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Quality Score That You Must Consider In Your PPC Ad Campaign

4 Assorted Variations In Quality Score That You Must Consider In Your PPC Ad Campaign

Are you familiar with PPC advertising or PPC marketing? If so, you must be familiar with the Quality Score metrics available for every keyword used in the Google Ads campaign. Plenty of variables are found responsible for driving a good Quality Score for a PPC ad. Some include CTR, CPC, impressions, and so on.

However, if you dig deep, you can find different variations in Quality Score. You can check out the experts of the PPC management company in Delhi and work on the factors that improve your Quality Score.

Different variations in PPC ad Quality Score you must consider

  1. Ad group quality score: Ad group quality score is one most important factors to have a quality ad performance in any PPC campaign. The score helps advertisers to determine the segments that they must focus on to run a successful campaign.

The quality score of an ad group depends on the keywords used for different ad groups. For example, if one ad group QS is 7 and another one is 3, the latter needs more attention than the former.

Once you find the ad group that requires optimization, you can easily restructure your ad groups and work on the CTRs to improve the overall Quality Score.

2. Keyword level quality score: Keyword Quality score matters a lot when you are thinking about a quality campaign. It usually varies between 1-10. If you score 1, you are losing the game. If you score 10, you are having a good quality score.

Your keyword-level quality score is determined based on your search queries. If the search queries exactly match with the keywords used in your campaign, the Quality Score will go high. Otherwise, it will hurt the score board.

The variation in keyword’s QS depends on the impression threshold. If the keyword receives standard impressions, the result will be reflected on the Google Ads account. However, in this case, the historic performance on Google will be the least factor compared to the impressions.

To boost the impressions, here we have a few tips.

Review the impression share data to determine whether the data needs to be improved or not.

Ensure to run keywords based on exact match and phrase match types to reach the right audience.

Find new keywords that are relevant to the ad groups and work on them.

3. Landing page quality score: We all know the importance of the landing pages in a PPC ad campaign. Your landing pages are the primary factor on which the quality of your ad performance depends. Hence, to enhance the performance of your ad, you must assess the quality of landing pages with high priority.

The landing page performance depends on three major aspects – relevancy of the ad content, transparency, and navigability. If the landing page content is relevant and is easy to navigate from one corner to another, you can take a sigh of relief. However, if the landing page contains irrelevant elements and does not adhere to Google ads guidelines, you will fail to achieve a better ROI.

All these make a negative impact on the Quality score and eventually cease the overall performance.

4. Display network quality score: We focus more on your display network quality score in comparison with the search network quality score. The quality score for the display network depends on multiple bidding options for the same network.

For example, if the PPC ad campaign is running on the CPM model, the quality score will be based on the landing page’s quality. On the other hand, if the display network PPC campaign is conducted on the CPC model, the quality score will be generated on the basis of the quality of CTR and landing page.

The best way to improve your display network quality score is by testing different ad types. While running the tests, you will notice that image ads are making better results than responsive ads. Remember, the more the number of tests you can run, the more you can improve your Quality Score by increasing the CTR.

You can even check out the relative click-through rate to amplify the quality score of your ad. In this way, you can determine how your ads are performing on the same websites. The lower the relative CTR, the lower is the GDN’s Quality Score – that’s the trick.


Check out the keywords, the landing pages, the call-to-actions, and other sorts of ad elements that can help you to enhance the Quality Score of your ad. You can even go through the Google guide for Quality Score and make your decisions accordingly.

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