Redefine the style and safety of your living room with these modern curtains

Curtains are like show-stoppers. They are used in any window and any room. In addition to functionality, they add to the decorative beauty of a room. These modern curtains are used in your bedrooms, children’s rooms and study rooms, but more than anything else they activate your living room. In addition to being a great choice for home decor, decorative curtains in the living room make your space more active and enjoyable.
The living room has unusual curtain styles, and you can choose one that perfectly captivates your sensibilities. The bright pop of colours, from pastels to patterns. The best thing is that you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to design a beautiful curtain in your living room. In this blog, we are proving much more ideas about the curtains and also their safety measurements.

Feather soft and white

The beauty of the white curtains in your residence is timeless. If you want your room to be well lit and beautiful, get stunning white curtains. White curtains never go out of fashion so you can experiment with different textures and fabrics for them.

Exquisite floral curtain design

If you cover the curtains properly, they will withstand a lot of adverse conditions. Pair easily with floral patterns or motifs, and you will always have a visual treat. You can go with a bright palette, pastel-coloured flowers or a balanced pattern with a bunch of flowers – whatever you choose, invite to your living space.

Blue curtain design for living room

Great for windows, your eyes, and mood, blue curtains bring peace and elegance to your living room. In the case of blue, you can choose from a wide colour palette. Interplay it with the right texture and blue curtains will give a great touch to your living room.

A minimalistic pattern

Whether it is a minimalist or fancy living room, curtains Dubai with beautiful patterns always gives the show. Choose deep shades of white or grey, black or brown on top of satin fabric paired with clean strokes of black, and your living room will change quickly.

Beautiful black curtains

Black curtains are trendy, so don’t judge them quickly as they are a great choice for your residence. They are beautiful and charming. This colour is perfect for a luxurious living room.

Luxury pink for living room curtains

Pink curtains can make you fall in love with life again and again. Even if you don’t really like this colour it will benefit your imagination. From cotton, flowing satins, silk, and more pink curtains can transcend almost all textures and fabrics.

Beautiful golden curtains

Golden curtains give your room a luxurious look. All their brilliance, texture and sophistication add to the beauty of the windows in your living room.

So, choose your favourite modern curtain designs from our curated ones and see how it transforms your space. Pair them with a stylish coffee table and decorative accents to make your living room a place you want to stay all day!

Amazing Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are beautiful much over than your thinking. Sheer curtains are beautiful much over than your thinking. It should provide more privacy and light shade for your room. You can use it on a sunny morning to keep your eyes more relaxed. All types of people will love the soft curtains. You can choose it on different variants and prices.

The sheer curtain will decor your home very well, they are lightweight fabrics and also it will provide more beauty to your windows.

Curtains for your children

Kids curtains have a great role to make your kids happier. Childhood is the most amazing time in life, so we decorate their space with beautiful curtains. We can get a variety of printed soft curtains for your baby. It will be printed with comic characters, flowers, leaves etc. It will create positive energy and also good thinking in your child’s mind. 

Some plane curtains also provide more beauty to your child’s room. While choosing curtains for your child you should remember, they will be softer than normal curtains. Another thing is always trying to keep it hygienic while cleaning it with proper cleaning devices. This curtain will make their playtime more joyful. We can make their childhood awesome while making it beautiful while choosing these wonderful curtains. 

Safety standards for Curtains 

Blinds and curtains with long and unsafe ropes can be dangerous for children. Make sure you buy curtains and blinds in Dubai with safe design features and that all long ropes are safe.

Safety standards

The mandatory delivery standard specifies the labelling requirements of the product and packaging. 

Corded internal window coverings are window covers that can be used inside a building, either:

  • Curtain-like window coverings with curtains or string
  • Fittings are used with window coverings such as traverses rods or track.

Mandatory quality specifies the requirements for product labelling and packaging.

Blinds and curtains Dubai safety standards were introduced on 28th March 2014 and came into effect on 1 January 2015.

Avoid low hanging cords

Make sure the bottom of the blind or curtain is raised at least 160 cm from the floor. Securely wrap the blind strings around a hook attached to the height of the wall.

Installation safety devices

For older products, install a cord tensioning device such as holders and wind-ups to hold the rope to a wall. Instead, recreate the blind or curtain cord with broken tassels.


If you have professionally installed blinds or window coverings, you must meet installation safety standards. They must be installed following the instructions on any retail packaging for covering. And always take much more precautions before the installation process, and should maintain the same measurements.

The installation can be done with proper instruments for the neat installation process and keep your arms safely. May b the process will take much little time for the best result in the window treatment process.


A person who installs a corded internal window covering must affix a label containing the name and contact details of the person or company responsible for the installation. They do not remove the warning label or swing tag provided with the corded internal window coverings.

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