SEO friendly content creation – effective methods for 2021


Research shows that 75% users do not scroll past the first page of SERPs and among them the first three search results are the ones to get 60% traffic. It means that SEO friendly content creation is significant if you want to get any advantage from your piece of content.

We are living in the age of the Internet and Internet marketing. Internet marketing has been one of the major disruptions in the industry because many people do not prefer to market their businesses on the Internet as compared to the mainstream mediums for advertising. This shows the promise and expanse of Internet marketing.

However, whenever you will have a conversation regarding Internet marketing, you will always find a term alongside this which is SCO friendly content. SEO refers to search engine optimization. In this technique, different mechanisms are used to make sure that your website or your content on the Internet shows up on the initial pages of the search engine, especially Google Yahoo and Bing.

Having SEO friendly content more often will make sure that more people will be redirected to your website and if you have a website where you are selling, this would mean more customers for you. But the question remains how would you be able to create SEO friendly content.

In the course of this article, you will be familiarized with how you can create SEO friendly content in very easy and effective steps.

But remember, to create great content you will have to invest a lot of energy and time into this entire operation.

How Does An SEO Friendly Piece of Content Benefits You?

Here is a brief explanation on how you will be benefited if you put effort in developing an SEO friendly piece of content. These benefits are as follows:

  • With respect to a business the SEO optimized content may help generate organic traffic, allows a sustainable growth of the website, may provide better leads, allows an say approach to target audience and may also help in increasing the overall revenue.
  • Another advantage is associated with  ease in link building, a website with SEO optimized content has better chances of getting quality links from high authority websites.

Identify Content Type and Perform Relevant Keywords Research

First step for creating a good and SEO friendly post is to figure out the content type. The content type could be either commercial or informational. It is crucial to know that your content falls into which one of theses two categories reason behind this is that the keyword for both content types differ.

Do a research on keywords

Keyword happens to be the search query one writes in the search engine. Like you wrote SEO friendly content and you were redirected to this article because it contained the keyword. This is one of the simplest ways search engines are able to connect the dots.

If you have an understanding of which keywords are more in demand, you can utilize those keywords so that you will show up better in the search results. The right keywords are essential so that you can tap into the right market segment and directly get in contact with your target audience.

But how can you do keyword research?

Use the keyword that has the greatest volume of searches in a particular time. This will allow you to concentrate on the right keyword. And will also make sure that you are able to create relevant SEO friendly content.

As a researcher you should also understand this searcher’s intent behind all of these high-volume keywords. Once you understand the intent of the searcher, you will be able to create content that is more appealing to that person.

There are multiple plugins and research tools available on the Internet which will show you competitive content that is already produced against these high ranking and high-volume keywords. This will make sure that you will have an understanding of how you can create distinct content from these content that are already ranking high.

Another effective tip for having good keywords is that you should target long tail keywords. Though these keyboards do not have a lot of volume, these happen to be niche keywords. Because you would already know that many people when searching use long phrases to search.

Having long tail keywords will help you get to this audience. This will also lead to better rankings on search engine result pages.

Some of the tools that are available on the Internet and free to use are Google keyword planner, Answer the public, and search engine ranking keyword suggestion tool.

Structuring the content right

Capturing the reader’s attention and imagination is important when it comes to creating SEO friendly content. Search engines are likely to prefer those websites and links that have better customer retention and reader retention rate.

Make sure that you are never right and unstructured and over the place content. This essentially means that the content that you are writing should not be unorganized and not reconcilable.

It should have solid value for the reader and you should not have written the content just to fill up the space. Many business listing sites in USA do involve themselves in such practices which are very fruitless.

Whenever you are going to write SEO friendly content, make sure that some of the key information in your mind is clear. First of all, you should know what is the purpose of writing the content, what is the end goal, what is your target audience, and what is the call to action that you are hoping to get out of it.

After all of these key questions have been answered, create an outline for your content. Here you can jot down all the thoughts that you have and organize these thoughts in a readable manner.

Remember to become the best business listing in USA, the content that you are producing should be like telling a story. This way readers are going to be more engaged and more receptive to your marketing tactics.


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