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Which OpenCart Shipping Modules should you invest in?

The OpenCart shipping modules by Knowband are certainly the ones to be on your must-have list. Why? Because they are worthy. In fact, these OpenCart Shipping Modules are the ones that help you provide a great shopping experience. Furthermore, Knowband ensures that these OpenCart Shipping Modules are beneficial for your eCommerce business as well.

In this blog, let us talk about the benefits of the OpenCart Shipping Modules by Knowband.

Preferred delivery date and time module For Opencart

There’s a potential the consumer will not be to access to get the goods they want. In that instance, the client will either cancel their purchase or get the product late. Thus, resulting in an unfavorable buying encounter for the shopper. Shoppers may specify a preferred day and time for their purchase delivery using the OpenCart prefer delivery time extension, which Knowband provides. The customer can choose the date and time period shortly before the final payment. In addition, the order confirmation procedure during the item checkout process. The consumer can alter their desired delivery slot information in a timely manner through their profile page.

  • On the checkout website page, an e-merchant can provide shipping choices.
  • E-purchasers can select a date from the schedule and a time slot from the drop-down menu.
  • By giving this delivery preferences selection option, the admin may alleviate delivery-related anxieties.
  • Even after making the purchase, online customers have the ability to change their delivery options.
  • The business owner can also select the time interval between delivery and the order date.

Opencart Store Locator and Pickup Extension

Online shoppers may now take advantage of your store’s in-store pickup service. Knowband features an Opencart store locator extension. Furthermore, that enables store administrators to provide in-store pickup options for their customers. The online merchant can easily apply the settings for presenting shop locations. Furthermore, the Opencart is full of features and is very adaptable.

Online shoppers may use the store locator to find the nearest location. Moreover, obtain information. For instance, the business’s name, address, phone number, and other facts. On the checkout screen, they can choose “in-store pickup” to acquire the merchandise without paying a shipping fee. They may place their order online and take advantage of online discounts and special offers.

  1. Shoppers may acquire their bought items faster by picking them up as soon as it arrives at the real shop.
  2. Customers who choose the in-store pickup option do not have to pay delivery fees.
  3. The administrator can provide in-store pickup, which will enhance the consumer’s buying experience.
  4. The admin interface allows the business owner to control the pickup date and time.
  5. The online shop owner may use the admin interface to publish store information. Further, to assist clients in choosing their favorite business.
  6. Consumers may see the store’s name, address, phone number, Gmail address, and directions.

OpenCart Product Availability Check by Zipcode

With the Knowband OpenCart Product Availability Check by Zipcode Extension, you can save your users ’ time. How? By confirming that product delivery is accessible to their mailing address. Prohibit customers from checking out by displaying a notification on the front end that the product is unavailable. The OpenCart zipcode extension adds a Product zipcode validator checkbox to the frontend. Further, allowing customers to verify shipping availability based on their zip code. This procedure regulates and lowers the eCommerce store’s cart abandonment rates. As a result, zipcode search has the potential to enhance the site’s shoppers’ buying experience.

  1. The reduction in abandoned carts is the first advantage of using the Opencart zipcode extension on your eCommerce site. This is because people have already checked to see if the product is available in their area.
  2. The third advantage of utilizing the Opencart Product Postal Code Validator extension is that the shop administrator may manually or in bulk submit zip codes by city and state using a CSV file.
  3. The OpenCart Product Availability feature only works with goods that the administrator has chosen. The consumer may complete the checkout process for the other goods right away.
  4. The check availability block on the Opencart front end enhances the site’s UI, which in turn boosts the internet store’s UX.
  5. By inputting their zip code, users may easily verify the accessibility of items on the website in their region. The checkout will show an error if the product is not available in the specified zip code. However, it will proceed normally if it is. If the procedures reach the checkout page and the product isn’t accessible in the location, the consumer isn’t upset because of the spent time.

OpenCart Shipping Timer extension

The OpenCart Shipping module by Knowband is a must-have for your eCommerce business. Further, do you want your customers to act fast? In addition, do you want them to buy the products without wasting any time? With the OpenCart Countdown Timer, you can offer one-day delivery or more to them. Thus, with the Product Shipment Timer for OpenCart, you can enhance your sales with ease.

  1. Customers who receive one-day or same-day shipments are more likely to make a buy. Moreover, finish their transaction without visiting other sites.
  2. You may omit vacation days when the shipping timer offer is not accessible for items. Moreover, you can do it with the OpenCart Shipping Timer extension.
  3. The admin can turn on and off the OpenCart Shipping Timer for certain goods, classifications, or brands.
  4. You may increase conversions for your business by employing a shipment timer to create a feeling of urgency.
  5. One-day or same-day shipment encourages buyers to make a speedy buying choice.
  6. The OpenCart Countdown Timer notifies the customer when the shipping deal expires. As a result, purchasers may place orders accordingly.
  7. The OpenCart Shipping module makes analyzing the shipping times of the same items on multiple websites a thing of the past.

Let us now wind up!

The OpenCart shipping modules that we discussed in this blog are absolutely amazing. If you want your customers to be happy with their buying experience, return frequently. Moreover, provide positive feedback, these are the OpenCart shipping modules to use. Install these stunning OpenCart shipping modules on your business and unwind. Knowband offers a large choice of splendid OpenCart shipping modules. In addition, a variety of additional services to its customers. The company’s great customer service and attention to detail are further reasons to have them in your business. Right now, you can find the OpenCart shipping modules on the Knowband store.

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