QuickBooks Error 3140 – How to troubleshoot

The QuickBooks error 3140 happens in your account when there is a problem in the downloading process of QuickBooks that is corrupted so it cause you the issue in synchronizing the data to your account. There are some files that are infected because of the corrupted downloading process or because of the virus also. This error also happens when the windows of your program crash.

So, you get to know the reasons for causing the error code 3140 in your QuickBooks Desktop account. Many other reasons and the symptoms of the error are listed below. The solution is given so that you can fix the issue using the solution steps according to the reason that is causing you this error.

The list of the reasons that cause the QuickBooks error code 3140

There are many causes that encounter the QuickBooks error code 3140 in your QuickBooks desktop account. The list of reasons is as follows:-

  • If your QuickBooks software download is damaged or corrupted
  • The installation is incorrectly done then this error encounters
  • Windows Registry is corrupted because of the changes done recently
  • The virus or malware infection cause this error
  • Mistakenly the QuickBooks file got deleted from your system.

What are the symptoms of the QuickBooks error code 3140?

There are few symptoms through which you get to know about the error code 3140 that is going to happen in your QuickBooks account. So the list of symptoms is as follows:-

  • When windows are getting the input slowly from the keyboard and the mouse in your system
  • Your system got freezes when this error is going to happen
  • The error message displays on your screen with the crashing of the dynamic program
  • When you get the error at the time of using the same program in your system.

List of the solutions with the step-by-step guide

Solution 1- For creating the registry entry of QuickBooks backup

  • Open the Command Prompt in your system using the RUN window
    1. Open RUN window
    2. Type CMD and hit the Enter button
    3. Then the CMD (Command Prompt) window opens up
  • In this window, type the Regedit and then press the Enter button from the keyboard
  • The user has to select the key related to the error in the registry
  • This key is for creating the backup in your QuickBooks account
  • After doing this, open the QuickBooks account
  • Then go to the File menu option and click on the option Export
  • Choose the folder where you want to save the backup of your company data file
  • Name the backup file and also select the Branch option
  • In the end, click on the Save button to save it and also take care that the file extension is .reg
  • Wait for it and it is done. Now you have the backup of the registry entry.

Solution 2- For installing all the updates of your system

This solution help to keep your system up to date so that the error you are facing got resolved or it resolved many other upcoming and still going on errors too. Follow the steps below:-

  • Press the Windows button from the keyboard or click on the Start menu button in your system
  • In the search field, type the update then press the Enter button
  • The update window opens up
  • In this click on the check for update button
  • Then after few a minutes, it shows you the update if available for your Windows system
  • Then click on the Install update button
  • If the updates are not shown to you then try another solution.

Solution 3- For cleaning the junk files of your system

This can be done when you are getting the issues of freezing or the system not responding properly. This solution helps you cleaning your system or you can say disk clean up so that it makes some space free to run your program. For this, the steps are as follows:-

  • First of all, click on the Start menu button in your system
  • In the search field, type the CMD
  • Then press the Ctrl+Shift keys together and then hit on the Enter button
  • After that, a pop-up box shown to your screen in this click on the Yes button
  • A window opens up in a black color that is the cmd window
  • In this, type the Cleanmgr and then press the Enter key from the keyboard
  • This command opens up the disk cleanup window
  • This window contains checkboxes so you have to select those boxes that you want to clean
  • Then click on the OK button.

Solution 4- For updating the drivers of the system

This solution updates all the drivers of all various components that required drivers for their work. This also resolves many issues. The steps are:-

  • To update the drivers, go to the Settings in your system
  • Then open the update and Security option in the Windows settings
  • Click on the Windows update and then click on the button Check for updates to see if any update is available or not
  • If not then go to the File Explorer
  • Then right-click on the This PC or My Computer
  • From further options, click on the Manage option
  • A window named Computer Management opens up
  • In this, go to the System Tools then open the Device manager
  • In Device Manager, all the components of the system shown to you
  • Then right-click on each device manager and select the Properties option
  • In Properties, click on the tab name Driver
  • In the Driver tab, click on the button update driver
  • It shows you the update if available then you have to click on the Update driver and wait for it
  • After updating, you have to do the 10 to 14 steps for each component.

In conclusion

Here you get to know everything about the QuickBooks error 3140. You get the list of causes and the symptoms so that you get to know about it before it happens. After an error occurs you get to know about the reason through the list of reasons. The solutions are also here according to reasons so that you can do implement it accordingly.

In case of any other issues or queries, you can reach the QuickBooks customer helpdesk to get the solutions and answers to all your problems. The team is available to provide you assistance 24/7 hours. You can get assistance anytime whenever you have encountered any glitches.

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