Shayari to say good bye

Good byes are not easy

Shayari is a part of culture in India and a rich tradition of poetry and has many different forms. Shayari or poetry is a way to put forward their ideas on various topics, including motivation, love, good bye shayari etc. Myrelist is a website which has shayari on various topics ranging from love to breakup, birth to death etc. Among good bye shayari inspires people during hard times and motivated them to tackle it.

Shayari a way to express ideas

Shayari was one of the form to express views and ideas during freedom struggle in India. Many poets emerged during the time to express views on the idea of independence. Not only was it popular in those times, shayari is a part of Asian culture and cherished in all times. Mushairas or poetic exhibitions are held in various parts of the globe, where poets are invited to recite poetry among huge gathering of people. There are many forms of poetry inlcuding ghazal, shayari, humd etc. 

In the urdu poetic tradition, pen names are quite popular, and most poets use pen name also called as takhallus. This can be either a part of a poet’s name or the poet can adopt something else as an identity. The traditional convention in the identification of poet is to mention the pen name at the end of their name. The word takhallus is derived from Arabic, which means ending. One of the reason is that the poets used to incorporate pen names at the beginning or end of the final couplet of each poem.

Meaning of shayari

Shayari is not only a means of entertainment, or to gain knowledge of inner realities of life, but people also find them as stress buster in the busy day to day life. It helps me in taking a seat and relax while reading or listening to it.

Some of the things that also have been noted is that the meaning of the shayari and the intention differs in different age groups. For instance people in their teens are always in a look to entertain themselves, or to impress a girl. They find entertainment as well as good poetry to win a girl or boys heart. 

For the other group, which is the middle age, for them the meaning of shayari is different. They are in the phase of life where they look for subtle meanings of life, and are interested in finding them. They moto to read shayari is to satisfy this thirst.

Finally, the old age group. This group of people are in a phase of life where they have achieved the level of intelligence where they don’t seek entertainment, but look for peace and tranquility. They try to reflect their life’s journey and impart lessons of wisdom to the younger generation.

Good byes are not easy

However, which ever age group we are, sometimes we find hard to express our views and ideas, especially when someone is departing and we are in the weak moments. Good byes are always hard to say and express. We all feel sad when someone we love wants to leave us and move. This generally happens with everyone and with all age group and again the meaning of farewell differs with their ideas and intention. Therefore the good bye shayari is a great way to start and gather your thoughts and ideas.

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