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So, You Want to Start Your Own Blog?

Do you want to start writing your own blog but are not sure where to start? There are a few surefire things that you need to know or have in order to get your new blog off the ground. Read on to find out what they are.

A Love of Writing

If you have had the idea of starting your own blog, then you probably already have a love of writing and being creative with your writing. If so, then you’re off to a good start! The important thing is to keep up the habit of writing, whether it’s just in a journal, or jotting down notes throughout the day. By keeping up the practice of writing you will constantly be filled with ideas of subjects you can write about. It is easy to get out of the practice of writing, and then you can struggle with starting up again. The dreaded writer’s block!

What Subjects Interest You?

If you write about things you know or love, then you not only will you find it easier to write blog posts, but you will most likely be more passionate and engaging with your writing. This makes for better blog content. You are also more likely to have others with shared interests engage with your blog, more if they can see you passion shining through.

Whether you’re writing about fishing, cooking, computers or shoes- you are sure to find other people out there who are interested in what you have to say.

How To Write Your Blog

Now you know what you want to write about, you are going to need to set about writing it. You are going to need to get yourself a good beginner’s computer, such as those from Lenovo, which will enable you to not only write your blog posts, but research them, upload them, and share them with the big wide online world. Having a laptop you can carry around with you also means you can write wherever and whenever you want. Have a great blog post idea whilst out and about? Then you can always write and upload to your blog straight away when inspiration strikes.

Spread The Word

You’ve set up your blog, written your first post, and hit publish. Now what are you going to do? You’ve got to spread the word! The more people you tell you have started a blog the more people are going to read it!

So, it’s time to hit up Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and let your friends and family know what you have created. Get them to help spread the word.

You can interact with your blog readers on social media and ask them what kind of blog posts they would then like to read. Create polls, ask questions, and get feedback on what you have written to grow your blog even bigger and better. You can then also use your blog, in turn, to increase your following on social media.

Hopefully, you have now got some general ideas of how to start your blog and you can go get writing!

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