PrestaShop Delivery Boy App – How Does It Work?

The on-time delivery process is considered one of the top parameters of the eCommerce business. It is a key performance indicator for many eCommerce Stores. So, if the store admin is running a delivery-based business then he needs to have better management of delivery services on the eCommerce store. To make sure that all the delivery operations can be done smoothly and seamlessly. The store admin should also have to include the PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App in the eCommerce website.

The mobile app gives timely and hassle-free delivery to the customers and encourages them to shop more from the same eCommerce website. The order tracking facility of the mobile app ensures that it facilitates a smooth delivery system for the admin as well as the assigned delivery boys. Additionally, this gives the authority to the store admin to assign, reassign, or cancel any shipment request to make the delivery process smooth.

What is PrestaShop eCommerce Delivery Boy App?

The PrestaShop Delivery Boy App for eCommerce consists of several features such as order management, Push notification, delivery boy registration, Google map integration, etc. These features are also designed by keeping the need of customers, store admin, and delivery boys in mind. It is based on no-code technology so it is easy for the store admin to perform all the customization easily. Moreover, this mobile app ensures that the store admin gets all the benefits of an easy delivery process.

Working of Delivery Boy App for PrestaShop-

The PrestaShop eCommerce Delivery Boy App consists of several working parameters that we have mentioned below.

  1.  The store admin can assign the order to the delivery boy as per his availability.
  2.  The eCommerce merchant can share the order details with his customers such as Name, Address, Timeframe, etc
  3.  The delivery boy gets the unique login id and password to get into the mobile app.
  4.  The PrestaShop eCommerce Delivery Boy App ensures that any order won’t get repeated.
  5.  It also ensures that the order is delivered to the correct place by delivery notification.

How PrestaShop Delivery Boy App Builder Can Help in Delivery Management:

The PrestaShop Delivery Boy App Builder also consists of multiple features that help the store admin to provide timely delivery to the customer.

Brand Awareness –

This feature denotes how well we can establish the brand name in the mind of the customers. The PrestaShop Delivery Management App also allows the store admin to establish the brand identity by including its app logo, app name, theme & a splash screen, etc.

Managing Customer Order And Details-

It might be difficult for the store admin to manage all the orders easily. The PrestaShop Order Tracking App allows the store admin to change the order status to open, assigned, delivered, and pending. All the changes performed by the store admin can also be done manually and in the modular backend. It will get reflected in the delivery agent in the eCommerce app during run time. All the order details of the customers ‌such as order ID, amount, items in that order, delivery address, contact details, total cost, order status history, etc will also be visible to the delivery boy. The PrestaShop‌ ‌Delivery‌ ‌Boy‌ ‌App‌ ‌for‌ ‌eCommerce‌ consists of in-built commenting options that a delivery boy can use in case of any problem.

Order Dashboard and Listing –

The delivery boy has the authority to view and track the order delivery status in the PrestaShop eCommerce Delivery Boy App. The delivery boy can track the order status by accessing the listed orders i.e. Assigned, pending, and delivered orders.

Delivery Boy Sign Up And Management-

The PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App Builder can easily get registered in the mobile app after filling the form. The delivery boy has to put in some personal information then the Store admin can accept and decline the registration request. If the delivery boy gets registered they get the login id and password by which he can easily get into the mobile app. The delivery boy can start using it after downloading it from the App Store and Play Store. The PrestaShop Delivery Boy App Maker allows the store admin to easily manage the delivery boy data in a tabular form.

Setting Facility with Push Notifications –

The PrestaShop Delivery Boy App Maker consists of a setting screen. Where the delivery boy can manage the delivery boy app according to his convenience. The setting options include language change, profile editing email notification, etc. That a delivery boy can change according to his requirement. There is also the option of push notification that a store admin can send manually and automatically by the module admin panel.

Autogenerated OTP-

The PrestaShop Delivery Boy App Maker also sends the autogenerated OTP to the customer before the time of the delivery. The Delivery boy has to enter the OTP while changing the order status to delivered.

Easy Navigation Option:

The navigation option in the PrestaShop Delivery Management App consists of sub-pages that are dashboard, orders, setting, and logout options, etc. These options allow the delivery boy to have easy management of the mobile app.

Easy To Filter and Sort-

The PrestaShop Delivery Boy App Creator consists of a filter and sorting options. By using this option the delivery boy can also find and view the desired order. With ease without searching all the orders.

Google Maps Integration-

The PrestaShop Delivery Boy App Builder consists of a Google map navigation system. Additionally, it helps provide the shortest route to the delivery guy and makes sure the order is delivered in less time.

Order Acceptance & Rejection-

The PrestaShop Order Tracking App also allows the delivery boy to accept and reject the order request done by the store admin. If the delivery boy accepts the order he has to follow it or if reject. He also has to give the reason for the same.

Compatibility of Prestashop PWA Mobile App Maker with PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App Builder:

The PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App Builder allows the customer to utilize the benefits of the live tracking feature. The feature can be enabled only if both Prestashop Mobile App and PrestaShop Delivery Boy App Maker are used in the same module.

Closing Up-

The PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App consists of several amazing features. That are going to make sure that your customers are going to get the order delivered in time and hassle-free. Furthermore, function like the Google navigation system ensures that the delivery boy follows the correct path. If you want to know more send us an email at

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