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Six Top Most Animated Explainer Video Trends For 2021

Videos have been a reliable and remarkable way of advertising for many years. A few decades earlier, businesses and individuals relied on video ads to broadcast and promote their products to the masses. It had gained exceptional popularity in the era of the ’90s when corporate organizations had no other option of adopting and utilizing the trend of visual marketing for their business success.

At the time, video ads were the primary source of providing entertainment and information to the target audience. These ads conveyed a strong message to the customers and profoundly impacted them for a long time. Gradually, a rapid shift of technology in the global world has brought about a dynamic change in the way video ads were built. The innovation of the internet brought about a robust and incredible revolution in the field of technology. It has narrowed down the world into a global village. The evolution of the internet eliminated the far-away distances and brought people closer to each other. Due to the fast-speed internet, people can connect and interact together and build long-term relationships.

Now, in the 21st-century era of digital advancement, we have gone far away in business. We utilize the most modern technologies to market our products and services to customers. An explainer video is the current innovation in the field of traditional advertising and takes a step ahead to meet the next-generation goals of your organization. Due to the limitation of time, businesses create short-length videos to explain their products thoroughly and grab the immense attention of customers. Explainer videos are gaining huge popularity and fame among businesses worldwide and attract customers to compel them to buy the products. Additionally, It drives conversions and generates sales and revenues.

Here are the seven top animated explainer video trends for 2021:

3D Animation

Explainer videos are fabulous techniques for corporate organizations to deliver their message to their target audience. These videos engage, entertain, and inform visitors about the ins and outs of the product specifications and persuade them to buy the products.

Using 3d animation serves as the icing on the cake and makes it so easy, like a cherry on the top. It puts a dynamic impact on the viewer that results in a profound effect on them. Animation is a trending and demanding technique nowadays to bring color to life and add value to the explainer video. It shows a three-dimensional and 360 degree-professional view of a video to make it popular among customers.

Interaction and Personalization

The purpose of using animated explainer video is to build close interaction and rapid customization of business. Furthermore, It develops a strong positive relationship among companies and individuals to sell their products and convey the right message to customers that touch their inside hearts. Many small and large organizations use customization as a powerful tool to reach their audience and promote them their products and services. On the other hand, they meet customers’ requirements and fulfill their goals to increase their lead conversion and return on investment (ROI). Businesses understand the tricks and implement them to advertise their brand products to their target audience and convince them to buy.

Kinetic Typography Animation

In layman’s terms, kinetic typography refers to the idea of playing with moving texts. The dynamic motion of visual text shows the proper representation of your business and displays the intention of your business. It reveals your business idea in a simple but professional way.

The eye-catching and colorful texts appear on the screen and captivate the first glance attention of viewers and induce them to take immediate action. Also, the demand for kinetic typography is rising in media channels for a news bulletin. It evokes viewers’ emotions and compels them to read the visible text to understand the message behind it.

Animated Logos

Logos represent the identity of a company. They reflect the mission, purpose, and forecast the futuristic vision of an organization. Designing a unique logo is a prerequisite for every new start-up company to popularize its brand and promote its products and services among customers.

Nowadays, customers identify your company through its logo. Businesses should think carefully and brainstorm a fresh concept of the shape and design of a logo to make it completely different from others. It shows the legal trademark of a company and reserves all rights to sue others if they attempt to imitate their logo. Moreover, creating a logo is a usual tradition in business nowadays. Also, they need to bring some new concepts to show their presence in the industry. Moreover, the only way to sustain their dominance is by using animated logos.

Liquid Motion Animation

The idea of using liquid motion animation helps your business to create the best motion graphics videoIt combines traditional hand drawing with digital graphics to bring out something unique and different that impacts audiences and shows a profound effect on their senses.

Mobile and Search Engine Optimization

Similarly, businesses nowadays want their videos to get found online. They want their videos to appear in the top-ranking position of Google. SEO is the best technique to push your video on the first page of Google SERP. You need to make your video search-friendly and optimize it accordingly.

Mobile optimization is another technique to display your video on multiple devices, screens, and cross-browser platforms. Furthermore, It brings more visitors to your video and makes your explainer video popular among the masses. Identically, you need to make your video responsive and integrate it with different platforms to show visibility to more and more viewers and increase traffic conversion.


Hence, in a nutshell, those mentioned above are the fabulous animated explainer video trends for 2021. Businesses must follow and implement these tips to boost their organic traffic and drive conversion to augment sales and revenues. It is a fantastic way to mark their presence and advertise their products and services to target customers in an exciting and engaging way. An explainer video is an effective idea for today’s businesses to reach their audience. It simplifies their message and conveys it to the customers to understand clearly.

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