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Social Media Marketing in Vancouver By Top Media Agency

Social Media Marketing in Vancouver

Social Media Marketing is how we attract potential customers and determine them to interact with us. All those actions we do in Social Media, from posting texts and images to communicating through messages with customers and live sessions on behalf of the business, all aim to create a relationship with customers and meet certain business objectives. It is a means that requires a lot of creativity to reach people, keep them close and determine them to interact with your business (appreciations, distributions, comments, etc.) and last but not least to buy your product. What is important, however, the presence in Social Media contributes not only to the creation of a relationship with customers but with all stakeholders of a business. From employees and suppliers, to the media and many others. If you want the service of social media marketing in Vancouver then you are at the right place. 

The role of Social Media Marketing in Vancouver

Social Media Marketing in Vancouver offers a lot of opportunities to all businesses that use social networks in promotion. 

The most important opportunities are structured in some important roles that Social Media Marketing has. All this starts with what you aim to achieve through your presence on Social Media.

Communication with the target audience

Social networks, as their name suggests, help people communicate, and the role of Social Media Marketing is to help businesses in this regard.

Therefore, if you have a business, you need to allow communication with your audience on social networks in both directions, and not just focus on transmitting information yourself.

From simple reactions like Like / Love, to comments, reviews and even messages from customers, they all represent an interaction, an exchange of information and a way to communicate.

Creating relationships

More than an exchange of information happens on Social Media.

This is where relationships are created.

That’s why, most of the time, especially at big companies like Apple, you can see on social networks even customer communities.

They not only interact with the brand but are actively involved in promoting it.

The various functions of each network can allow customers to tag their favorite brand in their own photos, use hashtags to associate with a value that the brand promotes and much more.

Improving receptivity

It is important to be where your customers are and where they need help.

And most of the time, customers prefer to communicate product issues on social networks. That’s why social media marketing in Vancouver is essential to increase brand awareness. 

Because they can share their own experience (pleasant or less pleasant) with other potential customers.

This can be a real challenge for your business and you need to learn how to handle customer issues quickly and amicably to increase trust and not affect other customers’ opinions about your business.


If your competition is already on the social networks frequented by customers, then it is one step ahead of you.

Social Media Marketing helps you keep up with the competition and be where your customers are. It is a way to be aware of what your competitors are doing but also with the feedback of their customers.

In addition, it is an accessible means even for small businesses, the registration on social networks being free.

Identifying new customers

In addition to paid social media promotion that can bring new customers to your business, there are a few tools here that you can use to attract potential customers.

For example, hashtags, especially on Instagram where they are widely used, if you choose the right ones they will help you reach new customers.

An interesting thing is that lately, social networks have started to work like search engines. 

If until recently we only went on Facebook to share pictures, videos and opinions with friends, well now we use social networks even to search for the products we are interested in.

I wrote more about this topic in the article ” What is SEO: the answer you were looking for ” if you are curious to find out how you can make the most of this opportunity.

Below I leave you with an example of SEO optimization of a Facebook page. You can see how the promoted product is included in the name of the page and every time someone searches Facebook for “bridesmaid dresses” this page appears in the results.


Social network adaptability is an opportunity that few businesses take advantage of. 

The freedom that business social networks offer to create different pages depending on the location of the business or even depending on the products can seriously contribute to the marketing strategy .

It is not surprising that big brands such as Coca Cola, for example, have a Facebook page specific to each country.

Thus, businesses can send messages tailored to each category of customers in a specific way and accepted by them.


When I say that Social Media agency Vancouver has an informative role, I do not mean that it helps you to transmit information, but rather to gather information.

About customers, competitors, the market and even about how customers interact with your business.

Creating an online presence

Through Social Media Marketing in Vancouver any business can create an online presence. Now, having a website for your business is not enough, especially if you want to have results. Because everything has moved online, people expect to find your business there as well.

Social Media presence gives potential customers confidence, and more than that, you are where they spend the most time.

The traditional means of promotion have lost their efficiency and it is vital to find new means to promote ourselves and to stand out in front of people.

Business promotion and communication of values

I said at the beginning of this guide that Social Media Marketing helps you communicate with all your stakeholders.

But, in addition to the exchange of information that takes place, a business can easily communicate its values ​​and can even involve those who resonate with them in promoting them.

Social media has created a new form of word-of-mouth . It is our human nature to share our experience with a product / brand with others, and on social networks it is the ideal place where we can do this.

Social networks give a “voice” to businesses and help them make themselves heard.

There are several advantages in Social Media Marketing that you might consider for your business:

  • you can reach precisely those who are interested in your products , and this is due to the fact that it allows you a specific targeting of the people you interact with;
  • people are already there , whether we are talking about your clients or potential partners / collaborators, you just have to communicate with them;
  • people are more open to communicating on social networks than by email and phone. It’s more convenient for them and you should take that into account;
  • through creative content you can involve customers in promoting your business and communicating its values;
  • you have the ability to accurately measure the results generated and you can easily make decisions regarding promotion here.

How Social Media in Vancouver helps you promote your business

The most important question you should ask yourself before investing a lot of resources here is, How does Social Media help me promote my business?”

Let’s start with the beginning.

First of all, the most important thing that helps your business presence on Social Media is creating, improving and maintaining the relationship with the key audience.

Whether we are talking about customers, partners, the press and so on. It is the ideal way to communicate and interact with them.

Social Media also helps you arouse interest in your products. If on Google it is recommended to promote products that people know. In Social Media it is recommended to promote new products, innovations.

The explanation is very simple.

No one will search Google for a product they don’t even know exists, or more. A product they don’t know how to help.

In the same situation we were at Social media marketing in Vancouver with Growth Hacking . Being a new marketing concept in our country. First of all we had to explain what it is, how it works, how it can help people. How did we manage to do that? Of course, also through Social Media and through our website.

For those who want to invest in notoriety and branding, Social Media is the right place.

Many businesses started by creating a Facebook page. The content you create, the tone of the messages you use in the posts on the page, all contribute to creating an image . But the way you interact is the most important.

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