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Reasons Why a Business Needs to Prioritise on Their Digital Marketing Strategies?

In this age of digital revolution, a business without digital marketing strategies is like a ship without a rudder. Having a cohesive digital solution allows your business to reach out to your target audience rapidly and more effectively through smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices.

Digital marketing is not limited to the positioning of various online engagement options like connecting via social media, bulk email, blogs, app management, content generation, and user engagement, but way beyond.

Have you ever wondered why your competitors are growing faster and getting traffic and customers double your number and speed? The answer is, digital marketing is helping them in achieving their online business goals. It allows them to connect with the existing and prospective customers more interactively, resulting in more visibility and rapid expansion in their customer reach.

Digital marketing, essentially, means the technique of promoting or creating brand awareness among the customers through the internet. By integrating digital marketing strategy alongside marketing strategy, companies can definitely win an edge over their competition and grow their business by many folds, acquire new customers, and improve their brand identity online.

Still not convinced?

Here in this post, we will discuss 7-reasons why a business needs to prioritise digital marketing strategies.

1. Get Clear Direction and Goals

Without a specific direction and goal, it is hard to predict what outcome you expect from your digital campaign. By building a well-defined digital strategy, you can help your company get clear direction and goals in terms of building a stronger customer relationship, acquiring new online customers, and improving your online visibility. In turn, this will help you define your target audience and achieve the desired results.

2. Your Customers are Online 

According to some of the most reliable research surveys done in 2019:

  • 82% of consumers check online reviews and ratings of the product before buying it
  • Close to 25%, customers use social media and blogs to find new products, services, and emerging brands.
  • 60% of the customers say they can not live without their smartphones in 2019 and thereafter.

Whether you agree or not, your online presence plays a crucial role in influencing your existing customers and potential customers. Your online reputation is so impactful that if your audience is unable to find a positive review of your business online, they will choose someone else over you. That is how businesses function today. Most of the time, buyers do online searches and investigations of your business before choosing you for any purchase.

Therefore, it is vital to have a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to build your business online and to increase your customer reach. Digital Marketing Company Dubai

3. Monitor Your Digital Campaign Progress

By employing a well-defined digital marketing campaign, you have the opportunity to analyse what type of online promotion campaign is giving desired results and what is not for your business. It also allows you to monitor and track your online campaigns anytime and from anywhere. This information is valuable for your online business success as you can now improve your ROI with its help and also the areas that need refinement. Optimising your current digital campaign becomes easier thereon, which helps you in improving your next online marketing program based on new findings.

Google Analytics is one of the many digital marketing tools available in the market today to help marketers and companies get a wealth of useful data to run their campaigns successfully.

You can now track and monitor the ad content that you run for your campaign to find out whether they can influence your target audience or not. You also have the advantage of tracking the number of visitors on your website, page views, time spent by average users on your website, conversation rate, bounce rate, etc. All such data is useful in shaping and optimising your marketing campaign effectively.

4. Reduce Your Marketing Cost, Increase Your ROI

It is observed many times that digital marketing techniques help save costs after the implementation of the campaigns. According to the Gartner report, “40% of the business reported Increased Cost Savings After Implementing one of the Digital Marketing Tactics to Promote their Product or Services.”

You also get a better return on investment as compared to traditional medium and other marketing platforms, by implementing digital marketing strategies. Your track and monitor tactics can help you assess your progress and ROI regularly.

5. Expand Your Business Network

Digital marketing allows you to look beyond the target location to find new customers from across the world using innovative digital marketing programs; unlike traditional marketing methods – local print or radio ads that restrict your reach to the local market or targeted locations.

Moreover, the new techniques are effective and give increased exposure to your customers in building a powerful brand identity. If your products and services are beneficial to a larger audience that exceeds your local geographical boundaries, then you should start your digital marketing campaign immediately to promote them globally.

In today’s world, with the backing of social media, search engines, active users, tailored blog content, the possibilities are unlimited for your brand to succeed online.

6. Improve Your Customer Relationships

Digital marketing campaigns are a great way to build strong customer relationships for your business. While traditional mediums allowed only one-way communication, digital marketing helps you establish two-way communication with your users and customers, which is more personalised.

According to an Ironpaper survey conducted in 2019, 93 % of customers’ product purchase decisions are influenced by Social Media.

You get the opportunity to engage with your customers in a better way through post interactive ad content, personalised product recommendations and social media posts and promotions, and more. Using social media channels, you can even communicate directly with your customers and discuss your brand and products and also respond to their queries immediately.

These activities are a great way to increase your sales and expand your customer volumes.

7. Your Competitions are Online

Companies are not only using digital strategies but also increased their spending on online promotion today. In the last couple of years, it has been noticed that more and more companies have started allocating budgets for digital marketing programs to increase their customer reach.
If you are not convinced with all the above-mentioned points, then here are some facts to help you understand:

According to a Hubspot survey conducted in 2019:

  • 94% of B2B marketers use digital marketing strategies to promote their business online.
  • 66% of customer purchases are influenced by video ad content on social media channels.

A growing number of businesses now agree that digital marketing services are an essential part of a company’s marketing strategy and in this age of digital revolution, no business can afford to ignore it. So, ride the wave of emerging trends and gain a competitive edge over your competitors by leveraging the power of digital marketing.


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