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SQL Database Corruption Recovery – Everything You Need to Know

If you’re reading this article, then there is a high chance that you may be encountering corruption issues in your database. Well, this is the perfect guide to learn SQL database corruption recovery task. I and my team were also facing a similar issue back in 2020 & we discovered the ideal solution.

Evidently, in this guide, we are going to explain the radical solution along with each & every detail that is necessary to execute the operation. We’re going to discuss the manual as well as the modern solutions as well. The solutions are mentioned with their features & shortcomings too.

The most asked questions about the SQL Server database corruption repair are also mentioned in this informative blog. We are quite sure that your problem regarding corruption can be totally solved if you pay attention to the article till the end.

Causes of SQL Server Database Corruption Repair – Know the Why

There are several causes that result in the corruption of your sensitive & crucial data files. These causes can arise due to various issues present in your SQL Server database. Being aware of these causes can help us prevent such issues in the future. Moreover, it will help us to understand the entire operation with in-depth details.

Sudden Shutdown of the System

Users should always have arrangements for the power backup. The sudden power cuts interrupt the SQL database operations & result in the corruption of the data files. The inappropriate shutdown also results in the same way.

Oversizing of the MDF Files
We do not recommend users fill up their MDF data files upto their neck. Heavy & large-sized data files are quite prone to corruption & must be handled with care. It’s also difficult to manage heavy files. Therefore, such files get corruption issues more frequently.

Viruses Intrusion
Another critical issue of the SQL server is simply the virus intrusion. Always make sure that you keep resources & applications in your system that are from genuine sources. Otherwise, the virus can really irritate users to a great extent.

Cyber Attacks
Malware & ransomware attacks are quite common these days. Users should always be prepared for them. Make sure your server is well protected to handle these kinds of attacks with ease. Antiviruses & advanced firewalls are a must.

Automated SQL Database Corruption Recovery Operation

The automated solution that we’re going to provide users is so far the best solution available. No other solution has such features & facilities for users. Moreover, the most important factor, this solution is the safest of all.

The automated solution involves the SQL Database Recovery Tool which involves the AI algorithms along with the automated features. This is the reason why this tool is popular among Expert IT professionals as well as Microsoft’s professionals.

Hence, follow the below-mentioned steps along with their respective images to execute the SQL Server database corruption repair safely.

Step-1. Start the software & then Hit the Open button to add your corrupted files.

step-1 SQL database corruption recovery

Step-2. Select the Quick or Advance Scan option to detect & counter corruption.


Step-3. After previewing the files Click on the Export option at the top to proceed.


Step-4. Choose destination as SQL Server/CSV file/Script file as per your needs. 


Step-5. Select Database Items & Hit the Save or Export button to finish the task.



  • Advance features like auto-detection of SQL Version/Name and Quick/Advance scan.
  • It repairs database objects of SQL Server like tables, triggers, views, indexes, etc.
  • No file size limitation. Users are allowed to process large-size data files with ease.
  • Supports various SQL Server versions and the Windows Operating System.
  • Users can preview repair & recover the deleted database objects as well.

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Manual Solution to Fix the Issues & Get the Desired Results

There are manual solutions available to fix the corruption issues but these solutions are not for everyone. Only experienced users are able to execute the manual procedure without facing several issues. For the SQL database corruption recovery, you may have to struggle a lot with manual solutions. If you are a new user, get ready to face the most critical challenges present here. 

The manual solution that users have is the DBCC CHECKDB command. Users can opt for the Repair_Allow_Dataloss, Repair_Fast, and Repair_Rebuild options to fix the issues as per their requirements. However, these different ways have their own pros & cons

Let’s take a broad view of all the drawbacks present in this manual solution to provide users with an honest review.


  • If you are trying to find automated features in this solution then forget about it. Users have to execute each & every step manually by themselves.
  • The manual method is quite risky & one wrong step can result in even severe corruption or direct data loss.
  • Time is the most crucial resource in businesses & this solution is not efficient. It can take longer than expected.
  • This solution is not that interactive & comes with an outdated user interface new users are not used to.

SQL Database Corruption Recovery – Ending Note

After analyzing all the aspects of this operation we are finally at the end of this article. We can say that in order to get the best results manual solutions are not that great. For backup plans, these are a good option but not as the primary solution. This is why automated solutions are introduced.

The safe & reliable operation includes the usage of the automated tool for SQL Server database corruption repair task. The advanced features can help users to get selective results without worrying about threats. Moreover, the solution is also quite safe & protects your data files from potential threats.


Q- What is the price of this advanced tool? Is it free?
A- Well, you can download the demo version of this tool for free. However, if you want to purchase the full version, it can cost you under $300.

Q- Is it safe to use this tool?
A- Yes. this software is quite advanced & protects the data integrity of your files to the utmost level. It makes the SQL database corruption recovery operation 360° protected

Q- What is the accuracy of this advanced software?
A- This solution can easily attain 99.995% accuracy. You’ll get your desired results with 0% errors.

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