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One of the most notorious parts of agreement rule is issues linked to postal rules. Because the communication implicated is long-distance, it can be risky to identify when faithfully a contract has been shaped when using the mail. Since many business parties are not gifted to gather in person, communication by mail is very general when negotiating an agreement. Most of the questions linking distant message and contract law center on when contracts are accessible and conventional. Posting rules were written and accepted to assist determine issues associated with contribution and accommodating contracts by mail.

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The posting rule takes the result from the instant communication of approval is planned, counting communication by mail or email. The mailbox rule is also used to decide when messages can be measured delivered. In some bags, the estimated liberation date can be dissimilar from the date the letter was truly established. This law also establishes whether a dispatch of taking or one of revocation takes priority.

Most Basis Things to understand the Posting rules:

Just Google their name to ensure they aren’t roughly out spammy content all through the web.


To make certain the users aren’t linking out in their bio or within the content to spammy websites.


look to see how thorough their past content is. Typically look for authors who inscribe content that is at slightest 1,000 words, if not 2,000. You can’t put greatly recommendation in a 400-word blog post, so keep away from writers who are just annoying to oddball content for links.

A bio should only contain 1 or 2 links:

Moreover to the author’s website, Twitter handles, or his/her blog.

A blog post should contain a minimum of 4 links:

don’t have the utmost amount of links that should be in a post, but do have a smallest. People have written blog posts on approximately every topic out there, so instead of rehearsing the similar elderly information, link out to the sites that have previously enclosed it.

Content Uniqueness

Your content should be 100% unique, 100% handwritten and not copied from anywhere on the web. We cannot publish an article on our website until they have 0% plagiarism.


Your Content must be at least 500+ words otherwise your post will be rejected and will not be approved.

Dofollow Hyperlinks

According to new Google updates, you can include 1 Dofollow hyperlink in 400+ words and 2 DoFollow hyperlinks are allowed in 900+ words content.


We will review your  Guest Posting Website for the above-mentioned quality guideline and will approve it within 24 hours.


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