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Prices and quotes for structural damage insurance

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  • Book damage insurance: what is its price?
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  • Why compare book damage insurance?

Structural damage insurance

The client who wishes to carry out construction work is required to take out damage insurance for the work. Our advice to find this cover at the best price.

Structural damage insurance makes it possible to quickly repair the defects found on a house or a building constructed which threaten its solidity or make it uninhabitable. This insurance therefore directly benefits the owner of the accommodation. How much does book damage insurance cost? Why should we compare the offers? Explanations.

Book damage insurance: what is its price?

The law obliges the contracting authority to take out damage insurance for the work. In the event of a claim, this insurance allows rapid reimbursement of all repair work and damage covered by the ten-year guarantee. 

The damages covered are those compromising the solidity of the structure or rendering it uninhabitable. It could be a roof collapse, major cracks in the walls, or water infiltration inside the home. Structural damage insurance takes effect at the expiration of the construction guarantee, ie one year after acceptance of the work.

The price of structural damage insurance depends in particular on the cost of the construction and the type of work carried out. This table shows examples of book damage insurance prices.

Comparative table of book insurance prices

Type of work Construction cost including VAT 

Type of work Premium

Apartment 50,000 euros Renovation 2,750 euros

Industrial building 934,000 euros New construction 7,750 euros

Self-built house 149,000 euros New construction 3,995 euros

Office building 1,200,000 euros New construction 9,056 euros

Thus, the average price of structural damage insurance varies between 3,700 and 5,000 euros for the construction of a single-family house. For renovation work, the premium is generally a minimum of 2,750 euros. Finally, for larger constructions, the average cost expressed as a percentage of the total construction cost is between 0.6 and 1.5%. Depending on the insurance, a soil study or a minimum price for the work may be requested. It is advisable to choose the right book damage insurance because this contract will cover you for 10 years following the end of the work.

Why compare book damage insurance?

Policyholders often feel lost in the face of the range of prices and the many book damage insurance formulas available on the market. This is why it is advisable to go through a broker who will negotiate the best rate for this coverage.

Thanks to our online comparator you can also compare offers quickly and for free. To do this, all you need to do is complete an online form indicating several pieces of information including the cost of construction, the type of work carried out, and their amount. 

You will then get a list of the best book damage insurance contracts available. Subscription is simple and requires making one or more online quote requests. Using a comparator not only saves time but also identifies offers at the best price and offering the most extensive guarantees.

IF you have any questions ask in comment. We will happily answer your question.


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