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Social Distancing Norms That Were Spotted In Intimate Weddings

The plans of tying the knot amidst the pandemic have changed significantly from big fat Indian weddings to small intimate weddings with only the closed ones. Recasting the idea of Big Fat Indian Weddings – with guest lists consisting of hundreds, thousands, and even lakhs of people, couples are going back to the basics with intimate weddings. Also, not everyone wants a wedding with their friends and family. Some just want it to be a moment shared by themselves. The outburst of the pandemic has shackled us in confinement, with continuous precautionary measures to be taken. In such perilous times, weddings have shifted from all the band, bajaa, baraats to online weddings. Sanitization and other precautionary measurements are important, but who says take precautions can’t be fun.

Initially, couples decided to postpone their weddings. But, living in such uncertain conditions forced them to host their weddings just like the others during the tough hour. There’s no way we can predict if the wedding season as we know of, will be possible in the next year as well. As the pandemic continues to cause mayhem, here are some interesting ideas you can use for your intimate weddings.

Fun ways to incorporate safety norms at your wedding

1. Zoom weddings

Band, Bajaa, Baraat aur Zoom meetings are the new way to go. If you can’t have people gather at a place, gather them on zoom calls and enjoy your wedding while physically distancing from them. You will have to prepare a guest list beforehand and take into consideration the number of guests you can invite on zoom. You can even play games, have days allotted to different events, and much more. Go creative with the available resources and you’ll have the best time at your wedding. Who says you can let the virus dampen your wedding day? Have virtual sangeet nights and cocktail sessions to amp up your wedding.

2. Sanitization Stations

We all have heard of food stations, the new station in town is sanitization stations. This is the area where sanitizers are placed for your guests to disinfect their hands. You can even customize the sanitizers according to your guests’ preferences. Remember, safety comes first. Place a few stations around your venue so that your guests can sanitize themselves when they need to.

3. At-Home wedding

Can’t get a wedding hall booking? Amp up your living space or your terrace for your wedding. Your home holds most of your memories and ceremonies so why not host your intimate weddings at a place you cherish the most? You will have no time restrictions, no violation of the rules, and everything at the comfort of your home. What could go wrong? All you need to do is set your home up for the wedding with genda phools to festoons to the mandap (if you want) and you are all set for your at-home wedding. Set up your backyard or your terrace for your big day. You can also have virtual sangeet nights for guests who couldn’t make it to your wedding.

4. Custom Masks

Masks are extremely essential in such times. Now that masks are such a necessity, why not make it a fashion statement? We have seen brides and grooms customizing their masks according to their outfits a color-coordinated look. You can even have team bride and team groom embroidered on your masks for a unique touch. You can even have color-coordinated masks for everyone so that everything looks coordinated.

5. Social distancing norm billboard

Weddings are joyous occasions and amidst all the crackle one can forget about everything under the bus. As a precautionary measure, have placards or billboards with cute messages written on them for the guests. This way, the guests will consistently be reminded to follow the rules and not get sloshed with excitement. Of course, weddings are to be enjoyed thoroughly, but a little attention to the precautions doesn’t hurt anyone.

6. DIY it

The pandemic brought our inner artists out in the public. Some discovered the joy of baking, others crafting and some simply binged through Netflix. Regardless of your inner creative self, use your weddings to showcase your talent. DIY anything you set your eyes on, from your mother’s wedding couture to the décor of the place or even the food on the menu. Who knows you might attract more people to enjoy the creations and possibly lead to a venture? After all, if you can’t have the ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ you envisioned, you might want one with your personal touches and something you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Not only will save the cost but you can end up creating a masterpiece even better than the shaadi of your dreams.

7. Shaadi in PPE

If your better half has tested positive for COVID and you still would like to get married, wear PPE as an additional layer of covering to protect you from getting infected. Similarly, you can also ask others present to wear personal protective equipment to avoid the chances of getting infected with the virus. With the pandemic still wreaking havoc across the globe, you must take necessary precautions as and when required.  Nonetheless, enjoy your wedding with whatever’s possible.

While the chances of the pandemic ending may seem bleak, we all can hope for a better future. Meanwhile, don’t let the pandemic rob you of your dream wedding and try to make do with what’s available. After all, it’s your big day, make sure you have the most out of it. Take proper precautionary measures and start your blissful journey with all that you can do. Inevitably, the big celebration lost to the virus might be missed by your parents, grandparents, and your relatives. On the other hand, weddings are a public declaration of love, trust, and the union of two souls – and what could be a more powerful testament of durability than the love of two people who managed to strive through a raging pandemic.

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