Selecting the correct type of Chilewich rugs

The initial things that you require to consider is where you are going to place it when you wish to buy a rug for your home or more than one. What will be happening in your room and in which room the rug would be is what is to determined first. Placing an expensive rug like that in your kid’s playroom might not be the best idea while you might wish to have beautiful chilewich rugs that are handmade.


You need to look at the décor of the room once you are quite certain of the room in which the rugs would be in. While the room is furnished with the antiques, you need to decide whether it is contemporary or does it have a look of sophistication? It might be quite wise to go with an antique rug or one made in traditional patterns and designs if the look and the décor is a lot more traditional. You can still find exquisite handmade rugs that have a lot more modern look if the look is more modern.

Color consideration

You have to consider the colors too along with the style of the rug you are going for. Two or three colors should be considered in the room and then you will have to try and find out a rug that has those colors in it or one that would be complimenting those set of colors when you are considering this aspect.

Size of rug

The size of the rug should also be considered. Are you in search for a small area rug that would be looking nice in an open floor space between that of the sofa and television or are you looking for a larger area rug that would be covering the complete floor of the room? You will have to measure the space and find an appropriate rug size of the area in which you will want to place it whatever the decision might be.


You would be looking to select a rug of a top-notch quality. You will have to be sure that it is handmade and is made with natural materials in order to do so. Natural dyes and natural live wool that has been sheered from the living sheep is what is included here. You will also have to check out the knot counting of the rug for ensuring its quality even.

It do not mean that the rug will be looking attractive in your home as this is something that you have to remember as you witnessed a great looking rug in someone else’s room. in order to suit the décor and the room in itself, you will have to choose the right type of rug. You will get almost various options when it comes to finding the rug that is there in your home since rug shopping on the internet will mainly give you the variety of options. Before you settle in one, you have to sure to do your research well and browse through the other rug options. You will surely find that since it will look perfect in your home if you are taking time to find the perfect rug.

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