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Selecting the Right Bathroom Vanities for Your Bathroom

There are some different bathroom vanities to consider for any custom bathroom vanity space that you need to set up. At the first option, you have to identify a suitable vanity for your bathroom. The best thing about this first step is that you have many different options you can select. So, let’s take a look at what some of these different vanities are worth investigating in more detail.

vanity cabinet doors

The first choice is about what type of vanity cabinet doors you would like. There are cabinet doors that fit directly over an existing bathroom sink. Some of these doors open out, while others are made to swing in. You also have models that fit on the countertop, those that go on the floor, and those that sit on a tabletop. So you do get plenty of choices here.

wall mounted vanities:

Another option is to use wall-mounted or attached pedestal sinks with your bathroom vanity set up. These sinks are the same shape and design as sinks that sit on the floor, but they are mounted on the wall. These vanities are available in a wide range of sizes. So you can match your bathroom’s dimensions as closely as possible. 

Corner vanities are often attached to the wall, while wall-mounted pedestal sinks may require that you add a second wall or space around the sink to prevent the vanities from hitting the wall. Wall-mounted sinks can also add depth to a vanity cabinet, which will be important if you plan to install a toilet, vanity sink, or shower in one of these spaces.

A popular choice in bathroom vanity sinks is wall-mounted glass sinks. These sinks can be framed with matching framed mirror panels to provide a very nice overall look for your vanity area.

Glass vanities often feature polished chrome frames and polished brass knobs and handles. In addition, the frames can be oil rubbed to give the sinks an antique look. The polished chrome and brass hardware give these types of bathroom vanity units a unique look.

Marble vanities

If you’re looking for a more upscale look, you might want to consider marble vanities. Marble is a beautiful material that offers a durable, attractive finish for your bathroom vanities and other bathroom accessories. 

Marble can also be cut into tiles installed in various colors and grouted into decorative patterns. Choosing marble for your bathroom vanities means that you’ll be getting a sturdy material that can stand the test of time.

Vessel sinks

When it comes to the number of doors and drawers you can choose from when shopping for bathroom sinks, there is quite a selection. Most vessel sinks feature two to three doors and two to four drawers. 

These types of bathroom sinks are great if you need the sink to be functional, as well as for storage. However, some homeowners like the sleek look of a solid wood or stone vessel sink. These sinks can be quite striking and look quite professional.

If your bathroom is small but you’d like to add some extra space, you may be interested in selecting a vessel sinks or vanity. These bathroom sink and vanity combos include a sink that attaches to the wall with a single frame. 

This type of combination is usually rather inexpensive and takes up very little space, making it ideal for any bathroom design.

Freestanding vanity

So, when you go shopping for a Freestanding vanity, don’t just think about what is on the surface, but think outside of the box. Find Freestanding vanity that fits with your decor and will offer you as much functionality as possible. 

There are plenty of options available if you take a little time exploring what’s available. After all, a Freestanding vanity can be more than just pretty; it can be a very useful, durable item that you can enjoy for years to come.

Today’s home is not complete without a freestanding vanity, and while the look of these fixtures may have changed from what they once were, the functionality of wall-mounted vanities remains the same. 

 When choosing the perfect wall-mounted vanity for your bathroom, you have many choices to make, but two of the most popular and practical are the wall-mounted medicine cabinet and wall-mounted mirror.


For a wonderful look at the bathroom, you have to select the right bathroom vanity. Finally, the bathroom vanities with vanity heights are the perfect answer if you need to save space. You don’t want to sacrifice your bathroom’s appearance. You can buy free standing vanity, vessel, and marble vanities at an affordable price online from west park supplies. 

Because the vanity height unit is on a sliding track, there is no need for hardware such as faucets or cabinets. These vanities offer a clean, uncluttered appearance and are ideal for smaller bathrooms. 


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