Product Design 101: Successfully Branding Your Goods

Millions of products are sold every year in the U.S. alone! This may seem obvious, but the implications are noteworthy.

Core to product marketing is the development of a well-designed and quality product. Every industry has major competitors. Each day companies set out to educate potential customers about their products and attempt to sell these products to them.

How do you compete with the different manufacturers in your industry? How do you stand apart? Product design is the key. Continue to read to learn more.

What is Product Design?

Product design is all about the development of a product. From initial planning to building prototypes, product design is the creative and technological process behind the creation of a product.

The term product has taken on a new meaning in the recent business landscape. Product does not just refer to tangible items anymore, but intangible items such as software or insurance.

Whether your product is tangible or intangible, product design will be equally as influential.

You can either have an in-house design team or work with a third-party design agency. Their services can be beneficial for the most effective product design.

The Competitive Advantage

When developing a product, you should focus on a competitive advantage. A competitive advantage is a quality, attribute, or feature that makes your product unique from other competitor offerings.

It is important to remember to create a product that is enticing and attractive. You want your sales team to be able to differentiate your product from competitors.

Whether it be an exclusive feature or the use of high-quality materials, your competitive advantage will make a world of difference.

What is the quality that makes your product special? This question is at the heart of product design.

Why Product Design Matters

One of the most critical things to remember about product design is to ensure your product is designed with your target audience in mind. It is your target audience who will become loyal customers.

In essence, your product was specifically created to serve your target audience. Products, at their core, are solutions to a problem. In other words, your product will be hired to get a job done.

Branding’s Role in Product Design

Branding and product design are separate concepts, but they are intertwined. When in the product design stage, you want to ensure the product is being developed with respect to the company’s branding.

As an example, Apple is recognized for its simple and elegant designs. Steve Jobs, the company’s co-founder, believed in the impact of simplicity. Apple products still to this day have a design that is easy to use while being technologically advanced.

Your product should be reflective of your style preferences and values. Customers appreciate your brand for a reason. Every product that has your company name on it is a representation of your company.

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