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It is known fact that government is set to introduce plain packaging. This bold move comes with risks. To prevent this, the tobacco companies will do everything in their collective power. They have already launched a media campaign, and they are pursuing legal action. It is unlikely that the government will prevail and companies will invest a lot of money and resources in the campaign. The pro-smoking lobby has great power and enjoys a certain amount of political favor. There is a lot at stake in the tobacco industry and retail market. The use of Retail Packaging Boxes is set to be in demand for a massive production orders.

The rest of the world will follow developments with keen interest. The success is likely to inspire other western governments. The government has already endorsed plain box. However, if the tobacco companies win, the government could face legal and compensation costs that can reach into the millions of dollars. This cost will eventually be borne the tax-paying population.

Million Dollar Retail Industry

Plain packaging is argued because it doesn’t have branding and therefore less appealing to potential customers. Plain packets won’t have any practical impact on nicotine addicts who are a lot more likely to smoke. Their loyalty to a specific brand could be tested. Loss of packet branding could lead to price wars among tobacco companies. The price of cigarettes may be more important than the distinctive packaging branding. This will make cigarettes more affordable. The high cost of tobacco is a major disincentive for smokers.

To make tobacco less appealing to the public, most Western countries have implemented successive tax increases that are punitive. These incentives could be undermined by tobacco ‘price wars’, which may give smokers a reason to continue smoking. Plain cigarette packaging is expected to make smoking less appealing for young first-time smokers. Young smokers are attracted to smoking because of a variety of interrelated factors. Plain packaging is what I hope will be a barrier to young smokers. However, it may not have all the practical benefits that I believe. It will be fascinating to see if plain cigarette packaging can actually result in a significant lowering of smoking, particularly among the young.

Abide Rules with Custom E-Cigarette Boxes

The government has always been cautious when it come tobacco packaging and Custom E-Cigarette Boxes. While smoking is undoubtedly the single most important factor in a country’s health, it can also be prevented. There is significant health risks associated with smoking. This is partially offset by the fact that 1 in 2 smokers will eventually die from their habit. This saves money on retirement benefits, both from a cynical and economic perspective. It is not difficult to see that tobacco taxes generate huge revenues for governments.

We believe that the nation’s resources will be better spent on proven, well-founded anti-smoking programs designed to prevent young people from starting the habit. This effect will not be achieved by simply packing cigarettes. However, I’m more than happy to be questioned on this occasion. Advertising has had a profound impact on the lives and lifestyles of people all over the globe. Every product we use is advertised in one way or another. For cigarettes, however, there are both pro and con advertisements.

Advertisement for E-cigarette Brands

You will find no smoking signs on every public building just as you would find cigarettes brands staring at you from the shelves. Advertising can either be above or below the line. Advertising through mass media such as newspapers, magazines and radio is the first. Roundabout promotion via POS (point-of-sale) displays such as gantries, push promotion by offering incentives for retailers and wholesalers, and event promotions.

Most countries have banned above-the-line advertising for cigarette brands. This was done because it was believed that the reduction of cigarette brand advertising in mainstream media would have a ‘out-of-sight, out of mind” effect on current and potential smokers. Governments hope to discourage people from continuing or starting this deadly addiction by putting up anti-smoking signs and placing no smoking signs in public places. Relationship between advertising cigarettes and their consumption has weakened. Research shows that tobacco advertising and sponsorship acts as a magnet for young people. This idea is further promoted by the macho and glamorous image of cigarette brands.

Custom E-liquid Boxes Changing the Trend

Smoking is seen as a male addiction, and many adolescents smoke to try to fit in with masculine groups. Advertisements for cigarettes promote smoking as cool, but with Custom E-Liquid Boxes it is easier to communicate. Adult smokers also see cigarette branding as a way to promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce stress. Impact of a ban on tobacco advertising can be helpful. The authorities aim to establish a framework policy that bans all forms of tobacco advertising in member countries.

These bans would include a restriction on the display of tobacco products in large shops and a reduction in the number of tobacco vending machine. The proposal also calls for the banning of POS displays of cigarette brands. This has a huge visual impact on young minds, and makes them aware that there is easy access to tobacco. A second strategy is to introduce generic branding for tobacco. This will mean that all brands will have the same pack color (usually white or brown) and only the brand name in normal font. This strategy is designed to make cigarette packs less attractive, particularly for new smokers.

The reduction of tobacco advertising is expected to result in a substantial drop in overall consumption, and could save thousands of lives each year. Smokers have been affected by mandatory warnings on packs such as smoking kills and no smoking signs everywhere. A WHO study has shown that tobacco consumption has dropped by 7 to 16 percent since countries implemented prohibitive strategies.


No company can increase the sale of its Custom Retail Boxes without ensuring identification of its brand. Identity can be ensured by choosing a significant shape, color, logo and slogan for that brand.Retail Boxes are helping the business community in many ways These attract customers who may visit retail outlets These introduce customers with packed items and motivate them to buy these and thus play an active part in advertising packed items.

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