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Quick guide: how to improve the readability of your post

Why a quick guide? Why do you have to aim for speed to improve one of the most sensitive aspects of your content? Improving the readability of a post is easy, you don’t need a great technique to get good results – you just have to use common sense. And you have to think that, all in all, the reader is doing you a favor.

Great find. You think you are giving great content to your reader, in reality, it is a reciprocal exchange: he is investing in your blog (short for “weblog”) is an “online newspaper”, or informational website, which displays information in reverse chronological order, with the latest …one of the most valuable resources. That is time. Your blog readers need to be thanked and pampered every day because they are valuable. They are the active engine of your work as a blogger.

What does it mean to pamper a reader? Well, you can think of a gift. To specific content to download for free from the pages of your blog. This can be an interesting way to build loyalty, maybe even to do lead generation. But I believe that the best way to bring readers back to your blog is to always give quality content.

And one of the characteristics of quality content is its readability. That is the ability to get the message from one point to another with the least possible friction. Without turning the articles into simple news and advice lists. Otherwise, boredom takes over. Sounds difficult, right? Readability is also based on a good balance: it’s the details that make the difference.

The Topic Of This Post

  • 1 Attack
  • 2 Formatting
  • 3 Division into paragraphs
  • 4 Bulleted lists
  • 5 Your opinion on the legibility of the texts


What is the winning formula on the web? Immediately give useful information to understand if the article is worth reading. This is one of the benchmarks of online readability that rests on the classic inverted pyramid:

  • Most important content.
  • Developments.
  • Generic information.

Give the reader a good reason to stay. Then you develop the theme and at the end leave some generic insights. But I always advise you not to let your guard down during the writing of the post. The attack is important but it’s not the only time readers need your attention. On the contrary, I use the closing of the post to summarize the points addressed in the article: in this way it is easier for the reader who wants to comment to resume the point and leave a deepening.


That is the essential support to give meaning to your texts. Bold gives strength to the concepts you want to highlight, underlined text highlights the most important words. And you can use italics for quotes and foreign words. A tip is a must though: don’t just focus on formatting to give strength to your words.

I prefer to focus on syntax: the simplicity of the sentences is essential to highlight your concepts. As well as the choice of words. They must be in line with the needs of your target refers to a group of potential customers to whom a company wants to sell its products or services. The Target is consequently also …: do you want to communicate with your reader or appear like a blogger who uses incomprehensible words? Readers get lost for a lot less – don’t overdo the formatting, make it clearer by simplifying.

Division into paragraphs

One of the fundamental rules to improve the readability of a post: divide the text into paragraphs. That is to avoid the classic block of words, that formless set of consonants and vowels that inhibits even the most avid reader. You have to divide the text into blocks when you write, especially when you choose to communicate on the web: reading is a circumstantial activity, and there are differences compared to reading on paper.

So is it enough to divide the text into paragraphs to get good results? No, this is the point I want to highlight: the division must follow logic, it must guide the reader towards the construction of meaning. And above all, he must not interrupt a speech. You can find a concrete example right here, on this blog: if you notice it, each block completes a concept and does not divide the reasoning.

Still, on this line, it is right to mention the images: they are perfect for attracting the reader’s attention and increasing the visits of the blog, but they should not be used without a real link with the text. Inserting an image only to break the monotony of the text means unnecessarily interrupting the reading. As always, common sense is needed.

Bulleted lists

Everyone loves bulleted lists, right? You love them too because they allow you to summarize a considerable amount of information in a small space. But mostly because they organize, they create an order that is easy to scan. Bulleted lists are perfect for tidying up, and for creating viral articles. Do you know the 5 tips for doing anything? Ecc0, the art of good headline the Headline is the title of an article, blog or social media post, or advertisement. Since the birth of … takes a lot from bulleted lists.

But bulleted lists aren’t the right solution for every post. The reason is simple: they interrupt the discussion, the linearity of the story. Make storytelling with bulleted lists, for example, is difficult. Just as it is difficult to focus on emotions when you outline everything with a simple insurance list. I am not speaking of a clear closure, but of a simple inadequacy: focusing on emotions for me means using other tools.

One more reason to pay attention to bulleted lists: redundancy. Bulleted lists work, so you use them often. But turning a blog into a list of lists isn’t the best. Readers get bored immediately, you have to take advantage of the rhythm also in the alternation of solutions to create a good article.

Your opinion on the readability of the texts

This is my point of view. It doesn’t take much to improve the readability of your articles, but you have to evaluate a few points to get the desired results: you don’t just have to align the text to the left, divide it into paragraphs or insert bulleted lists to aspire to a good result. This is the final result, but at the base, there is a thoughtful use of useful tools to improve readability.

Do you agree?


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