra Headset With Your Device!

Jabra is one of the leading organizations in audio equipment and videoconference systems. Over many years of experience, the company is manufacturing wireless, corded headsets, noise-canceling headphones, and various fitness-tracking headsets for its customers. Due to the broad range of hands-free solutions for mobile phones, contact centers, offices, Jabra becomes the reason for success and productivity in many companies. All its devices deliver consistent superior sound quality and high mobility. 

Thanks to such technology and the expertise of professionals, they focus on designing productive, lightweight, portable, and comfortable devices. From hearing the right sound to filtering the background noise out, Jabara is packed with intuitive features that produce quality sound. The overall aim of Jabra for inventing such devices is to enhance productivity, concentration, and collaboration in the open office. 

So, you bring new Jabra headsets and want to connect them to your devices? What steps do you need to follow to listen to sound through them?

This guide will assist in figuring it out. So, let’s get started step by step!

Table of Content
  • What are Bluetooth Headsets?
  • Steps For Pairing Jabra Headsets
  • Step 1: Check the Battery
  • Step 2: Power On
  • Step 3: Enable Bluetooth of Phone
  • Step 4: Detect the List of Bluetooth Devices
  • Step 5: Enter the Passcode
  • Step 6: Device is Ready to Pair

Wrapping Up!

What are Bluetooth Headsets?

Bluetooth is a wireless short-range communications technology standard that works by using radio waves instead of wires or cables. A headset featured with Bluetooth has a small computer chip inside that contains the Bluetooth radio, and software, which further makes connectivity possible between devices. 

Generally, Bluetooth headsets provide full freedom whether you pick for a single earbud, wireless over-the-ear headphones, or sports earbuds. It means you don’t need to get tangled between wires and chords or with the office desk anymore. You can communicate with your customers outside the office freely. Thanks to fuss-free usability and its wireless design, such headsets cut the background noises and provide top-quality sound in return. As a result, it makes communication and listening to music much easier.

JABRA headsets

Wireless Bluetooth devices greatly increase the mobility of users by freeing their hands while driving a car. Therefore, lightweight and practical Jabra headsets are in great demand among drivers. However, the use of these gadgets is much wider, since many have to talk on the go or work at the computer.

Connecting a Bluetooth headset allows you to combine two devices into one, significantly expanding the capabilities of each of them. Specifically, Jabra comes with the following features with your phone:

  • Answers call;
  • Ends calls;
  • Rejects unwanted calls;
  • Performs voice dialing;
  • Puts the call on hold;
  • Turns off the sound;
  • Redials the last number.

It should be added that the Jabra headset is able to connect via Bluetooth to two devices at once. In addition, it provides high-quality sound, the so-called HD Voice. 

Steps For Pairing Jabra Headsets

  • Step 1: Check the Battery

Before connecting your Jabra to your device, make sure that the battery of the Jabra headset is charged. Although the headset provides at least long hours of battery time, depending on the model.

  • Step 2: Power On

For further connection, you need to power the Jabra Bluetooth headset on. Press the “Answer” button until the device’s indicator light begins flashing. This would take almost 5 seconds. The headset itself will automatically go into pairing mode when you turn it on for the first time, so you don’t need to do anything with it.

AVAYA headsets

  • Step 3: Enable Bluetooth of Phone

Next, Enable the Bluetooth of your phone or other devices. Go to the phone Bluetooth settings and scan the devices to detect the Bluetooth headset in the list. 

  • Step 4: Detect the List of Bluetooth Devices

Now, click on the name with Jabra Bluetooth headset from the list of detected Bluetooth devices. Or you can go through the documentation of your Bluetooth headset to determine the exact name of it. 

  • Step 5: Enter the Passcode

After selecting the associated name, a prompt box will appear for entering the Jabra Bluetooth headset’s passcode. You can check the passcode in the documentation that comes with the headset.

  • Step 6: Device is Ready to Pair

Once entering the passcode, your Jabra Bluetooth headset will be successfully paired with the phone or other device. 

The Jabra and phone pairing procedure only need to be done once. In the future, the headset will connect automatically. If you cannot connect your Jabra headset the first time, you need to press and hold the answer/end button on its body for about 5 seconds until the Bluetooth indicator starts flashing. After that, you should repeat the previous points.

Wrapping Up!

Jabra is a modern, high-quality device. The design of the headset will appeal to both women and men who love neutral colors and restraint. Correct use, careful attitude guarantees the durability of the device.

Wireless headsets are very popular among people who have to be always connected. Wearing a wired headset is not very comfortable. Therefore, many people use wireless headsets. The Jabra Bluetooth headset and Avaya headset have excellent performance and do not cause any discomfort when worn for a long time. 

maccy bella

Headsets Only provide an amazing headset range with a surprising amount of discount. You can shop online GN NETCOM headsets and JABRA headsets. Get ready to give your business a new shape with these hands-free wireless headset devices. The more you focus on qualitative headphones, the more it will likely provide a healthy and productive environment.

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