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Selecting The Most Suitable Tyres For Your Caravan

Caravan tyres have no distinct features from other vehicles (van or car). You would assume that caravan tyres can last forever as there is no acceleration or steering function to be carried out. However, that is not how it works.

It is crucial to keep in mind the correct tyre fit while replacing your tyres. Generally, it is considered a rule that tyres used for replacement in caravans match the exact description of those fitted previously. You have to adjust them to their correct air pressure to avoid severe wear and tear. The advised period within which you should get your caravan tyres changed is after every five years.

The amount of load a caravan holds directly affects the tyres’ performance, how safe they are on the road, and how well they could survive in wet weather conditions.

Reasons why it is not the correct tyre fit for your caravan

There arise several situations which indicate that you probably do not have the right tyre fit for your caravan.

Tyres no longer have their original specification available.

Tyres’ original specification is wrong.

The caravan’s carrying capacity has increased.

Different sizes of wheels were attached to the caravan on replacement.

What to look for in tyres for your caravan?

Refitting a wheel

For correctly refitting a wheel after servicing or a puncture, it is recommended to follow some of these common steps. Make sure that the mating surfaces between the wheel and the hub are clean and dry. The wheel nut threads are clean and free of rust or paint flakes. Use a diagonal wheel nut tightening sequence to guarantee that the wheel sits without any problem. Over tightening of the wheels, nuts are to be avoided, as they can damage the threads. In case you find such a thing, replace the nuts immediately. After refitting, check the torque again after travelling for 30-40 km or 30-40 minutes. The tyre’s sidewall usually comes with the maximum Tyres Bolton pressure written on it. However, you would have to check on the load you are carrying in proportion to the tyre pressure and even the weather you’re travelling.

Pick the right rims.

The choice for wheel rims depends on your personal preference as long as they are accurately rated and match the tyres. Even if you fit similar tyres in both the caravan and the towing vehicle, the tyres will not wear in the same way on both. Tyres diminish differently, even between models of caravans. So choosing the same tyres may not be as convenient for you as you think.

Protect tyres from ageing fast

Caravans come with low mileage capacity as they are mostly towed around over the holidays. It means that the tread would take longer than usual to wear down. Nonetheless, this also indicates that as caravans are left unused for most of the year, their Performance Tyres Bolton get vulnerable and become flat, eventually causing punctures. Caravan tyres must be in a cool, dry place for protection from the UV rays.

Along with this, you should also ensure to rotate your tyres monthly or after 10,000 km. You would also have to watch out for any impairment or cracks in the tyres surface or other crucial damages. Guarantee the safety of your tyres by keeping a check on the tread wear and get them balanced every year before getting them fitted, repaired or going on a trip.


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