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Smart Home Installation by Experts vs. Amateur Solutions

Not all home installations are performed in the same way. There is a significant difference between hiring an amateur and getting a professional smart home installation.

Unfortunately, people who hire an amateur often wind up with shoddy work. Even worse, it might have been prevented with just a little investigation.

A “takeover” seems to be necessary for many of our customers. They have invested a lot of money in furniture installation so far, and they contacted us because their first installation was so disappointing that they stopped picking up the phone!

We spend 80% of our time as a company taking over subpar home automation projects. Nine times out of ten, we have to start over because the system is poorly thought out and implemented.

The industry for home automation’s major problem

In contrast to gas engineers and electricians, home automation installation is deep learning.

Being a Home automation company has almost no entrance requirements. You may get an account from the majority of manufacturers either directly or via a distributor; all you need is a vehicle and a laptop before you can begin.

Although this is excellent for anybody looking to launch their own company, end users often suffer as a result of installs since they typically include one of the following:

  • Poorly placed because of insufficient knowledge or competence
  • Incomplete as they gave up in the middle
  • Not working correctly because associated devices/software are incompatible

Each time we see this, we feel bad for the end user since they wind up paying twice for a task that they should have only had to pay for once.

How can you prevent subpar home automation setups, then?

Exercise due diligence.

  1. See if you can find out the company’s trade history and how long it has been in business.
  2. Check the average rating of the customer reviews: are they at least four stars?
  3. Consult with the team, ask for a survey or evaluation, and trust your gut feelings when you meet the engineer or technician.
  4. View their finished products by perusing their web portfolio of prior work.

All homeowners who are considering installing home automation are urged to confirm their business relationships. Obtain referrals from prior customers, or even better, pay them a visit.

Keep in mind that the typical cost of home automation for a whole house is between $50,000 and $100,000. Without giving it a test drive, would you purchase a vehicle of comparable value? No!

If you’re still not sure that hiring a professional home automation installation is a smart option, consider the following five reasons.

1. Professional installation guarantees flawless setup of your smart home.

You can trust that the work will be done well when a professional home automation company installs your smart home. This implies that you won’t have any problems later on with connection or compatibility. A good home automation company will ensure that all of the equipment they install is properly set and synced with one another before they leave your home.

After completing the installation, a specialist will test the system to make sure everything is functioning as it should. Before leaving you to enjoy your new smart home system, they should provide you with detailed instructions on how to operate your equipment.

2. Professional Smart home installation ensures that your warranty will be honored.

You won’t have to worry about the validity or extension of any product warranties when working with a seasoned smart home installation. Experts in their industry, professionals will make sure that any new equipment put in your house is covers by the manufacturer’s warranty.

A lot of expert smart Home automation companies also provide some kind of aftercare service or other kinds of long-term assistance. Through this, they will oversee any system changes and be available to help with any issues you may run across. This entails that you may have peace of mind without worrying about how to deal with any possible issues that may develop.

Problems can develop later on when you employ a novice to build your smart home. We’ve seen a lot of installs of smart home gadgets that aren’t compatible with other things in the house, which costs the homeowner money since they have to buy a replacement and lose out on their first purchase.

Using a novice, you run the risk of damage due to poor installation. Including your property as well as the equipment they are installing. Chiseling away walls to conceal wires, removing flooring, and tinkering with electrics are all part of a complete smart home installation. If something goes wrong, you will face the difficult task of filing a claim with your home insurance company (if you have insurance) or worse, a bad lawsuit to fix everything.

3. Experts in smart home technologies are available.

You can be confident that all of the equipment in your smart home is up to date with the newest features and technology when you hire a professional to install it. Prior to putting anything in your house, they will let you know about your possibilities and will let you know what items are now available on the market. You can thus be confident that your system will operate at peak efficiency while using cutting-edge technology.

The ideal people to make sure the utilized hardware and software truly function together are those with product expertise and experience in building bespoke home automation systems. Professionals can also guarantee that you get the most out of your new system since they are knowledgeable about how different products interact.

4. Manufacturer’s certification is awarded to qualified installers

A gas-certified engineer is someone you would hire to install a new boiler in your home—not any old Tom, Dick, or Harry. In the same way, you would take your automobile to a reputable garage that has the necessary personnel and equipment to complete the MOT, Instead of coming up with your own designs for a new home, you will employ an architect.

It’s crucial that you use the same selection procedure for your installation of home automation.

By hiring a certified installer, you can rest easy knowing that they won’t skimp on quality or hurry the job. You may be certain that our staff is taking good care of you since we are happy to have earned Control4’s Dealer of the Year award twice!

5. Installation businesses have established procedures, timelines, and methods

To ensure that your work will completed on time, a qualified installation company follows the procedures and protocols.
Prior to beginning the process, they will lay out the processes and establish deadlines for completing each one, such as consultation, design, installation, and quality assurance. As a result, you will know the exact date of completion of your work.

With a new person, it is impossible to predict when (or even if) it will end or how they will leave. At your own risk, setting things up and doing the right thing can take weeks, months, or even years.

Homeowners are often angry, worried, and frustrated when we are dealing with projects that are almost a year old. When our team gets going, we witness a total change in only 6 to 8 weeks, so you can start using your freshly constructed smart home automation system right away!

Future smart house installation trends

Although it may seem strange, we want to make sure and trust all installers.

We may be possibly giving away 80% of our work, which may seem unusual, but we would much rather set the bar for our sector and make sure customers don’t pay twice. It may also lead to more competition, but because the homeowner is our first concern, it doesn’t matter if it means the installer does it properly the first time.

The lesson for homeowners is that sometimes paying the lowest price upfront could end up costing you more in the long term.

Selecting a qualified provider for this kind of job is the best way to guarantee that your house installation proceeds without complications and goes off without a hitch. Respect their experience and skills and have faith in their procedures.

Get in contact with us MAVi for a quotation if you’re searching for a new project or require a takeover job!

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