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The spread of social media (social networks, wikis, blogs, microblogs, etc.) is significantly influencing the business processes of companies and their customers, who find themselves in extremely effective “weapons” capable of enhancing their power. purchase. Not for nothing do specialists speak of a “ social customer“, Referring to the process by which customers communicate in online communities and rely on the opinions of their” peers “(other customers / consumers) rather than being duped by advertising propaganda. They use digital media to exchange opinions, build dialogues, review products, advise and create value. And they expect companies to respond to their requests in a precise, timely and effective way, valuing competence and transparency. You can get the services of Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Washington

Many companies have already understood the importance of seriously considering online discussions about their products and – at a more advanced level – involving users themselves within the creation and innovation processes.

Where To Start?

How to know what customers think and say about us , even with respect to direct competitors? How to predict if a product or service we are about to launch will be successful or not? And above all, how can we ensure that our company is able to involve customers in order to improve its image and profits ?

Social Media Marketing tries to answer these questions , the fundamental communication process to know in order to implement its principles in our company.

The first step is to listen. It starts with monitoring conversations, a preparatory phase for the actual interaction work. Which aims to create a relationship between the brand and end customers. The goal is to enhance users and give them the feeling of being listened to and understood in their needs. Taken into consideration by those who really make the decisions . The third step is therefore the active involvement of users. To make them “the very engine of the innovation of their products or services” or brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors, those who appreciate a product or service to such an extent that they spontaneously recommend it to friends and users with similar tastes and attitudes. You can get in touch with Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Washington.


This phase must allow us to understand who our target audience is. Those who talk about us are generally also those who are interested in our products, that is our customers. Moreover, those who read the online comments – available online at any time, even in the medium and long term. That concern us are probably a potential customer, as they are interested in the products or services we produce or sell. Identifying the speaker, how they talk about them. Where they talk about them allows us to study the right strategy for the next steps to be taken. It is not uncommon, for example, that the product considered as leading by the company that produces it is then judged to be mediocre by consumers or vice versa.

Online monitoring

A good conversation listening report includes some fundamental elements. That may or may not be present but which still deserve reflection. Listening must not remain “phase one” but rather a process. That accompanies the whole campaign to collect the feedback necessary for the continuous improvement and refinement of our marketing strategies.

Marketing Strategies

  • Share of Voice: is the count of all the times we find an occurrence of our brand, divided by type of sources. It is useful to understand if the environments in which we talk about us are above all forums, blogs, social network or what.
  • Trend: is the tracking of consumer behavior in correspondence with the launch of a new product. The restyling of the site or other event that concerned us. Focus, identify if there has been an increase in discussions that have seen us as protagonists and conversations or perhaps peaks in visits that are not apparently explainable.
  • Top Users: it helps to identify who – if any – are the people who talk the most about our brand on the Net and, above all, what they talk about.
  • Sentiment Analysis: it is the heart of the analysis that helps to understand not only where it is talked about and what it is talked about but also how it is talked about: which products and services are appreciated? Which are considered low-level? Which ones could be improved and how?

After having identified the virtual squares in which we are most cited and the most widespread comments. We are ready to actively participate in the dialogue . The first thing is to choose, even taking advice from a professional. The most appropriate tool for our needs in relation to the set objectives. Always remembering to consider social media as a means and never as an end. You can contact Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Washington

Reaction and interaction

Social Networks : large generalist social networks such as Facebook. Represent the privileged vehicle for participating in discussions and monitoring emerging trends on (own) products and services. However, it should be noted that there are also numerous social platforms. Specializing in individual products. Which allow discussions on each type of sector. For SMEs wishing to promote on Facebook. It is important to underline that the FB tool offers different and varied modes of interaction. In addition to advertising, it is possible to create quizzes, games, official pages, discussion groups and much more.

Blogs : far from out of fashion. They are still very often the first channel through which to establish a dialogue with users. Still allowing “authoritarian” management of the content. But giving everyone the opportunity to participate by starting discussions and promoting the contents of increased interest.

Community : Larger companies can afford to create dedicated communities, for example to sellers, customers or so on. Very effective in the case of specific discussions (just think of the success of many forums dedicated to Technology, Finance or Medicine), they are also important for monitoring and to be constantly monitored for all companies that notice a certain buzz (word of mouth) within them. Two great tools for creating small communities are Ning and Elgg .

Twitter : Micro-blogging services are important for keeping your customers updated and participating in small discussions. We can therefore use a Twitter channel to update our customers, but also all those who are potentially interested in what we share.

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