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Fitness is a very important aspect of life that includes having both a physically and mentally fit body. It enables us to perform up to our potential. Fitness can be described as a condition that helps us look, feel and do our best. More specifically it can be summarized as being in good physical condition as a result of regular exercise and proper nutrition. It is not only just bending our bodies.


It is about having cardiovascular and overall muscular endurance and strength, as well as a strong immune system, and most importantly, a satisfied state of your mind. The person possessing good health and fitness can enjoy his/her life completely. There is a famous quote which often people say “Health is wealth”. A sensible person would always choose health over wealth because he would be aware of the fact that without good health and physical fitness life would become a burden and a tasteless thing.

Fitness influences

Health is a sure key to success. Fitness influences to some degree qualities such as mental alertness and emotional stability. Without physical fitness and good health nothing good and substantial can be achieved. Whatever we do to our bodies always affects our minds. Physical fitness can be attained by daily exercise, Intake of healthy food and the right time, Adequate sleeping. Most importantly, regular activity can improve a person’s quality of life. A minimum of 30 minutes a day can allow you to enjoy a lot of health benefits.

Other extra co-curricular activities can add up to improvement in one’s health like long walks, swimming, horse riding, yogic postures, and such other activities. Doing any physical activity is better than doing none. If a person currently does no physical activity, he/she should start by doing some, and gradually build-up to the recommended amount. They should stay active on most, preferably all, days every week.

Healthy minds reside in healthy bodies. Most of the great and successful men and women owe their success to their physical activities which automatically is effective to their mind and in return they feel relax. At least half of the youth do not engage in physical activities that promote long term health. Because of busy work and home lives more than 60% do not get the best amount of physical fitness and those numbers increase day by day. It is due to fast-growing technologies like mobile phones, computers Televisions, etc day by day which do not let the people indulge in outdoor activities.

Thousands of people die every year from different types of diseases. Most disorders start at a young age due to less intake of a healthy diet and less extracurricular activity making them lazy and leading to nutritional problems. All eating disorders are serious they can also be deadly since it is hard to control them and it can lead to further diseases causing depression and mental illnesses. This may further lead to diseases like obesity, diabetes, heartache, stress, anxiety, short term life span, etc. Regular maintenance of the body through physical activities can save you from these illnesses.


  • The benefit of physical fitness is a long healthy life with great self-esteem.
  • Having a healthy lifestyle and being physically fit is a life choice one must put in to get back.
  • Physical education should be an integral part of education and training in schools, colleges, and universities.
  • The government should take steps to spread awareness about fitness and health.
  • Only health citizens make a healthy and a happy nation.

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