Rolex Watches Hold Their Value Well – Know the Reasons Here

Rolex Watches Hold Their Value

Like new cars, most watches depreciate once you step out of the showroom, strapping it on your wrist. But does this proclamation pertain to all watch brands?

Fortunately, the answer is no. Rolex is one of the watch brands that can retain their value well with time. Even some models in the brand’s catalogue may appreciate.

Established in 1905, Rolex is the watch brand everybody in the world recognises and treasure. This elite Swiss watchmaker is responsible for many innovations that changed the synopsis and boosted the dimensions of the horological industry.

Thus, thanks to the novelties, top-notch quality and unrivalled brand recognition, the iconic timepieces of the brand typically retain their value over the years. You might be familiar with the case that many individuals tend to sell Rolex watches to unlock the value and get access to fast cash.

For watch enthusiasts who consider luxury watches as investments, here we will delve into some essential fundamentals that enable Rolex watches to hold their price.

Superb Craftsmanship

Rolex is perhaps the only watchmaker that makes virtually everything in its factory. Yes, the brand has astoundingly well-equipped research and science laboratories to produce their highly precise and durable watches.

Also, they have stress test room where scientists execute rigorous test on the movements, cases and other watch components. For watch naives or those who are not aware, Rolex tops the class in metallurgy.

Another exciting fact is that the bracelets, movements, gems and other components of Rolex watches are hand-tested and hand-assembled. Indeed, there are machines and robots to help in the process.

But Rolex employs human hands to ensure the sheer precision and reach the stringent standard it has set for its watches’ quality.

Top-notch Materials

A Rolex watch promises to function seamlessly and maintain its sheen for years, no matter how much extreme condition or harshest environment it confronts.

However, one of the essential elements responsible for this incredible durability and quality is the patented 904L stainless steel.

What makes the 904L steel different from any standard steel type is its ability to resist rust, corrosion and acquire a magnificent sheen. Also, it is more robust and enduring.

Perceived Watch’s Value

It is the sum of cash that customers are willing to pay for a specific product. Interestingly, Rolex outshines in this part compared to other watchmakers in the industry.

This Geneva-based Swiss watchmaker manages to acquire the right perceived value as opposed to the original cost.

In some instances, the pre-owned price manifests the price that customers are interested in paying for an item in contrast to the value that the producer initially thought to set.

Exaggerated Scarcity

What pilots Rolex prices to increase, decrease or stay the same is the principle of demand and supply.

Rolex curbs the production of many of its coveted watches. And yes, the manufacturer does it intentionally. Every year, it offers a few models only to their authorised dealers.

However, the demand is incredibly high, but the supply is low. Because of the limited production, the consumers’ waiting list merely keeps getting longer with time.

Now here lies the fascinating strategy. The long waitlist makes collectors impatient and amplifies the thirst to acquire the timepiece. Even many people often are willing to pay a premium only to get their hands on the watch right away.

Shrewd Marketing

Another factor that helps Rolex timepieces to retain their value is the sharp-witted marketing strategy of the brand. A Rolex watch represents a luxury, status symbol, working more than telling the time.

Rolex has consistently been the only watch brand of choice for the upper-class market, consisting of men over 35years of age primarily. Besides the brand’s compelling history and fidelity to quality along with precision, its sly marketing tactics and choice of sponsorships work as the icing on the cake.

And the iconic Crown’s achievement is conspicuous on banners, scoreboards and top-class sporting events across the world, including motor racing, golf and yachting.

Final Thoughts

Thus, Rolex is one of the few watchmakers that has successfully attained an unparallel desirable status and formed an excellent value proposition with its fundamentals mentioned above. Also, it’s no surprise that it is perhaps the only brand that enjoys most recognition and most widespread acceptance when it comes to demand and resale value.

And if you are wondering which Rolex watches today are likely to increase in value, the iconic Submariner, GMT-Master II and the Daytona are likely to rank the list.

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