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Retail Ecommerce Business Intelligence: Top Tips to Boost Ecommerce Sales

In the wake of the pandemic, we have seen a huge rise in the e-commerce world. More and more people switched to online shopping platforms. The e-stores have made the highest revenues in the past two years.

According to Statista, global e-commerce has generated a revenue of 3.3 trillion dollars in 2021, and no doubt that it will exceed in the coming days with a substantial-high margin.  However, you might be interested in how these companies are making massive revenue with their e-commerce stores.

ecommerce revenue stats

In such a tough competition, retailers have to power up with the custom e-commerce solution and the right e-commerce strategies. There is a lot more involved than just launching an online store and waiting for the customers to come in.

Here we will discuss some of the best tips that you can consider to boost e-commerce sales.  So, let’s get started.

How to increase e-commerce sales?

E-commerce is all about numbers. The more you sell, the higher your ROI will be. But achieving high sales is not an easy task, and it takes a long time to develop strategies that generate enormous revenues for your business. Here, I have prepared a list of the best tips you can use to boost your ecommerce store. Take a look.

Top Tips to Boost Ecommerce Sales

1. Give the Correct Information About Your Products

Every customer who visits the e-commerce stores has a question in his mind: whether there is something wrong with his product.

When it comes to the client, accuracy is everything. If you provide enough details about your product, he can easily judge its quality and durability. But if you don’t, then it will be down to the customers to make a decision.

For example- Your product is an LCD TV with a screen size of 42 inches. If you mention that, then your customers will see the details and judge themselves.

Thin or low-quality images can mislead customers. Therefore, make sure to provide high-quality photos of your products so that customers get a clear picture.

2. Include High-Quality Photos in the Product Description

Once you have mentioned accurate information about your product in the description, it is time to give them high-quality photos.

ecommerce development

People always tend to rely on photos rather than reading lengthy descriptions. If you can provide high-quality images of your products, customers will make their decision within seconds.

High-resolution images are more likely to catch conversions, and it is because customers can zoom in and see every detail about the product. Also, do not forget to include the details of brands, color, size, material, and other necessary information.

For instance- if you sell a gaming shirt, take a screenshot of your favorite video game character’s face and paste it on the image. In this way, customers will easily recognize your products from others even if they do not read everything about the product description.

3. Add customer reviews to the product description page

Customer reviews on their site increase sales by 63%. Also, 68% of the customers trust reviews more than the product description.

People always trust their judgment, and it is because most of the time, they make their judgments by reading reviews. Studies show that93% of online shoppers trust ratings more than product descriptions”. 

Adding customer reviews on your product description page will give customers more confidence in making their purchase decisions.

Reviews also help to build relationships with your customers. For example, if you are an electronics store, you can ask happy customers to review your products with nice words.

It will make them return to your site again and again. That means you will get more and more customers and, in turn, will drive higher sales.

4. Leverage Artificial Intelligence

“50% of ecommerce companies use artificial intelligence to drive sales”.

Artificial intelligence is used everywhere, and the e-commerce industry is not an exception, and it plays a vital role in increasing sales.

AI helps merchants to take care of different problems easily. Here are the three main ways artificial intelligence helps in boosting ecommerce sales:

Artificial Intelligence in ecommerce

A). Customer service: Chatbots help customers at every step of their buying journey.

For example, you can use artificial intelligence to assist customers during checkout at your website. This way, their shopping experience will be more fun and memorable as they won’t feel that they are talking with a bot on the other side of their phone.

Also, these chatbots help them by suggesting items based on their previous purchases.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence is used to recognize fraud activities and to block them.

B). Message marketing: Chatbots are now being used by almost every online store as a tool for communicating messages to customers.

It helps you automate that repetitive task to use your resources in other parts of the business.

For example, some brands use artificial intelligence to send personalized messages to customers on their birthdays or wedding anniversaries, etc. These friendly chatbots can help you keep in touch with your audience and remind them about returning to your website for more shopping.

C). Language flexibility: Ecommerce sites usually target international users so that they can increase sales.

For example, if you sell bags, your targeted users may be from Australia, Canada, the US, or any other location.

5. Ensure that your site is mobile-friendly 

“50% of online shoppers visit any website through their mobile phones”.

There is no doubt that a user-friendly website will increase online sales for you. You can use different ways to create a site that is easy to use on any device.

mobile friendly ecommerce site

Additionally, your products should have clear images so that users can see them well on mobile devices.

Here are some ways to design a mobile-friendly site:

  • Create more oversized buttons for easy access by the use of tap targets.
  • Set up touch or swipe events to trigger particular actions.
  • Make elements responsive. Remember that if you don’t want to lose the traffic of your mobile users, you should design your site based on their devices.

6. Collect Targeted Leads with Quizzes

“47% of people who take a quiz are more likely to make a purchase later on”.

Another way to increase your ecommerce sales is by creating quiz pages on your site where you can ask for customer insights. Around 86% of professionals prefer quizzes over other online marketing strategies because they help in the increase in sales.

When you know what kind of products are in demand, it will be easy to increase your sales.

Quizzes are a fun way to generate consumer demand and help you find the gaps in your range and collection. By creating and conducting quizzes, you can draw your customers’ attention towards the products they need to buy.

For example- if you sell many men’s clothing, a quiz page could ask a customer about their favorite sports. You can let them know the items from your range that match their interest based on that information.

7. Make Your Products Available on Social Media

“50% of online shoppers preferred social networks for product recommendations”.

Social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, has become an essential part of the online shopping experience. Because we share many photos and videos on social media, we always want to make sure that we look good in them. So, when you sell your products on social media, it will be easy for customers to buy them because they know that you are selling attractive items.

Furthermore, many social media sites have Ecommerce features, such as Instagram business profiles and Facebook business pages. By creating an online store on these platforms, you can attract more customers.

For example- if you are selling shoes, post photos on your social media pages of different celebrities wearing them. A Facebook business page is an excellent place for this kind of promotion because it has the most traction out of all types of social media platforms.

ecommerce business traffic stats

You can also use Instagram to promote your products through product endorsements by influencers and sponsored advertisements. It will help you increase your ecommerce sales because people will readily buy products that their favorite influencers use and promote.

8. Automate with Chatbots

“32% of shoppers want to receive chat notifications from their favorite brands”.

In today’s world, everyone has a smartphone, and they are always connected to social media platforms. This generation is always busy.

According to the report by LivePerson, 52% of online shoppers want instant messages about their purchase order status or shipping updates. When you receive these messages on your phone, it will be easy to complete your purchase order.

9. Offer Personalized Content to Users

According to the report by LivePerson, 70% of online shoppers prefer personalized content and information. In comparison, 25% of them don’t mind ads targeted towards them based on their shopping interests and the products they look at.

ecommerce content strategy stats

When you know your customers’ preferences and the products they like, it will be easy for you to give them personalized content.

For example- if a customer likes sports so much that they can’t stop talking about them, then an appropriate piece of content could be a list of the shoes with special features for playing sports.

Or, if they are fond of fashion, you can send their favorite influencers’ product recommendations through emails. It will help increase your ecommerce sales because the customers will buy products recommended by their favorite celebrities or their favorite influencers.

10. Leverage Customer’s Wish lists

“60% of shoppers add items to their wish lists”.

The report by LivePerson says that 60% of online shoppers save products for later and then share them with other people, such as friends and family members. They say that their favorite brand can be one which they wouldn’t mind recommending to others.

If you want the customers to recommend your products, then offer them the ability to save items on their wish list later.

It will be easy for them to buy these products when they are out of stock or if they don’t want to shop online at that moment.

Thus, you can use wish lists as fulfilling tools and increase your ecommerce sales by helping them find and buy the products they like.

11. Tap into Influencer Marketing for Brand Awareness

Influencer Marketing for Brand Awareness

The LivePerson report says that it is difficult for people to trust big brands because they don’t have actual relationships. So, if you want to increase your ecommerce sales, then focusing on influencer marketing will help you in this regard.

According to the report by Oracle, influencer marketing is responsible for driving 21 times more sales than conventional advertising.

When an influencer chooses to share their favorite brand with others, it will give you a chance to prove your credibility.

Thus, you can use this strategy to generate brand awareness and increase ecommerce sales.

12. Always Provide Flexible Delivery Options

“64% of shoppers choose the delivery options based on the speed and cost of shipping”.

According to data from ComScore, 47% of customers find that standard shipping is an annoying process. So, provide your customers with multiple delivery options such as same-day shipping, next-day shipping, or 2-5 business days shipping.

It will make the customers happy, and they will prefer your ecommerce store in the future.

For example- if the delivery on standard shipping takes more than 3-4 days, then your customers can pay a bit extra money to get it delivered on time.

13. Use Conversational AI Chatbots

“61% of online shoppers want chatbots for instant answers”.

If you don’t have enough time or workforce to answer queries from your customers, then you can use a chatbot.

AI Chatbots

Chatbots can provide your customers with instant information and recommendations. The report by LivePerson says that 61% of online shoppers prefer using chatbots to get instant help, which makes it easier for them to purchase their favorite products online.

It will give you a chance to convert your non-browsing traffic into actual sales.

14 Convert Customers with FOMO


According to the report by LivePerson, 61% of online shoppers say that they are more likely to purchase a product if it has limited stocks because this will increase their chance of being able to buy the product.

“34% of shoppers say that the availability of a limited edition has made them purchase an item they didn’t originally want”. If you can show your customers that there are only limited stocks available, it will give you a chance to convert more sales. This strategy will help in increasing your ecommerce sales and will meet the required threshold of ROI.

15. Showcase User Generated Content (UGC)

“72% of shoppers say that seeing user-generated content has made them more likely to purchase”.

According to a report by LivePerson, customers like reviewing the products before they buy them. They often search for reviews and customer feedback on social media or online forums.

UGC stats

The customers look at such websites to find out how valuable a product is or whether they can get a discount. So, if you want to increase ecommerce sales, then showcase your products along with reviews and ratings from your customers.

It will give you a chance to increase customer engagement, which is beneficial for your ecommerce sales.



The increasing competition in online stores is making the companies go through the digital transformation.

Customers are demanding more personalized, faster, and comprehensive service. To survive in this ecommerce market, you have to focus on serving your customers with innovative content, technologies, and strategies. These methods will help you capture a significant chunk of the market share and increase ecommerce sales by a large number.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment. I will answer them as soon as possible. If this article is helpful for your business or blog, don’t forget to share it with your friends and followers on social media sites like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 

For better guidance, you can also connect with a retail software development company in India. They will guide you better.


Q- What is the main benefit of using Artificial Intelligence?

A- AI solutions can maximise your ROI and make your company most effective. It helps in increasing online sales and conversion rates by a large number.

Q- What do I need to set up a chatbot on my website?

A- To implement artificial intelligence and chatbots, you need to set up a Facebook page, website and connect it with your business.

Q- How much time will it take to implement artificial intelligence?

A- It depends on how you are planning to use the AI solution. If you want to create Artificial Intelligence Software, it can take more than one month or even more.

Q- Who should I consult to get help setting up artificial intelligence?

AYou can contact an AI solution provider or use one of your existing contacts to set up the AI solution.

Q- How much training will be required for chatbots?

A- The AI solutions are preloaded with different categories so that they won’t require any training. You have to configure it with your website, and then you are ready to use the chatbots on your site.

Q- What e-commerce solutions can I use?

A– You can implement AI solutions in Magento, Shopify, Big Commerce, 3dcart, etc. It is a straightforward process, and you do not need any prior programming knowledge to set it up on your site.

Q- How will the chatbots help me in boosting ecommerce sales?

A- Chatbots can help you in increasing online sales and conversion rates by a large number. It can also reduce the effort required to connect with customers on social media sites, which you previously did manually.

Q- How can influencer marketing help me in increasing ecommerce sales?

A- Through influencer marketing, you can reach the target customers and increase brand awareness. It will not only help you in improving your ecommerce sale but also enhance your market reputation.

Q- How FOMO (fear of missing out) can boost my ecommerce sale?

A- FOMO is a cognitive bias that makes consumers believe that they need to purchase an item right now or miss something unique. You can use this technique to increase your online sale.

Q- What are the types of delivery options I can offer my customers?

A- You can offer your customers three types of delivery options, i.e., free, expedited shipping, and premium shipping. The free delivery option is the simplest, but it will take time to deliver the package to the customer. Expedited or express shipping involves a bit of extra cost to return the item within 24 hours or less, depending upon the location of your company or the site of your customer. The premium shipping is the fastest, but it will cost you an extra amount over expedited shipping.

Q- What are the types of content I can use to increase my online sales?

A- You can offer product knowledge-based content that focuses on educating the customers about how to use the product effectively, maintain the product, or make more use of it. You can also offer instructional content in the form of step-by-step guides to increase your online sales.

Q- How much revenue can I expect to generate from my customer loyalty programs?

A- You can set up a reward or loyalty program for your customers, where you will provide them with gift cards, discounts, etc. on their purchases based on their frequency of purchasing, the total purchase value of items purchased by the customers is accumulated over time. It will help you in increasing your ecommerce sales.

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