Role of the ACRA Bizfile?

Role of the ACRA Bizfile?

As mentioned before, the ACRA is both Registrar and regulator for corporate services.

This authority is responsible for registering and overseeing all businesses, corporate service providers as well as licensed accountants. The ACRA also suggests ways of easing the environment for business and helps in the development of business products and services.

Utilizing the BizFile+ Portal to Register Your Business

1. Signing In

You need to sign in at the BizFile+ entrance utilizing your SingPass to enroll a sole ownership or association. All legitimately perceived entrepreneurs, including accomplices or approved delegates, should demonstrate its acknowledgment by means of BizFile before the business can be enlisted.

Then again, you might connect with the obligations of an enrolled recording specialist (for example law office) to finish the internet based application for your benefit.

2. Installment of expenses

There is a $15 name application expense. You need to present this sum prior to petitioning for enrollment at the BizFile+ entrance. Then, at that point, there is a $100 enrollment expense on the site for organization enlistment.

To reestablish your application, then, at that point, you need to submit $30 for this.

You can undoubtedly pay these expenses utilizing various modes, for example,

  1. Charge or Credit Card, VISA, American Express
  2. Paypal
  3. Apple Pay
  4. Google Pay

3. How Long Does it Take?

For sole proprietorships and partnerships, registrations are usually authorized within 15 minutes after the registration fee is paid and confirmed.

If an application needs to be sent to another government agency for authorization, registration takes around 14 days to 60 days for approval. For example, the setting up of private schools must be authorized by the Ministry of Education before the business can be enrolled. For partnerships, the business is officially registered only after all the partners or authorized representatives have approved or licensed the application.

What is the SingPass?

The Singapore Personal Access Pass or SingPass is a computerized login framework that stores and consequently recognizes you when you execute with Government experts in Singapore. This internet based secret phrase gives you one-contact admittance to endeavor exchanges with most of government offices on the web.


         Advantages of bizfile portal

Documents You Must Submit When Filling Up the BizFile+ Form Online

1. Organization Name
It is exceptionally vital for select your organization name in the initial step of the enlistment interaction. Along these lines, pick an OK business name and make a name application through BizFile.

2. Sort of Company
You are additionally expected to choose the kind of business structure you need to fuse. The few kinds of organization structures incorporate private or bar organizations.

3. Chiefs, Company Secretary, and Other Important Personnel
You need to name significant officials of your organization for additional interaction Such as Directors, Company Secretary, Chief Executive Officer or Managing Director, Auditor.

Furthermore, you really want to furnish data with worries to these key staff who incorporate Personal Identity subtleties, Contact data including phone number and email address, Residential Address.

4. Licenses or Approvals
You would be constrained to apply for specific licenses or endorsements from other government offices prior to beginning with your business.

BizFile+ Uses

  • The BizFile+ is utilized to enter your business records in the public organization information base.
  • You can immediately change your business data: Company name, business action, names of investors, and so forth
  • On the off chance that you’re late in documenting a yearly return or fiscal summaries, this entry permits you to handily demand an augmentation.
  • You have the choice of taking care of monetary data in XBRL design straightforwardly from your bookkeeping programming into BizFile. Assuming you have marked duplicates of AGM minutes, transfer the pdf rendition.
  • LLPs, LPs, Partnerships, or Sole Proprietorships don’t have to record fiscal reports.

ACRA BizFile+ Advantages:

There are a lot of advantages for organizations to document applications online with BizFile in very little time. A portion of the significant advantages of ACRA’s BizFile contain::

  • Expanded accommodation for organizations
  • Speedy and financially savvy as there is no desk work engaged with recording
  • Improved precision of information
  • Further developed consistence in regard of the administrative necessities
  • Great functional effectiveness

Singapore Company Registration: Step-by-Step

NOTE for Foreign Entrepreneurs Looking to Register their Company in Singapore:

As a foreigner, you need a local Filing Agent – a Singapore Corporate Secretary to file your Company Registration application.

If you’re not going to relocate to Singapore, you can still own 100% shares in your Singapore company, provided you’re above 18.

If you don’t intend to relocate to Singapore, you would need at least 1 local Singapore Director, who is a holder of Singapore citizenship, PR Visa, EntrePass, Employment Pass and has a locally registered address.

Step 1: ACRA Approves Your Company Name

The probability of quick approval will be greater if:

  • Your chosen name is unique, easy-to-understand, legible, and has no offensive parts
  • Your company name is free of copyright or trademark issues
  • If your company name contains words like “Bank,” “Finance,” “Educational,” “Media,” etc., it may need further approval

Step 2: Get the Documents You Will Need to Register Your Singapore Company

  • Company name that is ACRA okayed
  • A concise list of business activities
  • Company’s Singapore address
  • Names & IDs of Names & IDs of Directors and company secratary, shareholder
  • Non-Singapore Businesspersons to submit Company Constitution (combining the earlier Article of Association & Memorandum of Association), passport copy & residential proof

Note: Singapore Citizens & Permanent Residents must have a copy of their Singapore National Registration Identity Card (NRIC)

Foreign Individuals Require the Following Documents:

  • Passport (Copy of)
  • CV with proof of employment/letters of recommendation
  • Local Address
  • Foreign Companies Require the Following Documents:
  • Certificate of Incorporation from previous jurisdiction
  • Company Extract covering name, address, registration code, paid-up capital, IDs & addresses of Shareholders & Directors, list of authorized business activities
  • Resolution Appointing Authorized Person to Hold Shares & Sign Documents on intended Singapore company’s behalf
  • Organization chart detailing ultimate beneficial owners of the intended Singapore Company

Step 3: Company Constitution, formerly the Articles of Association & memorandum of Association documents. Now to contain

  • business name,
  • activity list,
  • address in Singapore,
  • details of shareholders, Directors, division of shares,
  • Legal clauses outlining limited liability, capital distribution, subscribers and objectives as well as the rules of the intended company.

The ACRA provides a template that you can use if you don’t want to create your own company constitution.

Step 4: Submit Application on the BizFile+ Portal

If all your documents are in order, simply fill up your information on the ACRA’s BizFile+ webpage and click ‘Submit’.

Step 5: Confirmation of Incorporation

After you make the payment, the ACRA emails you to let you know that your company has been successfully registered. This mail includes the company registration number, a link to download your Certificate of Incorporation (digital copy) and Unique Entity Number (UEN). You can pay for a hard copy to the ACRA later.

Step 6: Acquire Business Licenses and Permits

Certain business activities need you to obtain permits and licenses beforehand. Fore example, eateries, cleaning businesses, academic institutes, travel agencies, financial service agencies, import/export companies, etc. need business licenses.

Step 7: Share Certificates

The corporate/company secretary allots share certificates to each of the shareholders. This is proof of their individual ownership of the company.

Step 8: First Board Resolution

After registering your Singapore company, you need to arrange a shareholder meeting to appoint at least one Director. Shareholders must also pass resolutions to employ other key company personnel, like the auditor, the company secretary, etc.

Step 9: Annual Filings & Returns

  • Principal activities
  • Paid-up capital
  • Registered address
  • Details of Shareholders
  • Director’s details

Annual income tax filing is done with the IRAS.

Step 10: Corporate Secretary

After company registration in Singapore, there is a requirement of appointing a qualified company secretary within six months of incorporation under section 171 of the Singapore Companies Act. Citizens of Singapore who are not sole owners or shareholders can become corporate secretaries.

Step 11: Paid-Up Capital

At the time of company registration in Singapore, there is a requirement for a minimum paid up capital of Singapore $1, which can be increased at any time after incorporation.


  1. How do I buy an ACRA BizFile form?

You have to log in to the official BizFile website and can make payments online at the ACRA BizFile+ portal itself.

2. How do I renew my BizFile+ Registration?

Log on to the BizFile site to submit the online transaction. You need to mandatorily hire a Singapore-government registered filing agent (e.g. legal firm) to complete registration.

3. When should you hold an AGM?

The head of the company must hold an AGM within the time period of 6 months, after the FYE as stated by the request of the member.

If you have an entity registered with the ACRA, you may view your Business Profile through one of the following ways: 1. Log on to using your CorpPass. Under “My Dashboard”, click on My Entity to view basic profile elements.

You will need an endorsement from the other partners or the managers If you want to nominate or revoke a partner or manager.

To endorse a transaction, log on to using your Sing pass or CorpPass. Under “File eServices”, click on others > Endorsement. It is very easy to endorse a BizFile transaction.

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