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SEO Optimization: The best place for your brand is at the top!

SEO Optimization – search engine optimization is essential for any company appearing in the top results of search engines. There are different strategies, applied to websites, web pages, or blogs, that help to rise in the ranking of Google, the search engine par excellence.

The Link & Grow is an agency Inbound Marketing that specializes in SEO On-Page. This means that it performs all kinds of optimizations within a page, which can include title tags, URLs, keywords, meta-descriptions, among other criteria.

“In 95% of cases, the websites of the companies that come to us have never been the target of an SEO optimization ”, underlines the CEO of Online Media Trend, Fahad. The trend is towards greater demand for this type of service, regardless of the business area.

Good SEO optimization relies on content!

The first step of SEO optimization is to perform a website diagnosis, in order to identify the necessary improvement actions. Existing content is optimized or new content is created, based on a keyword suited to the research needs of the target audience.

The creation of a blog, if it does not already exist, is extremely important when it comes to SEO optimization. “It’s an excellent space to reinforce the brand’s visibility about a certain good or service and to regularly generate new content”, guarantees the director of the Digital Marketing agency.

The content must be, above all, relevant and based on simple language. Texts that contribute to a more dynamic reading, with title, image, and subtitles, tend to be more SEO friendly.

7 Tips to get to the top 10 of search results

On-Page SEO optimization there are several factors that can dictate the success of the positioning of a website or page. Everything must be taken into account: images, keywords, URLs, half-scripts, subtitles, and even the size of the content itself.

1. Keyword repeated several times

The keywords must be present at various points on a page and be easily detectable by the search engine. However, it is important that this repetition is not excessive, otherwise, you may fall into a bad practice called keyword stuffing.

2. A catchy title with your keyword

The title or title tag is the most visible face of the content. It should always contain your keyword and be short, so as not to be cut off in the results displayed in the search engine. It is a powerful weapon to capture the attention of the target audience.

3. Subheads that promote the hierarchical organization

From H1 to  H6, subtitles aim to organize the content, ranking its importance on a web page. Here too it is recommended to use the keyword.

4. Meta description to generate more clicks

meta description is a summary that appears right below the title in a search engine result. Although it does not directly influence ranking, it plays an important role in convincing the target audience to visit your page, increasing the click-through rate.

5. URL’s must not be forgotten!

It is important that the main keyword is included in the URL, as this is also scanned by search engines. It should be short, simple, and straightforward!

6. Optimized images, always!

The images are also found by search engines, therefore they should not be forgotten in the SEO optimization process. At least one must be included, with a  relevant Alt Text description according to the search content.

7. Internal links as a strong complement

The links built are a great way to complement the content. On the other hand, they improve the user’s browsing experience, who, when visiting several pages, will spend more time on your site.

In addition to these essential concerns linked to each page of your site, it is important that more technical aspects related to the site as a whole are taken into account. For example, being mobile-friendly, having a sitemap, and having a reduced loading time are essential. Furthermore, it is beneficial to have knowledge that will allow you to create a robots.txt, in order to prevent Googlebot from crawling certain pages of your site.

But you can not forget the Off-Page SEO because this is also an important factor of SEO. Without backlinks from the other higher relevant sites, you can’t get the top position on the search result page.

5 Advantages of working your website’s organic positioning

Attract more visitors, gain the right target audience and increase sales. SEO optimization is the secret to the success of any type of business, especially when it is performed consistently.

Unlike paid strategies, such as Google Ads campaigns, through SEO optimization it is possible to obtain results in the medium/long term, which last longer.

1. Better search engine ranking

The better your organic placement on search engines, the easier it will be for visitors to find your business. In addition to getting qualified traffic, this will increase brand awareness and therefore generate more conversions.

2. More qualified traffic

SEO optimization not only brings in more visitors but also attracts the right customers to your business. Offering what your personas are looking for speeds up the purchase decision.

3. Higher conversion probability

Post relevant and authoritative content on your website, build trust with the public and become a source that everyone wants to consult. When someone finds what they are looking for quickly and clearly, they are more likely to close a purchase.

4. Reduction of dependency on paid investments

A large proportion of businesses face periods of seasonal investment. This means that there are certain times of the year when there is more or less visitor traffic.

“An effective SEO optimization ends this seasonality” guarantees, from OMT Lahore, who highlights the power of organic content to reduce dependence on paid investments.

5. Bet on consistency

Organic content, which follows all SEO optimization rules, is responsible for improving a page’s placement on Google. The greater the volume of information generated (through multiple blog posts, for example), the closer you will be to the top of the results.

Your company’s website doesn’t appear on the first page of search results? Bet on efficient SEO optimization, carried out by a multidisciplinary team consisting of content writers, designers, and web developers. Contact Link&Grow  to request a free diagnosis of their website.

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