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Social media marketing for starters – what to read?

Social media marketing for starters

Defining social media for starters

Social media marketing pertains to using social media platforms in connecting brands, businesses, and organizations with the target audience.

This helps in brand building, boosting sales, and drive traffic to the website in an upward manner. This also involves publishing & sharing great content across all social media profiles as well as listening to followers and engaging with them, analyzing the outcomes, and running advertisements on those very social media platforms.

Some of the most renowned social media platforms at the moment are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and YouTube, among the many presents.

A wide range of tools for helping with social media management is present

Yes. There is a wide range of social media management tools presents that are helpful for businesses in getting the most out of the above listed social media platforms. For instance, the buffer is a platform of social media management tools that can help brands, organizations, and businesses achieve success with their social media marketing activities.

Regardless of how organizations wish to build or grow their brands and business units, They should know that social media is here to help them realize their objectives and help them excel in the world of social media marketing with zeal.

An overview of social media marketing

Social media marketing began with publishing. Businesses were sharing their content on social media in order to generate traffic to their websites in order to bring in more sales. From that period, social media has matured, grown, and evolved from a purely broadcast platform to something that is now more human.

Today, businesses are using social media in many different ways. For instance: a business concerned with what people are saying about it or one of its brands would often be monitoring social media conversations and even respond to mentions that are relevant. This becomes part of social engagement and listening.

Any business that wants to understand its performance on social media would analyze its engagement, reach and sales on social media through social media analytics tool. A business desiring to reach a specific segment of its target audience at hand would run highly-targeted social media ads to reach them. This is known as social media advertising.

This on a whole is called social media management.

The five core pillars of social media marketing

The following are the five core pillars of social media marketing:

  • Strategy.
  • Planning & Publishing.
  • Engagement & Listening.
  • Analytics & Reporting.
  • Advertising.

The job description of a social media manager – What to know about it?

A social media manager is responsible for running and managing any brand or organization’s social media marketing and advertising accounts. Some of the duties they will perform are as under:

  • Generating inbound traffic and Search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Cultivating leads and sales.
  • Developing an online reputation and online brand awareness.
  • Careful planning, strategizing, and staging of objectives.
  • Content management of the website and social media handles.
  • Managing the reputation of brands and organizations.

The social media manager is an individual who is creative and motivated to bring the best out of any brand. It is thus mandatory for them to be equipped with experience. They should also an aptitude for connecting with different customers. This passion comes through as they engage daily with customers with the goal of

  • Turning fans into customers,
  • Turning customers into the brand’s/firm’s advocates.

What are their content management duties?

Their content management duties are as under:

  • Integrating all marketing channels (Social media, SEO, email, Print, TV, digital and content marketing altogether under one platform).
  • Managing and overseeing all social media advertising campaigns.
  • Creating a regular publishing schedule and promoting content through social media advertising.
  • Managing the creation and publishing of relevant, authentic, top-notch, and high-quality content for all channels and ads.
  • Identify and improve organizational development aspects that would improve content (i.e.: employee training, employee recognition, and rewards for participation in the organization’s marketing and online review building).
  • Implement a content editorial calendar to manage content and planning specific & timely marketing campaigns.
  • Leverage the right tools to manage seo friendly content (especially through Buffer and PostPlanner).

Any other titles describing the social media manager’s designation?

The position of social media manager is also known by the following titles:

  • Content marketing manager.
  • Customer experience manager.
  • Community manager.
  • Digital marketing manager.

With social media closely integrated into digital marketing, both functions should go hand in hand for digital marketing’s own sake and benefit.


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