Scaffolding workers must be given proper training

Scaffolding workers must be given proper training

The scaffold is a supporting structure used for the protection and support of the workmen working in any construction site. Scaffold products are widely used for different purposes in construction sites or industries. Scaffolding is any type of temporary elevated structure used for supporting man, materials usually used in construction. The scaffold is widely used to repair and maintain bridges, buildings and other hand made structures. It is the wreck, alteration of a temporary structure mainly used in the construction site working at the heights as it becomes risky for people to work without scaffold. It is for the safety of the people working on the construction site and to carry out their work without any risk. It supports the original structure and the workers used it as a platform to carry out their works. It is for the safety of the people working in any industry or construction site. The structure is used for supporting workmen, materials, etc. these are generally used in repairing houses, maintenance, new construction areas, and renovation. The scaffold is a supporting structure used for the protection and support of the workmen working in any construction site. Scaffold products are widely used for different purposes in construction sites or industries.

To handle such equipment one needs certain training in this particular field. Scaffold training is not costly it is a cost-effective approach for companies and it has been provided to improve safety in the workplace, to enhance worker skills and their asset to the company. Safety is one of the most important measures that should be taken care of in the construction sites. Scaffolding communication skills is very important and necessary to work safely with equipment in the workplace.

To enhance workers skills the

 must be given proper scaffolding training to use in the construction site. Some of the safety measures given in the training program are:

  • fall protection
  • inspection of scaffold and its component
  • wear hard hats
  • proper base plates
  • proper ladder access
  • safety harness
  • scaffolding execution
  • awareness of scaffolding management
  • A person having adequate knowledge of scaffolding must train the workers who are moving scaffolds. To work safely with the scaffolding the workers must be given proper knowledge of using such equipment. To enhance workers’ skills all workers must be trained on how to use the scaffold and to recognize hazards the type of scaffold they are working. The scaffolding workers should have the knowledge of the maximum intended load and capacity of the scaffold. The workers must be trained with how to recognize and report defects and fall hazards, falling objects hazards, electrical hazards and also have proper fall protection systems in the workplace. Without training the scaffolding workers are unaware of scaffold risks and dangers. Working at heights is the riskiest job for a worker and they must need safety precautions while using or working scaffolding. It is very important to enhance workers’ skills in scaffolding training is must. This will help the workers to know how to get on and off the scaffolding and to prevent themselves from falling. lack of scaffold communication skills of the workers becomes dangerous to them if they don’t have the knowledge of using such equipment how will they maintain and work safely.

Types of scaffolding: There are different types of scaffolding that are used worldwide. These are a prefabricated modular system, h-frame modular system, timber, tube and coupler components, timber and bamboo scaffolds. These types of scaffolds are made up of several types of components which include the base jack, connector joins, transom, brackets for extending width.

Tubes, couples, and boards are the basic components. Tubes are made of steel and aluminum. It is a lightweight tube that is been in use for decades.

Couplers are used for fittings that hold the tubes together. Types of couplers are putlog couplers, right-angle couplers, and swivel couplers.

Other common components that are being used are sheeting, gin wheels, ladders, anchor ties, ropes, etc.

The bamboo scaffold is used in Hong Kong and Macau having nylon straps to tie the knots as couplers. Also, it is widely used in India with ropes made out of coconut hair. Bamboo is being used from ancient times in buildings. There is some form of bamboo types those are:

Double row: it is used for people working at height.

Nylon mesh: bamboo perimeter should be covered by nylon mesh.

Access and egress: access should be provided such as ladder and stairs etc.

Catch fan: catch fan should be provided at a specific place for the protection of the workers.

Receptacle: around each catch fan suitable receptacle shall be provided which is covered with galvanized zinc sheet.

Steel bracket: working in a six-floor building steel brackets shall be provided for support.

Putlogs: To keep the bamboo in its position mild steel bars are required to tie. Putlogs should be 3 to 4 meters.

Bamboo scaffold helps to support people while working in a building at height or at the construction site.

Single or bricklayer: single scaffold used in brick masonry consisting of putlogs, standards, ledgers, etc.

Double or Manson’s scaffold: Double scaffold is generally used for stone masonry. Stone walls are hard to make holes for that double scaffold is needed for construction.

Cantilever or needle: this is a single frame type scaffold that is on series of needles and the needles are taken out through holes in the wall. When the ground and the upper part of the wall is under construction, under those circumstances, the cantilever is being used.

Suspended: this type of scaffolds are used for painting house, repairing, etc.

Trestle: trestle is being used when working inside the room which is flat and one can move into it while painting the room or repairing.

Steel or tubular: steel scaffolds are made of steel tubes that are fixed together by steel couples and it is very easy to construct. It is very strong and fires resistance.

Patented: these are coupled with special coupling and are made up of steel. These are available in the market and these are readymade. It is adjustable.

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