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Shopify vs WordPress: Which Platform to Choose to Sell Your Products?

Making your first sale marks your entering into the world of eCommerce. There are numerous entrepreneurs who have succeeded in realizing their ambitions. Their online stores turned into places where people visit to purchase the necessary items. The Internet can provide you with a large number of bases for your assortment of products. However, deciding on the best solution may be tough. What about driving a wedge between two popular variants? Shopify and WordPress are considered to be widely-used platforms that are ready to meet different needs. They power over a billion online stores that are often accessed by people all over the world. It is possible to say that both these tools are amazing. There can be described as effective and beneficial ones. In any case, one of them will almost certainly be more effective and beneficial than the other. Let us find out more about them and understand which variant is better for building your loyal audience and strengthening your brand.

Some Things to Keep in Mind About WordPress

We are pretty sure that you have already heard something about WordPress web development. Some people believe it is nothing more than a blogging platform. Nowadays, it is an advanced content management system suitable for every type of website you can come up with. If you opt for WordPress, you will get different benefits.

  1. It is a free platform (or almost free). In any case, you must pay for web hosting, although CMS does not demand any payment.
  2. There are many customization opportunities. The number of themes and plugins for WordPress is capable of impressing your imagination. They will also give you a plethora of additional possibilities.
  3. Its community includes millions of users. You can always ask them for help.

Some Things to Keep in Mind About Shopify

Everything started with an attempt to sell snowboard equipment. Do not think that we have made a mistake. We continue talking about Shopify. Its team was not interested in showcasing its items on some unreliable marketplace. As a result, they made the decision to develop their own tool. What could be better than the chance to establish a strong relationship with potential clients through their own platform? Nowadays, there are Shopify online stores that make a really big number of sales. This eCommerce platform stands out from the crowd thanks to its marvelous features.

  1. An effective all-in-one solution that does not require taking care of every aspect by itself. Your online store, inventory, performance reports, and hosting are gathered together.
  2. It also has an SSL certificate. In other words, your visitors will be sure that they enter a secure online shop.
  3. Do you have any questions? You can reach its skilled support 24/7 using your phone, email, and other ways.

We have already said that Shopify has everything for your online store. These include worthwhile hosting and various eCommerce tools. In such a way, it is obvious that its price will be a little bit higher for a typical hosting plan. Yet, it will become your excellent assistance in a great number of tasks connected with your online shop.

Quickly or Slowly: What Will You Choose?

Before choosing your perfect platform, we want you to answer a few questions. Do you want your online store to be described as a flexible one? Do you want it to grow even though it will take some time? In this case, it would be right to choose WordPress. You will go through a little bit longer installation process. For the reason that you will need to spend your time on some essential aspects. These include choosing a web-hosting, a ready-made WP eCommerce theme, an SSL certificate, and a WooCommerce plugin. Is it crucial for you to start selling your products in a jiffy? Does your budget allow spending more money on your future online shop? Shopify would certainly suit your needs. There are many templates to choose from. Your online-store will be immediately adapted to different devices. In terms of the customization process, you will not have any complications too.

What About Their Blogging Capabilities?

There are more questions you need to answer to make the right choice. Do you want a fully-fledged blogging functionality included in your online-store? Is it enough for you to have it as an additional option? WordPress is an extremely interactive tool that has various options connected with social sharing. It is possible to get a well-structured blog that will engage your visitors. Most of all, Shopify is a powerful eCommerce platform. It is not a blogging tool. If you are not looking for some advanced functions of this type, you can always turn to Shopify. If you don’t know Shopify then you can always take help from Shopify development company.

Getting Familiar with Some Popular Ready-Made Themes for Your Next Online-Store

It seems to us that we have mentioned ready-made themes for these two platforms a lot. In such a way, you can be intrigued to look at some examples of both Shopify themes and WP eCommerce templates.


Apparelix is a multi-functional theme suitable for every topic of the online store you can come up with. It might impress you with the number of tools required for providing people with an excellent user experience.

Main Features:

  • additional homepage layouts and product page variations;
  • unlimited color options;
  • mega-menu;
  • product carousel and quick view;
  • product labels;
  • multi-currency support;
  • Ajax shopping cart;
  • product review;
  • newsletter subscription.


A beautifully-designed WooCommerce theme that will fit the requirements of those who have an online-store connected with fashion. Its package has many essential options that allow standing out from the crowd.

Main Features:

  • social sharing integration;
  • product quick view;
  • cross-browser compatible design;
  • unlimited color options;
  • mega-menu;
  • wishlist and comparison;
  • eye-catching animation effects;
  • Ajax cart.


To be honest, WordPress web development will be a perfect variant for those who have an existing online-project based on it. You just need to add the necessary plugin (which is WooCommerce) and start growing the base of your customers. Shopify is a specialized tool that will be suitable for those who want to save their time. For the reason that it has all the necessary options. You are not required to search for web-hosting and work on other tasks. Anyway, each of them should satisfy your visitors. Their process of choosing the most appropriate products and buying them will turn out to be pleasant. We hope that it will be a little bit easier for you to opt for the right platform now. Thanks for reading!


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