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Private Kick Boxing and Muay Thai Training for Self Defense



Private Kick Boxing and Muay Thai Training for Self Defense

You will get Kick Boxing and Muay Thai Training   pleasure and efficiency   from the time you spend for sports with modern training programs that are carefully prepared according to your priorities,  goals  and physical characteristics  so you can also use kick pads for wrestling or any other safety equipment.

Only 25% of those who make annual memberships to sports centers attend these centers regularly. The reason for this is that the general uninstall – download programs are both boring and inefficient.   Spending a long time on the treadmill or exercise bike requires great discipline and high motivation.   It is possible to do more enjoyable, healthy and efficient sports by spending the same time or less time.

Staff Trainer

For this reason, the number of group lessons and private lessons has increased in our country as well as all over the world in recent years. In this way, continuing the sport has become an enjoyable rather than an obligation.
In private lessons, your instructor (staff trainer) will motivate you more and keep your development under constant control, and reach your goals in a healthy and fast way.

When you apply for private lessons, we first make a pre-interview where we will get to know you and determine your program. We do your body mass analysis (fat, muscle ratio and other values). This is our first starting point. During the meeting, we talk about the following topics:

Whether you do any sports, what you did if you did,

Whether you have any previous health problems or any previous health problems,

Your diet,

Your lifestyle (whether you are constantly at a desk or having a stressful job is an important factor in determining your schedule.),

goals and objectives,

What we will do to achieve your goals, the content of the training,

We determine how many days a week we will meet and the hours of private lessons.

We send you an e-mail with the list and features of the equipment you will need depending on the type of program you will receive.
After starting private lessons, we make your measurements regularly and change your program in this direction to ensure you get the highest efficiency.


custom wrestling kick pads

Our primary goal in your first private lesson Kick Boxing chest guard and Muay Thai Training will be to get to know you with custom wrestling kick pads that fits your body accordingly. For this reason, we make you do different types of exercises that will help us get to know your body. Thus, we get information about your speed, agility, flexibility, balance and coordination. If you have a physical condition, we learn its degree. Thus, we determine the content of the programs we will apply to you. Of course, we do not only do these tests in the first lesson, but also start our basic education. If you have taken Kick Boxing private lesson (Although it varies depending on your learning speed;

Right punch

Ways to Take Guard


Left – Right Post

Front Kick


Shadow Boxing

We work with impact pillows.

At the end of the training, we talk to you about your general condition and determine the priorities of the program we will create.

The first reason many people choose Kick Boxing is not to be a world champion, but to do defense sports for a healthy life. You can take Kick Boxing and Muay Thai Training  lesson even if your goal is not to go to the matches and build a career. The training content is created in line with your purposes.

If your goal is to lose weight, one of the best ways can be Kick Boxing.   It is known as the sport that burns the most calories and loses weight. After the adaptation program, you can burn up to 800 – 1000 calories in one lesson. Your diet and lifestyle are also very important to lose weight. You can get consultancy on this subject. You can reach the interview and video of our member who lost 40 kilos and got in shape

Doctors Recommendation

If your doctor   says there is no obstacle to exercising, you can. In the first meeting, we get detailed information about your discomfort and, if necessary, communicate with your doctor and create a training program. We also support you with physical therapy exercises for certain physical ailments.

They are closed groups that come together for a specific reason and purpose. A certain number of studies are started and new people are not recruited. It works with a certain program. Since everyone is at the same level, maximum benefits are provided in the studies. The purpose of establishing a group can be to participate in competitions, or to lose weight with cardio-based exercises or self-defense. Sometimes employees of a certain workplace can form a group to get training together at appropriate times.

Better Efficiency

Doing something for 6 days and working only one day will not be healthy and productive. If you can only take lessons once a week, we prepare support programs that you can do at home or in your work to get better efficiency.

Among the reasons for starting the tests before the members who apply to AD KICKBOXING, stress is in the 3rd or 4th place, while at the end of the third month, the first place is to be discharged at a rate of 94%.

When you start classes, you will not only study technical but also make an appropriate conditioning program to make those techniques correct, fast, controlled and strong. That’s why the best way to prepare for Kickboxing is to just get started.

You don’t have to be strong to get started. We follow your strengthening and progress with the program content we create for you and the measurements we regularly make.

Scientific Programs

We have been implementing our education system, which we have been implementing since 1998 and which we constantly improve and update with the developing science of sports.

Measurable Development

Your development process is observed with regular measurements and performance tests, and the next training program is created with you based on these.

Quick Results

Whether your goal is to lose weight or defend yourself, it will be much faster to reach your goals with programs for you.

Video Analytics

After every level and when we feel the need, we increase your awareness and accelerate your development with video shoots and detailed analysis.

Goal Focus

Professional trainings with boxing focus pads UK for amateur and professional goals. We prepare our training programs with a professional approach for both beginners and those who want to do it for hobby purposes and those who want to do it for professional purposes.


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