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Process and Benefits of Property in Dubai on Installment

Dubai is a dream destination for millions of people whether it’s from an investment point of view of appreciating the luxuries that come with it, purchasing a property. However, not many can follow it because of the high expenses involved. New developments like Six Senses Dubai offer villas and penthouses with every possible facility for the residents. There’s a way by which you can become a proud landlord of a beautiful house in Dubai without breaking the bank. We are talking about purchasing a property in instalments in Dubai.

It is a widely followed procedure not only in Dubai but wide-reaching. Purchasers make payments in monthly, quarterly, or yearly instalments and get possession of the property on the transference date, which differs from project to project. W Residences Downtown Dubai is the latest project with luxury apartments at reasonable prices and instalment plans. 

The Law for Property in Installments

Dubai developers offer rent to own property plans. In this scheme, the initial downpayment can be paid in installments over a period of time, such that rent is paid monthly, quarterly or at specific intervals. The remainder of the rent to own amount must be paid by the purchaser after completion of the scheme.

Article 4 of Dubai Law No. Article 4 of the Dubai Law No. 7 on Real Property Registration says: “The Emirate’s right to own Real Property shall be limited to UAE nationals, citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council States and companies fully owned or controlled by these countries, as well public joint stock corporations.

Dubai Mortgage Law permits a purchaser to get a mortgage for the property that he or he intends to purchase or the property that he/she has purchased.

A purchaser who is unable to pay all of the installments on the property may be eligible to receive a percentage of the amount paid by the developer depending on the percentage of completion. In Article 11, the 2017 Amended Interim Real Property Register Law explains what the buyer and developer are responsible for in the event that contractual obligations are breached.

Developers should notify Dubai Land Department (DLD), informing them about the purchaser’s non-performance. DLD will then notify the purchaser and request that he/she fulfill the contractual obligations under the sale purchase contract within 30 days. The DLD can allow the developer to transfer the property to its owner if the purchaser fails to meet the contractual obligations within this time frame. If any portion of the purchase price is due, the developer can pay it back to the purchaser.

In this blog, we will discuss the complete procedure to purchase property in Dubai in instalments and what benefits it offers.

The Procedure to purchase Property in Dubai on Installments:

The procedure to purchase property in Dubai in instalments is frequently up-front. However, if you’re applying for a bank loan, there will be early disturbances as you’ll have to get your loan application accepted. Remember that in the case of a bank loan, you will pay installments to the bank, in place of the developer. For example, you take a loan to buy a villa in Six Senses Dubai in installments you need to pay monthly payments to obtain ownership. 

Find a Property:

Start with finding the right property that meets your desires. Decide the type and locality of the property. You can check out the Property portals to find the best listings for residential assets in Dubai.

Property Inspection and Assessment:

Once you have carefully chosen a property, examine it thoroughly to confirm there are no unseen flaws. Also, get a review from a specialist too.

Choose a Payment Plan:

Property developers in Dubai offer dissimilar payment plans for purchasers to make payments in installments. They are as appropriate as 10/90. This means that the purchasers only pay the 10% first and the rest of the amount can pay in installments. Select the plan that suits your budget and is appropriate for you. W Residences Downtown Dubai is also providing apartments at suitable payment plans. 

Signing MOU and Security Deposit:

If both parties agree to the terms and conditions listed, they need to sign the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), also known as the sale agreement. At this stage, the purchaser is also compulsory to pay a safety deposit, which is 10% of the total price of the possessions.

Apply for the NOC:

Next, apply for the NOC. This is compulsory for the property handover to take place. And once the transfer has taken place, the purchaser becomes the possessor of the property. They will then have to pay the installments regularly as per the agreement.

It is significant to know that the transmission won’t take place if the purchaser doesn’t have the obligatory documents that comprise a manager’s cheque, original identity documentation of both parties, original NOC, and signed MoU. 

Benefits of Buying Property on Installments in Dubai

Easy Way to Purchase Property:

The selection to pay in installments for a property is no less than a blessing for those who cannot assemble an enormous amount at once. Although the procedure may seem duller, the result favors the purchaser as they get to own a property in Dubai. It is a dream of numerous people to turn their desired home into a reality. The Six Senses Dubai is one of the most suitable investment opportunities at the moment to buy a luxurious dream home in Dubai. Due to the fact that these payment plans attract a lot of investors. The investors are able to invest in multiple properties. They can own the properties which can give them good ROI. The payment then can be done partially according to the plans.

Better Budget Management:

When you know a specific mass of your monthly income will consider to pay the instalment, you’ll start spending your money sensibly. This helps to avoid excessiveness and simplifies better management.

Final Words:

In all, the property market in Dubai is teeming with profitable options. The Six Senses Dubai branded residences available with numerous benefits and high ROI. So, it’s the right time for you to get the benefits from the opportunity. Purchase property in Dubai in installments today and secure the investment. 

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