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Nowadays, silk plants or artificial plants are, without any doubt, a top favorite home décor item. Most of the time, people use silk plants to decorate their house interiors. But many people use these plants to decorate their house exteriors as well.

The aim is to make beautiful displays that require low maintenance. Many might think of decorating with real plants. But everyone knows that real plants are tough to take care of. Especially these days, when people are so busy that they cannot communicate with their friends & family, maintaining plants is a lot to ask for.

In this situation, people are in search of silk plants for outdoor use. In this article, we are going to discuss this matter in detail. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Can we use silk plants outside?

The answer is yes. We can use silk plants outside. But first, there are some facts that we should know. Artificial plant manufacturers make these from three kinds of materials. They are plastic, silk, or poly blends. More or less, you can use all of them outside if they have UV protection.

Plants that we use outdoors have to go through a lot. The main enemy for these plants is the ultraviolet rays that the sun emits. If your plants have no UV protection, they will start fading gradually. Before buying, you must check whether your plants are strong enough to withstand outdoor conditions or have UV protection with them. And lastly, you can try a WD-40 spray that is said to fend off rainwater.

What if our favorite plants do not have UV protection? 

If you see that the plants you chose do not have UV protection, do not worry! We have a solution for this. There are transparent UV protectant sprays that you will find online or in the market.

You can apply these sprays on your plant & that should be enough to prevent your plants from fading. However, be sure to check if it is harmless to utilize on your plants.

How do we use these plants outdoors?

Get & put some planters outdoors:

When you have bought your favorite silk plants or faux plants, it’s time to get some planters for the decoration. Please make sure they are sturdy enough. Try to get Zinc or Steel planters as they are quite good.

Use bricks to fill the planters’ base:

After you have got your plant pots in place, use some concrete or bricks to stuff their bases. Do not fill them up yet, okay?

Put foam blocks inside them:

 After you have finished filling the base, put foam blocks inside them until your planters are full. Situate them in such a way so that the plants would not move once you place them inside the plant pots.

Place your tall plants into the planters first & then fill up with shorter ones:

When your plant pots are ready, stick the tallest of your plants first in each planter—for example, artificial Geraniums. Push them as much as you can into the foam. Now, fill the empty spaces with other smaller plants that you have.

For example, faux maidenhair fern or fake boxwood picks. Remember, first the taller ones & then, the shorter or smaller ones sequentially.

Add some draping plants to conclude:

Lastly, place some draping plants or flowers like ivy or purple wisteria on the planters’ sides to complete your arrangement.


You have come to the end of our article regarding silk plants for outdoor use. We have tried to discuss the most important things related to this topic.

However, if you have any other related information that may be helpful to others, please feel free to comment them down. Thank you for reading our article & have a good day!


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