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This article is part of a series reviewing the SEO parameters that should not be ignored if you want to see your articles rise to the first page of search engines.


  • Domain name and SEO, what levers?
  • Website onpage optimization criteria
  • SEO settings related to the elements of the site itself

Quality content and consistency

Ensure regular, quality content production related to your theme. Google and its Panda are hunting down sites with no interest, with pre mashed, copy-paste content like affiliate sites, low-end CP, and other link farms.

Focus on informative and generous content.

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The “Contact us” page

The contact page () is less common than we often think, it should include clear information about you, your address, phone, fax, email.

A little spiel with internal links is also welcome, as are links to your social profiles – especially Google Plus – Some even say that if this information corresponds to that recorded in Who is … you would gain credibility …

I often take advantage of the contact page to try local queries that are inevitably sought after, the famous “cheap” or “better” …

”  Contact the best SEO in Montreal  ” or “contact a cheap Adword expert in Quebec”

The Trust Rank or trust level of the domain

The index of trust that Google places in your domain/site is calculated by an algorithm developed by the search engine. It defines a degree of confidence established from a combination of parameters linked to the authority of the links received.

And that weighs heavily!

Site architecture

Building your site according to a coherent architecture will help Google to browse it, analyze it and if not “understand” it, at least it will give it meaning.
If architecture and tree structure are linked, there are other powerful levers (Internal mesh, pagination, breadcrumbs and other various tags…) that are too often neglected by webmasters.

This very good article on internal meshing will complete your info on this subject.

Site updates and number of pages

Fresh content and up-to-date information are things that encourage Google bots to come and come back and scan your site.

The number of pages is also a positive signal sent to search engines.

The presence of a sitemap.xml

The sitemap.xml is a tool that promotes the exploration of your website and its indexing by Google bots. If it is well designed and prioritized, it will even help them understand part of its architecture.

Online site

Avoid long periods of going offline for “maintenance” or forgetting to renew your domain name .

Server location

It is preferable to host your website on a server located near your audience and / and business area. Without completely excluding competition from the French-speaking world, it will be easier to appear in a good position on the engine if your server is located in Quebec. (also remember that the engine returns two types of results: “in English” and “in French”)

SSL certificate

Google has expressed the fact that it indexes SSL certificates. It seems that he favours an e-commerce site with SSL certificates a bit.

SSL ( Secure Socket Layer ) certificates are used to secure and authenticate communications over the Internet (and intranet).

“Legal Notice” & “Confidentiality” pages

These two pages do not only respond to the laws of a large number of countries that make them mandatory, they are also a signal of confidence sent to Google. Respect the standards of the legal notices pages  and use the information contained in the whois of the site

OUR SEO Services:

Finally, once is not customary, it is to my knowledge the only page that Google accepts in copy and paste…

Duplication of META tags

SEO tags including META descriptions must be unique. Poor structure and lack of control over indexing pages can lead to repetition of Metas either because they are left configured by default or because they come from pages under different URLs without a canonical tag. To be avoided in all cases!

Google console (formerly webmaster tool)  helps you find some of them.

The Ariadne’s thread

The breadcrumb trail is an element of the internal network and of the architecture that will support the themes that you want to promote in your website, it has good sides, but can also be completely useless.

Know how to take advantage of its presence or dare to do without it, in the interest of your site.

Optimization for mobiles and tablets

We no longer create a site that is not optimized for mobile phones and tablets, but we must distinguish the qualities of a site called ”  responsive  “, from those of a site-specific to these expanding media. I refer you to this article which has not aged too much and which deals with the need to provide a mobile version on its website or at least to be ” mobile compatible “. SEO parameters

Learn SEO: how to start learning seo effectively

Videos on Youtube

Google and Youtube are one. With a Google account, it has become very easy to upload videos. Youtube is the second most used search engine on the planet, learn how to optimize your videos and link them correctly to your site, it will be another bonus for your SEO.
Search engine Land has shown that since Google Panda, traffic to Youtube videos has increased tenfold.

Ergonomics and user experience

A site that is difficult to surf and on which it is not easy to find the information you are looking for quickly annoys the Internet user who knows how to move on (rebound).

The bounce rate is a factor that reveals the behaviour of the visitor, it is not the only one,

  • The number of pages viewed,
  • the time spent,
  • the landing page and
  • the start page of the site.

Offering fluid, intuitive and truly ergonomic navigation is appreciated by Internet users as much as by Google bots.

Google Analytics & Google console

Indispensable, the tracking codes of these two tools bring credibility to your presence on the web. On the other hand, to go so far as to say that they improve your positions, there is a step that I will not take.

Site reputation / User opinion

The reviews left by users on the right local platforms are important for local SEO.


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