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Scientists Discover the Beneficial Effects of Hyperbaric

Treatment on the Symptoms of Aging

The anti-aging industry has a huge worth of billions of dollars. Using cutting-edge technology, scientists develop anti-aging lotions, creams, energy boosters, and other products for aging individuals.

Hyperbaric treatment is one such possible anti-aging treatment option, which can offer improvement in aging-related body deterioration. Due to the 100% oxygen delivered through HBOT therapy, it can accelerate cell repair, treat wrinkles, saggy skin, cell damage, and poor collagen structure. The hyperbaric treatment improves circulation in the body’s peripheral areas, which enhances the healing of skin and brain cells.

In the following sections, we have discussed how aging impacts the human body and how hyperbaric treatment can reverse aging effects.

Aging Definition

The definition of aging can vary for different people. However, about hyperbaric treatment, we have defined aging below.

Aging is a genetic event. In this cycle, our chromosomes, present in our cells, divide with cells. Throughout our live span, when cells divide, chromosomes divide and shorten. As we age, these chromosomes shorten to the extent that we can’t divide them further. Hence, chromosomes stop dividing and shortening.

After this stage, our cells start dying. If this cell process was the sole reason for the human life span, then every individual would live till the same time approximately.

Hyperbaric treatment can help in reversing the impact of cell processes. Let’s see how.

How HBOT Therapy Can Help in Reversing Aging?

A doctor’s team from Israel has discovered the solution for reverse aging related to the human brain. He believes that oxygen is the answer to the problem individuals face once aging starts.

Shai Efrati, a doctor who has made this discovery, revealed that when he first started using hyperbaric therapy for reverse aging, he took into his study adults who were above 65 years of age. With HBOT therapy, cognitive functions, and brain tissue working improved in these individuals. The doctor further explained that not only did HBOT therapy decreased the speed of decline but also enhanced the cognitive functions of the brain.

Efrati thinks that this is the first time in history we have considered an intervention to the normal biology of cells. This means we don’t really need to take aging decline as it comes. It is possible to intervene.

In the above study, one volunteer, who was 69 years old, entered the trial as a healthy person. He left with improvement only, enhanced cognitive and memory functioning.

Study Conducted by Efrati

Efrati and his team gathered 63 people, all were older than 65 years. At the starting of the study, Efrati conducted MRI scans of every patient to understand the cognitive abilities of these patients.

Some of these patients received 60-day hyperbaric treatment. The therapy was given for 2-hours 5 times in one week; in a pressurized chamber delivering 100% oxygen.

When the results of the HBOT group and non-HBOT group were compared, the non-HBOT group showed no improvements. This means that these individuals had the same MRI scans as they had at the starting of the study. Their cognitive ability was possibly the same as before or declining.

However, contrary to this, the hyperbaric treatment group had noticeable differences. After six months, these individuals had improvements in their cognition and memory. Efrati explained that this group’s MRI scans revealed improved tissue function, which led to an improvement in cognitive functions.

The Outcome

Multiple scientists who have reviewed the study agreed with the findings of the trial. A lot of doctors say that Efrati’s efforts have drawn attention towards the possible treatment for aging.

The idea of offering 100% oxygen to the body is not a new one. In fact, hyperbaric treatment is being used to treat patients for decades. For some conditions, such as air embolisms, decompression sickness, and thermal burns, hyperbaric treatment is widely utilized across the globe. For these conditions, even the FDA has approved the use of HBOT therapy.

For reverse aging particularly, Efrati considered the treatment that is given to patients suffering from burns, wounds, and similar conditions.

According to Efrati, the hyperbaric treatment creates blood oxygen fluctuations by increasing oxygen concertation in the body intermittently. This triggers cell mechanisms and mediators, which help in regeneration. The impact is similar to the one observed during hypoxia (lack of oxygen).

For these reasons, Efrati decided to conduct the study on only healthy adults. Due to aging, the blood vessels of these individuals were carrying less amount of oxygen to the body and brain. The hyperbaric treatment was used to compensate for this low oxygen supply.


Aging in the human body is similar to the occlusion as present in an old home, such as an obstruction in pipes. Occlusion is a dominating factor in human aging as well. For this reason, hyperbaric treatment can impact the brain’s performance by improving oxygen flow in the body.

Once this treatment is received by the human body for a few suggested days, significant improvement in cognition and memory can be observed. This improvement is referred to as reverse aging because it literally reverses the impact that aging has left on the human body. Consult a doctor for proper guidance.

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