Rockspace Extender Setup via Re.rockspace.local Login

When we first purchase an extender, it is not consider secured until you make a few change with its default configuration. The changes that you have just create, need to be pass through the re.rockspace.local setup and installation process. It should be performed from the very beginning till the end. The following guide is going to suggest the way to set up and install your Rockspace local Extender.

  1. The core of action that is required from your side is to get an Ethernet cable.
  2. Although, one of the Ethernet cables you will be having in the package of the product. You need to buy the other one.
  3. Take an end of this Ethernet cable and plug it into the internet port of the extender.
  4. This internet port can easily be found at the back of the Rockspace extender. The leftover end will go into the internet port or the WAN of the modem.
  5. Now take the other Ethernet cable and hook it with the LAN of the computer, whichever you find convenient.
  6. The other end of this second Ethernet cable goes into the LAN of your re.rockspace.local extender. LAN ports are normally available in yellow color.
  7. Turn on the extender using the power adapter. Plug the adapter to the power slot of the range extender And then take it up to the electric outlet of your home.
  8. It should be the central location of your house. The LED of the Extender shall flash to solid white, else you need to press the power button that is just beside the power slot.
  9. Now turn on the modem also. Plug the power-line adapter which you might have got especially for the modem.
  10. Hook the power cable of the modem to the power slot, and turn the modem power on. The ring LED of the modem must flash solid, whatever the color would be.
  11. Launch the web browser, from the device that you have connected to your Rockspace local extender setup.
  12. Go to the search bar of the web browser, and type http://re.rockspace.local. Thereafter, click OK. Now you will achieve the re.rockspace.local login window.

If the web domain re.rockspace.local fails to accomplish the login window, then you should get the IP address that is Then click login. If you have found the Rockapace Extender login page. Now, go towards the setting and advanced setting section.

On the Rockspace Extender login page, it is a must to give some details. Like the username and password. The default user name is ADMIN and the default password is either password or blank. Now you have accessed the configuration page of the Extender.

Rockspace Extender Setup- default Credentials change

1. Rockspace local- Password and SSID Change

When the user achieves the configuration page of their Rockspace Extender, then they are require to reset the username and password. They have to shift it from the actual credential to something unique and personal. From the configuration page of re.rockspace.local, jump on the “Administration” section of your Menu. You can find this option Under the Advanced Settings panel of your Rockspace Extender.

  • Now, click the next option that is the “System” tab. Here you can easily change the login credentials of your Extender.
  • There you would also find the option to change the SSID or so-called “Username” of your Extender.
  • Change the SSID first, then type the default username and password of your Extender. The password must be type twice in order to avoid mistakes and fill the correct password.
  • You should not forget to mention the password and the SSID on some personal place of your home for the Rockspace Extender login purpose.
  • Tap APPLY to save the settings of your Extender.
  • The default username and password which we are using for the Rockspace Extender setup process are not the username and password to get connect to your Rockspace Extender wireless.

2. Rockspace local SSID/Username Change

  1. When you are successfully login to the configuration page of your Rockspace Extender, then you can get the login details from the right panel.
  2. Under the section of wireless name and SSID, you need to type the new network name for your Extender.
  3. Type the name that you could not find near your area, else it can create a lot of confusion for you.
  4. The SSID is required to be set for both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz wireless band.
  5. It is totally your choice that you want to keep a different name or the same user name for both the bands.
  6. Now, click Apply to save the settings and the changes made by you during the whole process.

After modifying the Rockspace Extender login password, it becomes essential to change the username or the SSID of your Extender. It is the name that you see in the list while searching for the WI-FI network in your home. You can even search it from the other wireless connected devices.

How do I check the status of my Re.rockspace.local wireless range extender?

  1. Open a browser from the same device that you used to set up your router.
  2. The device must be connected through the Ethernet cable with the extender.
  3. At the Addy of the browser use the default URL http://re.rockspace.local.
  4. You may also enter the default IP address that is and then click enter
  5. Go under the status tab from the left navigation. There you have to click Device Info.
  6. Access the Network Address tab. After that, check the Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway.
  7. These are often the same as your Rockspace local WIFI extender.
  8. The IP address must have the same octets as the Default Gateway for the first three places.
  9. Again, go to the left navigation and click the option “STATUS” then click WLAN Statics.
  10. Now you can check whether the network name field has the same SSID as your wireless network, then click the Status below.

It will be flashed with the message “Associated”.

This message means your wireless WIFI extender has successfully connected to the WIFI network Re.rockspace.local login.

Rockspace extender setup: Dropping network issue

Reasons for Re.rockspace.local dropping

  • There can be a lot of reasons for the dropping WIFI connections of your Rockspace WIFI extender setup.
  • Such as the older version of the firmware and irregular unit of MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit).
  • Due to multiple devices and the human-made obstacles inside your home, etc.
  • The weak signal strength from your WIFI range extender cannot reach up to the mark.
  • However, we can still resolve all of these issues, very easily.

Solution for strengthening the Re.rockspace.local network

  • First of all, update the firmware of your Extender Rockspace from the official web site.
  • After downloading, unzip the file and save it on your computer.
  • Go to the System Setup of your wireless extender, and find the option for Firmware update.
  • Secondly, set the MTU size of your WIFI router, by going into the settings of your router.
  • For dropping connections, bring your Rockspace local a little more closure to your wireless router.
  • Try to set the router away from the various house-hold obstacles and hindrances.
  • Customize the settings of your Rockspace WIFI extender setup device.
  • To customize the settings of your extender and the router, open a web browser.
  • At the search bar, introduce the customize URL Re.rockspace.local

Lastly, access the wireless settings of your device. Now, you can configure the entire settings of your Re.rockspace.local login device. For more information, visit our website popular posting.


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