SIA Security Guard Training London – Get Security Officer’s License

The level 2 SIA security guard license is the legal requirement to work as a security officer in the UK. It also makes buying weapons easy. For example, if you want to purchase AR-15 magazines, a security guard license will come handy at many places. But, I must say that this course is underrated in the country. People prefer to attend the door. This trend creates more opportunities to get a job as a security officer in the security industry.

A security guard training London protects the valuable assets of the company or an organization. This article will cover all the necessary information about the course contents and how to apply for the license.

What is a Security Guard License?

It is a license that allows the holders to work as private security guards in the security industry in the UK. Employers are more interested to hire a licensed security guard for their property and check their criminal background.

Course Outlines

Some of the security guard training London outlines are listed below, that we cover here at KR Academy and the SIA authority requires it for the issuance of certificate:

  • Parking enforcement
  • Emergency fire and safety training
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Medical emergency response
  • Patrolling
  • Client relation and effective communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Physical security
  • Customer service
  • Lockdown procedure experience
  • Reporting to the related departments

Eligibility Criteria for SIA Door Supervisor Course London

Employers who hire security guards usually check for their criminal background and experience. They do not care much about the qualification of a security guard, but if you have passed a good grade then it will definitely aid your profile. However, you need to have a Security Industry Authority certificate. So for a quick knowledge, we can say:

  • To qualify as a security guard you must be aged 18 or above.
  • You must not have any criminal background.
  • You must have attended the SIA approved security course training and should get a license before applying for the job

However, it does not mean that you cannot apply for the course with a criminal record. If a person is alleged with serious convictions, court trial, warning, or other charges, then the SIA will examine the seriousness of the charges before a final decision. The SIA authority will decide to refuse or accept your request for the license.

How to Apply for the Security Guard License?

You can apply for the licensing through a simple process. It may appear difficult, but it is not. Do you want to get a license? Follow these steps.

Step 1: Attend and Pass the SIA Security Guard Training London

Attendees need to complete a 4 days security guard course London. You shall be assessed after the course. Only successfully passed candidates can apply for the license.

Step 2: Fill up a License Application on the Security Industry Association Website

After passing the course, go to the SIA website and complete a license application. A candidate needs to pay a fee with this application. 

Step 3: Verify Your Identity Checks on the Website

In this step, you shall submit your attested photo ID to the SIA. The authority will run a background check for your provided records. They will also check for your criminal records.  

Step 4: Submit the Application 

After completing the application fully, you shall verify the given details and submit it. The application process will take 25 days or even 6 weeks. 

Step 5: Receive SIA Security Guard Training London License

The SIA authority will post a license after the whole process. This award is valid for 3 years.

Renewal of the License

This award is valid for 3 years. You must apply for the renewal of the license 4 months before the expiration. You do not need to attend the course for renewal.

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