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Rules About E-COMMERCE Meant To Be Broken

Working in  e commerce store development means working within a predefined set of rules, which are followed by almost every business that is available on this platform; these rules have defined themselves over time and helped the business gain the stability and recognition it needed at the time, but still, there are a certain number of rules that are required in order to be broken because they do not just ruin your business profile if followed but also destroys your market, avoiding such rules is beneficial for your business.

  • Overuse of the keywords

Like it or not, an abundance of everything is bad. Similarly, if you are writing something or presenting something about the business, you wouldn’t want to fill it with the keywords if you can’t find anything good to write about. This overcrowding makes your profile look bad and has a very bad impact on the social and market profile of the business.

Today, the search engines are so powerful that they detect such profile damaging points and optimize your page accordingly, listing it hence in the search by the user. Thus, it was thought previously, more keywords better ranking, but now this trend has shifted to more quality writing or content production.

  • Link and article directory

Linking to your work profile is great; it helps more recognize your work and business, increasing the traffic on your site. Likewise, linking back to your portfolio has a positive effect and is recommended by many ecommerce store development  professionals but not too much that your content becomes so irrelevant and more like an advertisement to your portfolio, which is pretty lame considering the business reputation and stakes.

Backlinking to your profile or the references you are using should. Be handled so the reader doesn’t find it anything but annoying; as soon as the article becomes annoying, it means you have lost your traffic and any future visit.

  • Exact match domain and Anchor text

With the advancement in search optimization, all the trendy points which were very useful in the past are now not very helpful; consider the anchor texting and exact match domain, which were very useful in ranking your business in the top list now don’t help so much. Anchor texting, which was very helpful in highlighting the text so that it can withstand more highly in the content, are now not very helpful because people use more new and to the letter principles these days, which are laid by the organization and help them rank better in the SEO and the market. Considering the role of anchor text and the exact domain match, which were not more than to make them more prominent in any search, which often betrayed the users to fall on them, but now this has fallen to the hand of the new and improved SEO.

  • Article spinning

What seemed a more effective way of writing articles previously. Is now a very bad representation of any content producer, affecting the quality and stability of the content. There was a time when writing a new article by article spinning was expected. And the person who wrote such articles were appreciated but now. With the advancement in the technology, and more knowledge of the working of the ecommerce store. Article spinning or copying is a very lethal crime done against. The writing community who spends time creating content.

Article spinning is a skill that was very appreciated in the past because of their ability to create content based on the same heading and in the same sense, but with different wordings; also, this is an easy task.

  • Bad content use

Content creation is a very skilled job, and not doing it elegantly will put an emblem on your career. Making you devoid of the nice opportunities that could be life-changing for you. Content creation is a very tedious task, no doubt that. But it also pays a lot when high-quality content is produced. Making your product rank higher than anyone else. But, unfortunately. It was a common practice in the past that they use bad content as the tools for optimization. Was not advanced, and thus, you can rank as high as you wanted to be. But since the updates have been there, there is seldom a sight of such practice because. If you follow these rules, you will be ranked way below as you expected. Or more probably, you get a plagiarism notice on your content because of its poor quality.

  • Blogging without promotion

What’s the use of blogging if not followed by the promotion of your product, a very old rule to break in the ecommerce store arrangement  it has been a practice not to follow blogging by the ads, how can a user finds your blog when you don’t give it any promotion, your product description would be nothing when you have no one to read it. Users don’t find anything which they don’t know, give them something to see. And they will follow to your website, increasing your traffic and getting y sales. But first, you need to have a promotion on your product blog. Without which user wouldn’t know if you exist or not. Once. Promoted you will get traffic now and then. If you don’t give a promotion later on if the first promotion was very effective.

  • Printing physical advertising material

In recent years before the growth of the digital world, printing brochures and posters were necessary. But since the modern world was born, these things seem unnecessary. When promoting your e-commerce business. You would need your digital world to promote. If you think for a second that these brochures going to be any support. Think again, the world has been digitalized. They need things which they can carry within a single item anywhere around the world.

Final thoughts

Working in e-commerce is easy yet tedious; growing in the market takes time and work before reaching any solid point. With many rules to follow, certain sets work against you in this new and more advanced world; avoiding is your best chance at survival in the market.

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