Proven Ways to Make Money Online With Skill Games

Isn’t it enticing to make extra money with online games rather than just laying down for a leisure play? Many professional gamers are seeking the spotlight to explore online gaming as their tertiary income source. RMG or Real Money Gaming is the golden realm that millennial players fantasize to earn added cash in their online wallets.

How Well Can Money Making Online Games Pay You?

Real money games have massive potential to harvest alluring returns. Provided you polish your gaming skill-sets to make it on the top of the leader boards. Skill-based online games have higher benefits as there’s little luck regulating your stakes here. There’s a minimum staking prerequisite that players need to fulfill to sit on the cash tables, for a fee in exchange of the virtual chips.

Staking on RMGs like Indian Poker, Rummy, Fantasy Sports, and Mobile games could help you climb to the peak of online sports and fetch decent returns. Millions of Indian players are spending a staggering sum of over $2 billion in online sports money making to benefit from skill-based games like Texas Hold’em Poker.

Best Real Money Poker Games to Make Money Online

Let’s first categorize different poker formats based on their difficulty levels:

  • Texas Hold’em Poker- A Beginner’s Pie

Most popular and widely played form of Poker with minimal downswings and easy to understand rule set is the Texas Hold’em tash game. The game revolves around 2 Hole cards and 3 Community cards wherein players have to create the best 5-card combination, and the leading one is Royal Flush (As, Ks, Qs, Js, 10s). 

The player with the highest card ranks wins the games and bags the pot prize henceforth. It is amongst the simplest form of Poker, and newbies can participate in Free Entry Tournaments to get a notch over the game.

  • Pot-Limit Omaha Poker- For Mediocre Players

If you have a pretty decent gaming experience over the felts and have played Hold’em before, trying out Pot-limit Omaha cash games could churn up more excitement in your favor. While the basic rules stay the same here. The difference being players get 4 hole cards instead of two and 5 community cards instead of three. 

Now, players have to make the best 5-card combinations of these cards to win the round and the pot money. Even the stakes in PLO Poker are complex, and monetizing here with your poker skills requires a fatter bankroll and shrewd skills.

  • Open Face Chinese Poker- A Veteran’s Paradise

Professional poker players could make good earnings playing Open Face Chinese Poker. Here, the players get 13 cards each, and the complexity rises with the number of cards in their hands. Its a fast paced game 

The first hand that players have to create is of 3 cards followed by 2 hands of 5 cards each. The 3-card hand must be of the lowest value, and the third 5-card hand should hold the highest card rank. Beginners can play this game even without the experience of Texas Hold’em as they carry their own unique point based ranking system. Rest assured. Veteran players can memorize poker hand ranks and probabilities to flip the felts in their favor.

Rules to Play 5 Card Omaha Poker- The Most Action-Driven Omaha Format

If you are a Poker fan and have acquainted yourself with the most fun variant, Texas Hold’em Poker, it’s time to level up and explore its faster counterpart, PLO poker. The game begins wherein all players are dealt with 5 hole cards. Post that. You can spot 5 community cards in the face-up position dealt in a course of 4 rounds. With this format of Poker, every player needs to make a perfect hand out of 3 community cards and exactly 2 of their 5 hole cards.

Basics of 5 Card Omaha Poker

In most of the Pot Limit Omaha Poker Games, the game deviates as per the size of the blinds. If you are playing 5/10 Pot Limit Omaha. The value for a small blind is 5 while that of a big blind is 10. The game begins as the betting round initiates clockwise. starting from the player towards the left to that of the big blind.

Different Rounds of Omaha Poker

  • Pre-Flop-

When players start with the pre-flop round, they have this option to take a glimpse on their cards and choose amongst options of call, raise or fold. As the round begins. Betting initiates from the left of the big blind. This means if the big blind value is 10. It would cost you at least 10 for call action and 20 for the raise action. Every round ends when the active player who does not decide to fold acts.

  • The Flop 

Once the first betting round is complete, the flop is dealt with face-up position on the poker table. It includes 3 community card that adds a rhythm to the Omaha poker game. Wagering starts with the player towards the left of the dealer button. Then the next round initiates.

  • The Turn

After completing the betting action during the flop in online Omaha, another card is dealt face up at the table. It’s the 4th community card known as the Turn, just like in Hold’em an players continue to act as per the strength of their cards.

  • The River

In this round, the table unfolds the 5th and the last community card on the table face-up. It marks the beginning of a final round. Now, players have all the options in front of them to prepare a perfect 5 card Omaha combination.

  • The Showdown

All remaining players in the hand must turn their cards face up and the player with the highest combination of poker hand wins the round. 

Gimmicks of Earning Money Through Online Poker

  1. Always begin with low stake Poker Games

Draining your bankrolls on a poker play is no benefit to you. Start with low stake tournaments or cash tables to get in sync with the game algorithm and avoid bluffing right at the start. Too many blinds or bluffing at the early stages could lead you to big trouble. Watch online videos to start Texas Hold’em Poker play to win real cash while wagering lesser amounts. Remember that playing millions of hands-on low stakes would always be more profitable than staking big figures at top hand rankings.

Go for Cash Games Over Tournaments

Tournaments are basically for the poker learners who wish to dig the layers of poker intricacies without risking too much money at the start. A consistent poker play could make you the king on felts. Provided you do not deviate much between the cash tables and tournaments. If winning real money is your goal. Don’t waste much time on free plays and instead hop on to private cash tables for the real game. Some players enjoy consistent winnings in Poker as they now have the art of projection and poker probability to drive in even the most minor wins.

On the contrary. If you wish to run deep and understand the trajectory of what makes a successful player, tournaments are the ideal stage to perform from the best of the best and ace up your game.

Concluding Thoughts

Breathe easy and pump up yourself to acquire a suitable positioning in this parallel universe of possibilities, opportunities, and high earnings with stellar power play. The abundance of player base deviating to online cash games is appealing and challenging at the same time. You need to constantly hone your Poker skills and fight the complexities to win tournaments and online poker games with a whopping margin.

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