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While buying a new Fitted kitchens can come at a significant cost, the benefits of a kitchen renovation make it an attractive option for many homeowners. Fitted kitchens are characterized by professional planning, installation and processing and can significantly increase the value of the house or breathe new life into the family home. But with the recent housing meltdown and the pressures of the global recession, how often do people choose to switch their kitchens during these tough economic times?

Whilst the exact number of new installations each year is not readily available, UK kitchen furniture market activity gives a good indication of the relative popularity of new kitchen designs among homeowners. According to AMA Research, the UK kitchen furniture market grew steadily over the period 2002-2007, with the total market valued at £1.4 billion. This suggests that there has been a growing trend of incorporating new kitchen furniture, with homeowners looking to update their designs, take advantage of new features and increase the value of their homes. However, with the financial crisis of 2008 and the collapse of the housing market, there was a significant decline in the kitchen furniture market, which continued until 2009 and only stabilized in 2010 . This indicates a consistent decline in the number of people choosing to remodel their kitchens.

What does this say about the change in homeowner attitudes during this time? The onset of the financial crisis put immense pressure on household budgets and impacted demand for “non-essential” products. Perhaps more important is the impact of the housing market slump. Many people choose to install a new kitchen to add value to their home. As the housing market slows , there is less interest in adding value to new kitchen furniture.

What does this say about future trends and the frequency of homeowners buying new kitchen furniture in the future? On the one hand, it indicates that the market for fitted and partial kitchens is strongly influenced by fluctuations in the housing market, so that manufacturers and retailers should adapt accordingly to trends in this area. However, it is important to note that the last decade has seen continued and growing interest in home improvement, which should help propel this market as household incomes begin to grow again. Homeowners are now more aware of the psychological role their kitchen plays at the heart of their home, which means they are more alert to changing preferences in terms of colors , materials and layouts. The homeowner’s constant search for the “perfect” kitchen should help rekindle interest in professionally built kitchens, especially as new styles, appliances and trends enter consumer consciousness.

Paul Trafford works for Lark and Larks, a leading UK supplier of fitted kitchens and bespoke replacement kitchen doors. From kitchen units to replacement handles, kitchen faucets to stainless steel sinks, Lark and Larks supplies all the items needed to remodel or refurbish a modern or traditional kitchen.

Built-in furniture for bathrooms

Built-in furniture bathrooms are not just filled with a collection of individual pieces, but with furniture that is integrated into the bathroom design. A bathroom with built-in furniture allows for much more space by using it more effectively. You can attach sinks to cabinets to create storage, mirrors and the like, or you can install a wall-hung toilet that hides the flushing tank in another storage space. They provide a more traditional bathroom look without sacrificing functionality.


In order for your Fitted bathrooms to flow together as it should for an ideal built-in bathroom, each individual part should have the same style. Unless you’re attempting a very bold style statement, you should avoid color contrasts between individual pieces of furniture. The toilet should ideally be the same color as the sink, maybe even the same color as the tiles or cabinets. Light colors are better than darker ones for creating a sense of spaciousness, and unless your bathroom already has a lot of floor space, go for spaciousness as much as possible.


Since each item must fit together perfectly, you should not attempt to assemble built-in furniture yourself unless you have a good understanding of the process. If you are planning to install a sink in a cabinet there are many aspects to consider before you begin and should you neglect even one of these aspects, you could end up with a grossly installed sink that spoils the overall feel of your bathroom. Expert installation will ensure the full sense of symmetry and style that your built-in bathroom is capable of.


Depending on the current condition of your bathroom, the cost of installing a built-in bathroom furniture can vary. The assembly alone can cost a lot of money, not to mention the cost of each piece of furniture. You can save a lot of money by knowing how to properly install items yourself, but you should only attempt this if you are sure you can do it. Buying a set of items is often a little cheaper than buying different items individually and provides a sense of continuity in style and color . Regardless of the cost, investing in built-in bathroom furniture is one of the most effective ways to maximize your bathroom space.

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