Six Fascinating Packaging Design Templates for the Manufacturing Of Custom Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are a popular choice for encasing certain types of products, mainly due to the support, and luxury feels it provides. Custom Rigid Boxes are also termed set-up boxes. Rigid packaging is also consider premium packaging due to its weight, and expense.

This article will provide you information related to what is rigid box packaging, and what are different packaging design templates utilized for the manufacturing of these boxes to entice your product presentation to an utmost level.

What Are Custom Rigid Boxes?

Rigid packaging is resilient chipboard, wrapped by enchanting decorative paper, is mainly considered two to three times thicker (2-3mm) than conventional cardboard packaging. Custom Rigid Boxes comprises two key compartments, a primary chipboard part. Which acts as the main component of the box, and the second part is the wrap which encases the boxes and provides space for branding messages and printing.

Types Of Custom Rigid Boxes

There are two different kinds of rigid boxes include partial finish and full finish.

  1. Partial Finish Rigid Boxes

A partial finish is a kind of rigid box where the decorative paper is not completely wrapped on the chipboard. The wrapping paper and chipboard are only somewhat complete. The wrapp paper like linen and morocco is only utilize to finish the box’s outer surface, and the chipboard inside is visible.

Partial finish rigid boxes are manufacture with a single piece of paper board with perforate crease line for fold without the additional external layer that leave the paperboard material expose. These box take less time for customize, and also low quantity of material is require in the manufacture process.

  1. Full Finish Rigid Boxes

In case of full finish, no paperboard is left expose as the decorative paper wrap the entire box in an alluring way. For manufacture, thick chipboard material is utilize with about 2-3mm thickness.

The inner paper board is separated into pieces for each side of the Custom Rigid Boxes, and it can be coated with enormous lamination options as per the suitability of a product, and marketing campaign. These boxes also have an additional layer of wrapping, which can be white or printed as per specifications.

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Custom Rigid Boxes Packaging Design Templates


There are different kinds of custom rigid boxes designs available that are helpful, and protected to boost the visual appeal of luxury items:

  1. Telescopic Rigid Boxes

Telescopic rigid boxes are also referred to as two-piece, neck and shoulder, tray, and sleeve rigid boxes as they mainly comprise a base component and a lid at the top. Ragid boxes are sturdier and resilient enough to ensure the safety of luxury items to a longer distance.

The four faces of both the base and the lid closed appropriately when overlapped. These Custom Rigid Boxes provide easy and quick assembly and an enthrall fold and unfold experience that is highly appreciate by customer.

This style is used for the manufacturing of boxes that are going to use multiple times, making it a robust packaging option. These boxes are manufactured with precise measurements to allow friction and a slow opening speed.

  1. Book Style Rigid Boxes

The book-style rigid boxes are distinctive and innovative in their design. As the name indicates, these boxes opening and closing are just like a hardcover. They are customize with a round or straight spine to give it a feel exactly like a book.

To enhance the visual appeal, and security magnetic closure can also be equip to these Custom Rigid Boxes to increase their visual gaze, ultimate catch the onlooker attention. It can be prove beneficial to improve your brand prosperity to another level.

  1. Drawer Style Rigid Boxes

Drawer-style rigid boxes are also termed slipcase and matchbox style as they are looking like a matchbox in their appearance. They can be feature with a thumb hole, ribbon to pull the tray from the lid in the best possible manner.

These Custom Rigid Boxes are great for products you want to keep straight, and level when a customer opens the box. They are very sturdy, durable and convenient, and easy to open, which grab customers’ hearts at first glimpse.

  1. Magnetic Closure Boxes

A rigid box with a magnetic closing lid has two magnets equipped inside the box that lock together to seal the box resolutely. The magnetic closure boxes provide you a mesmerizing unboxing experience that your customers will never forget. Magnetic closure boxes can be of standard and collapsible styles.

Because of the sturdy, and solid structure of these Custom Rigid Boxes, customers will be very cautious to throw these boxes out, making it an eco-friendly, and recyclable packaging solution. Magnetic closure rigid packaging can be prove excellent storage unit for jewelry, cosmetic, and electronic product.

  1. Custom Rigid Boxes With Custom Inserts

Custom inserts are highly in demand while packaging a luxury product in rigid packaging. A custom insert placed in the rigid boxes helps. Your product to stay intact to give a fascinating appearance while providing a high degree of bump resistance.

Custom rigid boxes are featured with a wide variety of stock material like.

  • Foam
  • Plastic
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated
  1. Tube Rigid Boxes

Tube package design template is consider as a unique, and eco-friendly packaging option for those brand. Who are looking to be distinctive in a hypercompetitive market. These kinds of Custom Rigid Boxes are cylindrical. Usually customize in a telescopic or shoulder neck style of open.

Rigid tube packaging design is used to customize a box. That is popular to encase smaller retail products like cosmetics, drinks, stationery, and accessories with a convenient opening. It is entice with different prettification feature like emboss, deboss, foil, lamination, and raise ink printing pattern.

All of the styles mentioned above of rigid boxes must give an organized shape and security to the products. These styles offer an elegant presentation that permits customers to open the boxes in a neat, and simple fashion. Here to meet all your needs that customize your rigid boxes in any size, style, and design. According to your luxury product’s suitability.

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